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  1. I had to DNF a cache once because a goat ate it.
  2. By jove, I think he's got it! Let's just stop hiding any caches at all! That would really improve the game's image!
  3. Moderator, please close this thread. Apparently I'm not quite right in the head. But I don't need more insults piled on for a simple mistake. To everyone posting about FTF issues, I'm sorry. But you can continue in another thread. NVG... My sympathies. But I won't be going anywhere near your area of Iowa any time soon. Bloodlust... do I even need to tell you where to go? Nah, I'll keep it family friendly.
  4. eh, too big a photo... Plus, it was scary. Was that you?
  5. NVG - I'm glad you weighed in. I wasn't intending any of this as a slam at you - I really did enjoy the event, and my offer of a caching tour of Omaha/Bellevue still stands if you make it out this way sometime!
  6. Just weighing in again... if I lived in this area, I'd be a bit intimidated about hiding a cache and /not/ letting this guy get the FTF on it. Fortunately, I live a good 60 or so miles off. The goats are happier here, too. For this event, temporary caches became permanent ones. It was a bit of a special circumstance, I don't think it'll be often repeated. But everyone at the event was given a list of all temp and permanent and temp-to-perm caches. HOW this guy managed to get FTF on them all, I still don't know, unless he was given the coords in advance of the event. Maybe for the reason I stated at the top of this post. I don't care... I mean, I like getting FTF every now and then, but I didn't start the thread to complain about FTF-finders! When I said "FTF-nut", the emphasis was on the 'nut', not the 'FTF'. Let's all be friends! Group hug! Where are the goats?
  7. *sigh* Just arrived back home after a search for a night cache. Shoulder and side are sore... but when you're serving as a crutch for someone who found a hidden hole and seriously twisted their ankle, it's a small price to pay. We were about a quarter mile from the car, in the middle of the woods, and in the middle of nowhere. Only option really was to get her back to the car. Going after the night cache was my idea. I feel horribly guilty now. Even if eberyone was enjoying iy up to that point.
  8. I can't. That's my job. If I stopped doing it, someone else would have to do it. And, I get paid well for doing it! See, what did I tell you?
  9. Sometime, I'll actually make it over to eastern Iowa. I'd be happy to point out a few worth going for, just stay alway from our newly placed caches! You are joking... right? BAH! I don't care! All your FTF belong to me!
  10. Sometime, I'll actually make it over to eastern Iowa.
  11. The funny thing is that I met him at the event. And he seemed quiet, but nice and normal enough. But... *boggle* He's deleted the log and re-logged since I changed my log, but there's still a snarky comment in his log on one of the other caches in the area. Some people.
  12. He can't. That's his job. If he stopped doing it, someone else would have to. And he gets paid well!
  13. ... and made the mistake of saying that I was FTF on a cache he says he was FTF on. At the time, I thought I was, I can't remember well enough now to actually be sure anymore. I don't care either way to be honest, I'm just steaming over this log he left on the cache in question (edited for anonymity and family friendliness): October 6 by [FTF NUT] (519 found) ***FTF*** I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE **censored** "Sioneva" FOUND BUT IF YOU LOOK AT THE LOGBOOK IT CLEARLY STATES [FTF NUT] IN RED INK "FTF" THAT**censored**MIGHTWORKWITHSOMEONEELSE I know others have run into this sort of thing, but it's the first time for me. The pity is, that the event run by the placer of the cache was great otherwise, and there are a lot of caches in that area... but I'm kinda soured on the idea of going back there to hunt any of them now. Which is an overreaction, I know, but.
  14. Beating my own drum here, but I coined the term geonapping, after I was followed by two cachers of my acquaintance, who cruelly made me get me into their car, at GPS-point, and FORCED me to geocache with them for the rest of the afternoon. It was horrible. I didn't even get a FTF.
  15. It is so sad when hamsters go bad. You owe me a new keyboard. I just spit hamburger all over mine!
  16. Look, if you'd only given me my refund for the stolen purple anodized bison tube you sold me on E-Bay, none of this would have happened. But having passed through Hagerstown several times when I lived in Maryland, I had spotted at least one person in the street there, and so I took the necessary, if unfortunate, steps. Refund my money, and you can relog and keep your silly smilies. Don't refund it... and spy pigeons will carry off your Psycho Urban caches. One. At. A. Time.
  17. No! No! You are lying! Scoundrel! Scalawag! Hooligan! You are lying! You did NOT do it! I did it! In fact, I emptied the five gold coins and the logbook from the container and sold the purple anodized bison tube container on Ebay for $78.54. WAIT! You mean my newly purchased purple anodized bison tube container was STOLEN? I want a refund!!
  18. "What do you mean, 'That's the wrong lightbulb!'?? The clue said 'under a lightbulb'!"
  19. Got back last night from a solo 500 mile round trip loop up aruond northern Nebraska. Some very pretty country up there! But I was glad to get home. Blew my (very limited) roadtripping budget for a month or two. I wish that was some kind of record, but it's not!
  20. Either that, or you'd have run into some wizards. Which would be cool. Or wannabe wizards. Which would be lame.
  21. Well, I ate a bug the other day... ... but it was an accident. Not tasty.
  22. I go out alone all the time. But I've been chased by bees, fallen in creeks, waded through stinging nettles in *shorts* (OUCH!), and once in Las Vegas, slid fifteen feet down a sloping rock face into a waiting cactus. (DOUBLE OUCH!) SO I'm probably not a good role model. *ducks and covers, expecting imminent Team Cotati post*
  23. What is the correlation here? And where can I get more info on the meteorite, or whatever, hit? I feel very off-topical today!
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