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  1. Well. I placed a cache on a pretty, painted bench. And the bench disappeared one day, to be auctioned off at the Nebraska State Fair. I regard that as stealing! That's nothing compared to my friend Omaha's cache though... they lifted the whole TANK!
  2. If you hide it, they will come.
  3. I don't try to stop it. Sometimes I use it. Sometimes I participate in it. Many of the cacher sin my area do. You're welcome to label me a cheater if you like, or tell me that I spoil the fun of it... but after the sixth try at the same cache, the 'fun' part has disappeared. The whole point of hiding caches is so that others can find them - I would never get upset if someone called for help on one of my caches - I know that people have. They've called me, they've called others who have found it. It doesn't bother me. I get my fun out of other people logging my caches. I love reading an online log of a successful find... an imaginative DNF log can be fun, too, but a log from a really frustrated cacher who didn't have any fun isn't any fun for /me/ either. By all means, call for help!
  4. I'm getting the strong feeling that you are fishing for approval, and only intend to consider posts that will support what you already have decided to do. I hope that I am wrong.
  5. I suppose that would depend on the audience.. No offense taken. I understand your outlook on this, but you have to understand, the target is mostly urban areas, not parks and nature as is currently with geocaching. I see an opportunity to branch a sect of this 'game' to another type of crowd. One that is possibly younger and would not likely find time or interest otherwise. Like golf and miniature golf, if you will. By encouraging them to break the rules? A lot of children cache with their parents and enjoy it... I don't this this would be a particularly good way to attract people to the game. As far as urban caches - some of the most prolific and/or volatile posts on this board deal with the vast abundance of urban caches. The caches are out there.
  6. Let me join in on the 'negative reaction', then. I don't mean any offense, but this is a very bad idea. It could set geocaching back years - park managers and the like aren't going to stop to distinguish between 'extreme cachers' and law-abiding, regulation-following ones; when they see geocachers breaking regs and rules, they'll ban caching faster then a GPS can pick up satellites. Please don't try this.
  7. Best hiders? The gang that hid a cache on a picnic table for me to find. Of course, you coudl say I cheated since they called me up to hand it to me, but I didn't care... my 'FTF prize' was a brand new ETrex Legend to replace my old Geko 101! From what I understand, the gang was Twinstars, LadyBug of Plattsmouth, Omaha, LadyGrey, Roger Dodger, Dregos & friends, roper11, Keep Lookin', Mack Attack, and SnickerJim. I was speechless.
  8. That's something totally different. When I go caching out of my 'local territory', I try to hook up with someone who lives there, and who knows where the good caches are. It doesn't automatically mean that they show me where the cache is! In fact, one of my most memorable finds was in Lincoln... I was ten feet up a tree when the cache was in a tunnel underground... and all my friend would tell me (AFTER I climbed) was that it wasn't in the tree! Hey, if I'm going to use gas and go out of town, I don't want to end i[ hitting a series of bad caches. I like guides, but not spoilers.
  9. I try to - I always enjoy it when one of my caches is someone's first.
  10. Welcome to the forums... ... but this was settled a year ago...
  11. That's right! And when AZRoses was a baby he once broke my toy truck! I think is edging toward dead horse territory - the issue seems to have been settled and people learned things from it. Why drag up more stuff against someone who wasn't even the OP?
  12. Thank you for the polite clarification - it is always good to get both sides of the story. I would certainly re-enable the cache and keep on geocaching, it is a great family activity. I'd just be careful not to overstock the cache with too many travelbugs, for the reasons I listed above. I've had a cache or two muggled that I would have sworn no non-geocacher could ever in their right mind want to go to that spot... and yet they did. Don't let this put you or your family off geocaching. There's always bumps in the road, but you drive on anyway!
  13. I read the part about 16 coins/bugs in one cache and winced. No matter how well the cache is hidden, that's too risky. You could put a cache in Fort KNOX, and it would be muggled sooner or later. Better Highpointer taking them to move on, then some anonymous muggle carrying off a lot of neat looking coins and travel bugs! Also - the near accusations that he was taking them without the intention of moving them on to other caches - I thought /that/ was really out of line. Just my $.02!
  14. Maybe I'm missing something... but I don't see the problem with this log?
  15. Yer' welcome. Wasn't sure which brand GPSr to use.... An idea for Wolveslover: I have a Garmin Geko. But I've used an Etrex before, doesn't matter to me.
  16. Loved this one! Had to take a shot at it... how's this? Nevermind! Like it JUST as it IS! Many thanks!!
  17. 3) All those folks in Germany who are using Google research to "cheat" on virtuals (yes, I know others are too; I even did a couple during the winter for the research challenge, but just a couple and it already wore thin; but it seems that those in Germany and neighboring countries are by far the biggest abusers of this). The above quote from a previous entry caught my eye. I maintain a VC called "What Kind of Tree is Grant's Pine" near my home in Tokyo, Japan. The object is to locate a tree planted by former President U.S. Grant when he visited Japan in the 1800's. The finder is to find the name of the tree (a certain kind of cedar) on a plaque next to the tree as proof of the visit. People from Germany (exclusively, for some unknown reason) frequently send me an incomplete name which can be found via Google. Isn't it understood that the point of the game is to actually GO SOMEWHERE?? Some of these people actually get angry when I ask them not to log unless they have physically visited the site. Any explanations/similar experiences out there? I noticed that the last person to do this visited a VC in Oklahoma and one in N.C. on the same day (with "Greetings from Germany!" and "Would actually like to go there someday" posted on one of them, despite the fact that the cache clearly stated that you must visit in person). What to do? I am baffled by this behavior. That is what the delete button is for... let them get angry at you. If they really want to do anything about it, they would have to go where you live - and they might as well log the virtuals legitimately while they're there! Be empowered! Use that delete righteously!
  18. I woke up one day... and realized I was avatar-less! Shock! Embarrassment! I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler. But I'd showers thanks all over someone, if I could get a little picture of Kilroy peeking over a GPS... with the words, "Sioneva was here!" underneath. Not exactly original, but it's my log-signing style.
  19. *stares* Were you supposed to sign the eggshell, or was the logbook inside the shell?
  20. I released a national park TB last November, and it's traveled only 300 miles - never left Nebraska even! However, I sent out a Chronometer geocoin on 4/23/07, and it's traveled 7786.7 miles! It visited a Nano Event in CA, GW5, and is currently sitting in a cache in Germany! Very cool!
  21. Are there any coins left? Of either type?
  22. Not exactly illegal, but I did find a really nice folding knife near one of my newest caches. Took it home, cleaned it off, and now I'm not sure what to do with it. But I like it.
  23. You have a much different style of caching than I do. By your system, I have many 'illegitimate' finds. But hey, if yours works for you, and mine for me, we're all happy, right?
  24. Seems like one thing is being overlooked - half the time, you don't know if you're the FTF or not until you find the cache and open that nice new logbook and find it blank! When I go caching with a group and spot the cache first, and it's a FTF, I get to sign the log first, but we all share the FTF. When I am caching alone and someone else strolls up... I guess I never really thought about it before, but whoever finds it first is FTF, regardless of who was there first. Ran into that situation recently for a STF, but the other cachers were a couple I knew and had already been looking for a while - they were just relieved that the cache was found and they could go, I think!
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