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  1. c) none of the above. Geocache forums are there so people may worship me. You may begin worshipping now.
  2. 38.65878% - Major Geek Do I get bonus points for being disappointed it wasn't higher?
  3. This is a log I posted for a DNF on He'sDeadJim's wonderful night cache "The Dark is Rising" - GCVEJ7. April 27 by Sioneva (262 found) Sir! A report from the field! I made a valiant effort to locate your cache and record my name. However, I was regrettably under the curse of the evil Sith lord, Twinstars, and found myself on the WRONG SIDE OF THE CREEK (again!) with no bridge in sight. Night was looming, and the stormtrooper blaster bolts were getting uncomfortably close. Not realizing that darkness was my ally in this case, I opted for a strategic retreat, vowing to return soon. Logs are treacherous minions of the Dark Side as well. There was a particularly evil one lying in the woods, hidden in the undergrowth. You'll be happy to know that I righteously smote it with the force of my body as I fell, and smashed it into several pieces. It is no more. I limped off into a stunning sunset to toast my victory with a Diet Coke and attend to my war wounds. Dammit, Jim, I'm a webmaster, not an battering ram! ---------------- Followed two days later by: May 1 by Sioneva (262 found) Everything was rising tonight. The dark, the full moon, our curiosity, and most importantly, our level of insanity. Ventured out again with Paintball Guy and daughter, in a second effort to claim the cache, and victory was ours! All it took was the right cache sheet, the right parking place, the right idea what to look for, the right path, the right reflectors, the right... well, you get the idea. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go celebrate my victory with a hot soak and a cold beer. My feet haven't recovered yet from the first attempt - 2.5 hours of walking due to having the wrong path, the wrong set of reflectors, the wrong parking spot... well, you get the idea. Gotta say that both attempts were really fun! Great company on the trail, too. And I'm not even talking about the HUGE snake I saw. Thanks, He'sDeadJim! But I'm still gonna murder you! Took a lighter from the cache, left two geodes... yep. Rocks. What else did you expect?
  4. Don't forget the ten cachers who will chime in to complain about PM light bulbs. Everyone should be able to find every light bulb!
  5. ... you rush out at lunch to mail off your taxes, look at the clock, realize you /might/ just have time to hide that new cache in the woods... and end up trekking a mile and a half and getting back to work late anyway. But happy. And end up complaining how long the lines were in the post office, which of course is why you are late... I did this today! (McGator, if you are reading this, shhhh! Don't tell!)
  6. I have achieved the exalted state of infamousity! And recognized as such by a cacher with almost 1700 finds, so it must be true! It made my day! Infamous cacher am I!
  7. The problem is that these tins will still have a Life Saver Fruit Tart-y smell. Which will attract the attention of diverse animals, who will happily chew up the caches to get at what is smelling so nice inside!
  8. The Omaha, NE area is spiderwebbed with biking trails and running trails of both the paved and unpaved variety. I love exploring the trails, and wander off them frequently to see what's on either side. I never do this with the intent of "looking for a place to hide a cache", but sometimes I particular spot just catches my eye as perfect for a cache. Then I mark it, go home, and start putting the cache together, getting permissions, etc. Some people are walking "insta-cache" machines - they can whip up a cache out of what they carry in no time at all. My mind just doesn't work that way!
  9. I remember mine! It was about fifteen months ago, I was trying out the GPS my brother got me for Christmas, and my sister and I went after "The End of Marion" in Las Vegas, by jobosomo's Folks (who became a friend of mine.) I still remember the thrill when I realized that the "broken bit of fence post" hanging from the fence actually unscrewed... it was a very nifty cache, and not a lamppost micro. 250 caches later, I'm still trucking, and now I love it when someone posts that one of /my/ caches was the first one they ever found. May I pass on the addiction!
  10. Na, it's caused by global warming and it's Bush's fault! WHEW!!, That's a relief, I thought it was MY fault. Wait a minute... I thought you were Bush? Nope! I am.
  11. Cachephase and Vanillahip - hopefully the cold weather the last two days and continuing will kill 'em. I'm hoping. Because I had like six on me after a recent cache trip, and I was freaking out. I grew up running wild in the woods in VT, and there were no ticks. None. Nada. Those things are damned near impossible to kill, too!
  12. That happened to a cache in Vegas once - it was in a lovely hidden clearing area... now a mass of woodchips. Or it was when I left, anyway!
