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  1. Anyone else ever had a cache eaten by a goat?
  2. I do that all the time! We call it "harvesting geocache containers! I harvest from 80 to 100 containers per day, and turn around and sell them on Ebay, complete with the swag and logbook that I found inside the container! Right... but you keep the coins, right?
  3. I took the whole cache once, and left nothing.
  4. I predict that goats will become extinct in 2012, thus leading to THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Or maybe they'll just be reversed.
  5. I miss trackinthebox. I think that was the name.
  6. What I want to know is if you managed to destroy the Guns of Navarone or not!
  7. Ummm... Let's see. I bought a standard school-type backpack a few months ago. On the outside: 2 carabiners, both with blue penlights built in. 2 pens collapsible walking stick In pouch #1: Three travel bugs that need to be moved different places. Legend GPS Palm Pilot Extendable magnetic 'grabber' tool for retrieving nanos, bisons, etc, that are out of reach (I'm short!) In pouch #2: 2 mini maglites with fresh batteries 1 Nebraska national guard penlight headlamp for night caching that needs batteries (!! I forgot I had this!) 2 unopened 2-packs of Duracell AA batteries In pouch #3: Multi-tool in case Serrated folding knife In the main compartment: 1 roll of camo duct tape One bright orange cap (it's hunting season, after all) One pair of binoculars A plastic bag full of small swag and/or small cache-making materials A plastic bag with multiple geocoins. Most of them are mine A spool containing 1200 yds of transparent fishing line A can of deep woods Off Standard first aid kit I was wondering why the thing was getting so heavy. I usually offload a lot from it unless I'm doing a major hike, but it's one way to keep organized!
  8. *applause*! Well said! I've hidden a few puzzle caches myself, but I haven't lost track of the fact that caches are put out there so others can find them. I'm known to give hints if asked for them, or nudges on how to solve the puzzle, though I do leave the legwork to the cacher. Certainly, I'd confirm coordinates if someone worked out the puzzle! I *want* people to find my puzzle caches... I also enjoy seeing them get an extra feeling of accomplishment at the mental exercise as well.
  9. The Pyscho Urban caches are in Frederick, Maryland and a few are in other areas such as New York and Pennsylvania and even in Indiana. These caches are very crazy. And they are in an area that is pretty urban like city streets, malls, etc.. around alot of muggle areas. However Vinny could explain more to you since he owns them Cant seem to find any in PA at least none by Vinny... Am I missing something? Just to clarify: the only Psycho caches (Psycho Urban Caches and Psycho Backcountry Caches) which we own are located in Maryland, West Virginia and Idaho. There was also one really extreme one which was located in Wyoming, near the WY/ID border, but I archived that a couple of years ago. There do exist, of course, other caches in other states (including PA and NY) which include the term "Psycho" or "Psycho Urban" in the cache name. In fact, there are now even "Psycho" caches in Europe and in Australia. Not only is any cache owner free to use any of these terms in their cache names, but several of those cache owners actually asked me for permission to use the term(s), and I freely gave it, while reminding them that they did not need my permission in the first place! However, the reality is that anyone who dies and who wishes to get past St. Peter at the Pearly Gates to enter Heaven for eternity must have a least five Psycho cache finds, and St. Peter and the Archangels firmly state that these MUST be genuine Psycho Urban Caches or Psycho Backcountry Caches placed only by the Vinny & Sue Team! So there! What if I own a goat? Do I get a special pass?
  10. That is Nevada style, too. People here in Nebraska frequently curse me for my transplanted Nevada style caches. They like pine needles, hollowed-out pine cones, and piles of wood! And TANKS. Don't get me started on TANKS.
  11. Awww... they look so cute! So you're keeping mommie-cat? S'good!
  12. Huh. I know if I ever make it to 25,000, the last thing I'd want to look for as a milestone would be an LPC! But I'm not in any danger of doing that anytime this year... or next year... or in the next ten years...
  13. This is my sole encounter with the police so far. And I wouldn't call it a run-in - more like a cache-in! Caching 'Huge Fargo' (Though there was another security guard encounter. But I don't talk about that. )
  14. *reads and laughs until she can't breathe* That is PRICELESS! I can see a whole new set of acronyms arising from that. FTFTC STFTC DNFTC SOTC - (Stepped on the cop.) Add a P to end of each to indicate the cop's partner.
  15. From another cache in another far away place the same day: This person would have to have an on their chest. What? You've never heard of astral projection? I use it to find virtuals all over the world! I'd find traditional caches, too, but my astral self can't hold a pencil to sign!
  16. I actually have a cache placed following that theme - it's called "First to Find While..." People seem to enjoy coming up with their own personal FTFs!
  17. Man, what I wouldn't give to see the sender of that threat go up against BLOODLUST in Iowa... THAT would be something to see.
  18. You must have a better memory than I do. I carry around a small notepad to jot down the interesting things about each cache, else I'd forget after the first five! I usually copy and paste an opener, then write a second paragraph specific to that cache only. Best of both worlds?
  19. ANYTHING??? Well, yes. There *could* be anything. There are things that *shouldn't* be there, according to common sense and the Groundspeak rules, but you never know who will find it or what they will put in there. That being said, scratch-off tickets are harmless, not banned by Groundspeak rules or the rules of common sense, and make great FTF prizes. Sorry.
  20. I found a good folding knife, and a pair of needle-nosed pliers! Not at the same place, though.
  21. You wanna know the real reason that site is broken? It's possessed. Just look at this, from my listing: Total days since first find: 666 - Overall find Rate: 0.88/day, 6.18/week Mommie.
  22. *I* do!! (or close enough) And now I'm scared!
  23. I picked up a $1.00 pair of gardening gloves that look hideously cute, all blue and yellow, but they're surprisingly tough - I can handle blue spruce without a problem, which, if you know how prickly that tree is, is quite an accomplishment! (How's that for a run-on sentence?) I guess my advice would be - don't assume you have to pay loads of money for good gloves. Unless you were talking winter gloves, in which case, I'm just babbling. Wait. I AM just babbling.
  24. Can't trust those red Jeeps! They're never there when they're supposed to be!
  25. Well, some of the elderly cacher hiders might be able to claim a "find" using this logic... Or non-elderly. I've hidden caches I couldn't find afterwards!
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