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  1. Good question. Jerry are the old online editions going to remain available? There is a lot of great information in the back issues and I see them linked to all the time here. It would be terrible if we lost all that. I'll have to get with Alex and see what it will take to keep the archives available. With the current cost of the web site I'll need to find an alternative. We will at least back everything up in some format for future use. El Diablo So back issues are available now? How do you access them?
  2. Is it archived anywhere online, so back issues can be read? I only ever got to read on e month, and it was good stuff!
  3. No, the paper logs can't be cheated. But the online logs can't be stolen. When a cache is muggled, the paper record is lost, and for those of us who enjoy reading how much others enjoyed our caches, and what experiences they had, if they are not logged online, we lose the record completely. Maybe it's selfish, but I don't think so - I place caches so that others can enjoy them, but also so that *I* can enjoy hearing others' experiences with the kind of hide, or the little surprise I left with the cache, or whatever. The first cache I placed may be missing, and you can bet that now I regret the loss of the logbook the most. If everyoe logged their finds online, it wouldn't be so much of a problem.
  4. A friend and I went caching Schramm State Park in Nebraska a few days ago. Neither of us knew that hunting was allowed there, and we were both wearing green coats, so we didn't exactly stand out. After hearing several gunshots in the distance, we cautiously grabbed a few caches right off the main nature trails, but skipped the caches that required backwoods bushwhacking. Never saw any hunters, but we sure heard them, and bullets are nothing to argue with. They invariably win.
  5. I looked for one of the caches hidden by this user today. It was a DNF, so I logged "not got". Was that too mean of me?
  6. Yeah, I got one of those 'got' logs from this guy too, on one of my caches.
  7. I had someone log a find on one of my caches a few days ago, dating it back to July, which was shortly after I placed the cache. I didn't recall seeing his signature in the logbook, so I went out to check, and I couldn't find the cache where I hid it - and I know darn well where it was supposed to be. Paranoia is beginning to emerge. Suspicious log, MIA cache. Hmmm. --- Edited --- Never mind. The log is evidently legit. So what was I babbling about?
  8. I'd almost prefer the . to what one cacher places in logs - 'got'. Doesn't matter what the cache is, lamp post micro or beautiful, hard to get cache, it's always 'got'. Nothing more. It's kinda deflating... I love feedback. At least . would be something out of the ordinary!
  9. Well, I've got this little green jeep...
  10. <groan> Any cache that has to use crutches. </groan> Any cache put there just because there isn't a cache there, which you then go and find just to remove it from your 'closest caches' list. A cache that neither the hider or the finder get much fun out of.
  11. I'm guessing you either ran into a hobbit, or someone who doesn't grow mushrooms because they look pretty...
  12. Um, well, there was the thirty minute search of a guardrail next to a dead-end road once... before I finally called the cache owner. Lesson learned: always read the cache page first. We took the very obvious trail to the very obvious landmark, and, well.
  13. That's funny. You could try for GC12345 as well. Since I am obviously avoiding actually working today, I started wondering if there were ever words made with the GC numbers. I found GCRAZY, but it is archived now. GCACHE doesn't exist, and neither does GCCOIN, GCOIN, or GCOLOR. GCRAMP is active though, and GCRASH turns up a disabled cache in Estonia. What other ones can you think of?
  14. Oh, that's cute! An ammo cameran! Attach a tag, and we'll have a new TB!
  15. Even the best of us fall victim to the dreaded missing digit problem.
  16. Does that mean that GC0000 is up for grabs now?
  17. Needle-nose pliers. Found at one cache site, outside the ammo can, and used at the next cache site, to try to pull the container out. It was a tank cache.
  18. Put in my request, right away. I'm diabetic, and geocaching is my required exercise! Thanks, Groundspeak!
  19. Does this unit have a data port? I'm not familiar with it. If it does, a unit that may not be useful in the field could serve as a "dumb puck" if you can get it to output positional data. Hook it to your laptop and with the appropriate software it could still server to guide you on the road. If that fails, I'd certainly try cleaning it. If you have a friend that is experienced with this type of stuff, ask them. The internals can be very delicate, so be very careful, you might just resurrect it! It's a very basic unit. Not even a USB port for waypoint dl. But it's served me well, I hate to see it go. I'll try the cleaning option... and Cabela's bargain basement. And E-Bay.
  20. Mmm. If it gets much worse, I'll try it. What harm could it do, if it's dying anyway?
  21. *sniffle* My Garmin 101, faithful little yellow plastic thingie, is going to that great geocache in the sky, slowly. The screen is beginning to show black lines, and has darkened so that it has become much harder to read. I blame the Nebraska winter! Which brings up the question - what do you do with your GPS when it has finally calculated it's last waypoint? Is there a graveyard for GPS's? Should I make it into a TB to travel the world? Or bury it respectfully in the backyard, in honor of it's services? Create a GPS Graveyard Cache to drop it in? What would you do? *sob* And where am I going to get the money to buy another to support my addiction? I... I can feel my hands beginning to shake alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! HELP!
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