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  1. At Hazzard County Cache, practicing my sense of balance: And, earlier, at a 4-H cache (notice the ammo box at my feet): Would post others, but I tend to break the camera!
  2. A picture someone took from my cache, Rock-a-Bye-Baby.
  3. WooHoo! I just figured out how to download The Podcacher PodCast! Next I'm on to downloading GSAK so I can use the iPod to go paperless. I can feel my 500 cache milestone gettin' closer already. I'll bite. How do you use an iPod to go paperless?
  4. I never saw a stollen cache. But there was the peppermint patty cache. And it was greatly enjoyed!
  5. I regret to report that this cache was muggled. The suspected muggler has been known to be heartless, and goes under the alias "The Grinch". He even took the roast goose TB!
  6. My sister got me a weather radio w/ an LED flashlight, 'for those times you get lost out there and need to know what the weather is'.
  7. I'm going to say Dec. 26th. Just to be contrary!
  8. December 22 by Sioneva Found this cache. Used a coat hanger to pull it out, but broke the container. Signed what was left of the log and wrapped it in a baggie, shoved it back down in. Posting a SBA on this - the coords pointed you toward the tiger pen, and a tiger ate fellow cacher Needs_Ketchup. TFTC. Left: shredded log Took: container with everything in it, random small items from the gift shop, and part of the fence.
  9. I can verify this. I've never met any of them, being in the wrong part of the state, but a lot of these names are familiar - as is yours! Someday, I'll get out there.
  10. What a cool topic! In southeastern Nebraska (Omaha/Bellevue/Plattsmouth area) - I don't think there's any question who the core group is. (Well, okay, there's plenty of question, but this is my opinion on it, anyway.) Twinstars and Lady Bug of Plattsmouth. Omaha McGator Rotorootie MoValleyGal GDHoss Smithdk He'sDeadJim Cachnut and Cachnut II (if we're including Fremont) Most recent members: Keep Lookin, Mack-Attack, and myself. Or do I flatter myself? We have an ongoing, recurring mini-event every week - a group of us gather at a coffeeshop and talking geocaching and drink coffee and then split off and go geocaching here or there. The people attending on any given week is always changing, but we've gotten to the point we frequently overflow the coffee shop. And we get visitors from other states and new geocachers dropping by all the time.
  11. Hey, I was along with you when you removed a cache (Encouragement), and thus I proudly claim LTF on that one!
  12. This is somethig I don't understand. If you believe that there is nothing wrong with a cemetery cache and you're not being disrespectful of the residents of the cemetery, why would you need to hide what you are doing? Being stealthy implies that you are doing something wrong. Well, with any cache, you need to be stealthy if you can be seen the whole time, cemetary cache or not. Else it'll get muggled really quick.
  13. Mine is bound for Trier, Germany, and has already been placed in a cache, and picked up. Safe travels, little O!
  14. Did you state that in the log? Sounds like a cache without proper permission... She might have been okay with it this time, but if she starts getting a steady stream of visitors to the cache, that could change. A note to the cache owner would be good!
  15. I walk a lot, and scout out possibilities as I go. Usually, that takes the form of following every little side trail that meanders across the main path. I have two possibilities I've been considering... but I'm not sure I'll place caches there yet.
  16. This thread is dedicated to bragging about those caches you were the very last to find, before they got archived. Never mind this FTF nonsense... it takes special talent to be the LTF on a cache. I, myself, got co-LTF, and LTL on an earthcache just the other day... what are your favorite ones? (Caches archived because they were muggled after you were there are a whole separate category!)
  17. Nope. You did the right thing by leaving it behind. You can always go back later with something to trade, if you want!
  18. I admit I cheated once. I logged a DNF without trying to go find the cache. Though I'm not sure that's cheating... after all, I didn't find it! But the gods of false DNFs looked down at me. And I cried. What this has to do with anything, I don't know.
  19. Mmm. That IS a suspicious log. Next it'll be demanding to see your ID and making you take a BA test!
  20. Oh THANKS. Now I've got a mental image of some weirdo standing in the woods with a scrap of paper and singing a list of names like an operatic tenor.... *helpless laughter and chair-falling-off antics*
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