  13. Yes, I second that! Depending upon region of the USA, renting an economy rental car for a day will cost between $18 and $30 per day. Easy to arrange in advance; pick up car and go spend 6 or 10 hours caching, grab a meal, see some sights and then return it... I have traveled extensively for most of my life. Anyone can rent a car and wander around - and that can be fun. If you want to meet people, maximize the time available, discover the good restraunts, see the best caches, you'll arrange to hook up with someone! Maybe it's a Southern thing... Could be why good old Southern hospitality is appreciated world-wide! I'm all for the Southern way then! I have enough trouble trying to navigate from my little Garmin, and drive at the same time in a city I'm moderately familiar with, it'd be an utter nightmare in a city I don't know at all! Hooking up with a friendly local cacher would be the best possible thing I could think of. If I'm ever down in that area... Meanwhile, if anyone finds themselves stranded in Omaha, NE, give me a shout.
  14. He's been archived......Thank God. Yes, but he was only the first in the series. The bin Laden cache hasn't had a confirmed, logged find for how many years now? What a FTF prize that would be!
  15. Go to Edit listing and turn one of your caches into a members only. When you update and view the cache page in the upper left corner under the cache name will be a line that says Read the Audit Log. Click on it and all the people that have looked at the cache page will be there including the last time they looked at it. I do this to all of my caches. When they have been out there a while I then allow everyone to see. Some I keep as members only. Oh, I have to make it a MOC? Never mind. I want to see, but not at the risk of driving people away from looking for the cache. Ah well! Thanks!
  16. Okay - how do you look at an audit log? Inquiring minds want to know!
  17. Heh. I *thought* I'd seen it somewhere before... although I can only vaguely remember the details of that series. Point of note - warning, I'm about to wax pedantic : There isn't any such thing as " the correct Celtic way" to pronounce a word or name, because there isn't any such thing as a language called "Celtic". There are a number of related languages still spoken in the countries/cultures thought of as "Celtic", including Irish Gaelic aka Erse, Scots Gaelic, Cymraeg (Welsh), and Breton (spoken in Brittany), but each one has its own rules of spelling and pronunciation - same as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc, are lumped under the general heading of "Romance languages", but the words, spelling and pronunciation of each are distinct and different. <pedantic mode mostly off> Anyhoo - FWIW, "Sion" is the Welsh equivalent of the English name "John" and the Irish "Sean", so to my eye "Sioneva" reads roughly "Shahn-eva"... although there is no "V" in Welsh. (I can't reproduce the Welsh vowel "io" correctly in written English, but "Sion" has a slightly different sound than "Sean", and both are a bit different than the bastardized American version,"Shawn"). <snip> *grin* It's the SH sound in the name that they have trouble with - because there is no h in it! But they're getting it. Gradually. I know the V is a problem, if you think of it as a Welsh name, but I'd rather have Sioneva then Sionefa!
  18. Okay, this is weird. I was thinking of starting a thread on this topic today, and here it is. I guess my name originally came from a Melanie Rawn book, but that was almost thirteen years ago. I've been using it, and variations on it, as a roleplaying handle for that long, in both tabletop and online RPGs, so I just adopted it for geocaching, too. (Drives people crazy, trying to pronounce it the correct, Gaelic way, which I'm pretty sure is SH-neva, but I could be wrong. That's how *I* pronounce it, though. )
  19. On days I plan to hit a lot of caches, I carry a small notepad with me, and jot down a few unique things about each cache to jog my memory. Then when I'm logging, I usually have a generic 'header' paragraph about the day in general, then a second bit regarding that cache in particular. I've noticed that I'm not the only one in this area to do that. I think there was only one cache I left a 'Logged. TFTC' type log on, but it was really uninspiring and dull.
  20. The big winners here seem to be gaggle and event. Maybe we can have a gavent! Or, with a bit of imagination, a gevalt of cachers?
  21. Here's a few more - a carpool of cachers, a wander of cachers. Personally, I liked the crash of cachers.
  22. Oh. Sorry. I thought that I'd finally stumbled across an original topic. Sigh.
  23. Okay. You're out caching by yourself. You approach the cache site, and you hear voices. You duck behind a tree, and peek out, and lo and behold you spot a ______________ of cachers, clustered around the ammo can. My question is, what do you call them? You can have a herd of cows, a murder of crows, a pod of whales, a parliament of owls, an exaltation of larks... but what do you call a group of cachers? A boast of cachers? A convergence of cachers? We need a term here!
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