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  1. Oops! Sorry about your experience here in Maryland! Please rest assured that we were shooting at you only with birdshot in the shotgun shells, just to scare you off! And, thanks for not revealing the details of how you stumbled upon me in the clearing with the UFO people and the alien starcraft.... Mommie... Vinny is scaring me...
  2. I was just kidding when I said that I would steal your beer and Runzas if you ever came here. *sniffle* Really? Do you have any idea what anguish and stress you have caused me? I cried for DAYS! Guess that means I can take the Runzas out of the safety deposit box. They were starting to smell anyway. The beer, um, vanished. Mysteriously. *hiccup* While I've got your attention, thanks for that COOL GEOCOIN you sent via NevaP. I love it!!!
  3. Oops! ....sorry to have spooked you! I was emitting that auditory call so that my alien friends in the flying saucer could home in on me; they were due to pick me up for a quick joyride. sorry... Oh, that explains why my Coke was flat when I got back to the car... it was the aliens! I THOUGHT he looked familiar!
  4. For the most part, I agree! Geocachers are really great people... sure, we're kinda strange, but who isn't? At least we're outside doing things, strangely, rather than lying around being strange. On the other hand, I'm kinda leery about caching too far into one particular state, though, due to a bad experience with a cacher there. So I can't agree 100%. And no, I won't go into any more detail about that. I promise.
  5. There was the guy sitting on a rock near the "First Creek Falls" cache outside Las Vegas, when my sister and I came by. We *think* he was practicing burro calls, or something like that. We took a different path back.
  6. I make my own signature cards and leave them in caches. I just laminate them first so they don't become soggy wads of paper. Yes, signing the log is necessary and I do it, but sometimes IT becomes a soggy wad of paper... in times like that there is a beautiful, yellow, plastic enclosed card telling the world proudly that "Sioneva was here!" (Of course, I've run out and I have to make more, but...)
  7. Stormchasers have a term 'chaser convention', where several of them end up in the same place at the same time, chasing some storm or other. Well, I've seen cacher conventions! Seven of us went caching in one particular park one day (huge place!) and during the course of it, we ran into no less than five other cachers out doing the same thing. We were tripping over them everywhere!
  8. Yes, I agree. It was quite stupid of you to mention a business name. What does that have to do with finding a hidden container using a GPS receiver? Please don't call me that. The truth of it is, my pants aren't very smart at all. Whenever I've let them do the thinking for me, they make very poor choices. I have learned from this. Now, the only thing I follow when held at waist level is a GPS. Alright Mr. Smarty GPS. I am blaming you for the root beer on my keyboard. Make that two of us!
  9. Well, if you want to cache in MY territor, you better pay me well... in chocolate! And money! Now I just have to decide where my territory is, and create an appropriate flag. Sionopolis, on the Beta server? Seriously, though, cachers don't have to ask permission from other cachers, unless you planted a cache in their front yard?
  10. I make a point of checking daily, regardless of the constant '0 new messages'. I got tired of replying days, weeks, sometimes months late to messages I was never notified that I had. Bottom line - you're not the only one, it's been broken for a long time, attention was brought to the problem, but it's never been fixed.
  11. I just released my 25th cache into the wild today. The thrill never wears off.
  12. What's so strange here? We all knew it would happen sooner or later. The geocaches are breeding.
  13. Checking into these as well - particularly the forum software! Thanks!
  14. My armchair gets incredibly good millage... I hardly notice it, what type do you drive... I don't know; I never get to use it. My stuffed bear is always sitting in it!
  15. Must be nice to live in RI! Depending if I go 300 miles east or 300 miles west, I either end up in the middle of Iowa, or in the middle of Nebraska. No 'a few states over' here (okay, maybe two, if I'm lucky)!
  16. <snip> Have fun with your new site! BTW, for a mere $9,999.99 per year, I can license you to emplace a small seal of approval on the home page of your new website stating This Site Approved and Recommended by Vinny. And, for a mere additional $49,444.33 per year, you may even be licensed to emplace a small devotional photo of my likeness on your site. Thanks, both Robert and Vinny! I'll check into this site, it looks good. P.S. Vinny, you know you have my undying love, gratitude, and keys to my safety deposit box, if I had one... will you accept payment in Monopoly or Life dollars?
  17. Before you even leave, I'd pass around the cash jar and get contributions... Dress it up in a funny way so they're too busy laughing to feel 'upset' that they actually have to pay a fair share. Or drive up with your tank on empty and explain your car won't go anywhere without some money chipped in.
  18. Forums, newsletter, membership list, calendar of events... those are just the tip of the iceberg, I think.
  19. But what if you are? I'll check out the link - thanks!
  20. Armchairs get terrible gas mileage... ... sorry, couldn't resist. I've been reading all the posts - I drive a 2001 Honda Civic right now, which is supposed to get 25 mpg, but it hasn't been lately. Maybe after I take it in and find out what's wrong, I'll feel less motorcycly.
  21. What are the best semi-inexpensive models?
  22. (Wow, my second topic in a night, I think that's a record.) I've been poking around online, trying to find a good webhosting company to start up a new geocaching website... Just wondering what people with previous experience here would recommend for that... and why. PMs are fine, and moving the topic if it belongs elsewhere, please go ahead.
  23. ... to geocache anymore. Okay, that's not exactly true. But the price of gas is seriously crimping my chances of completing the Nebraska County / Delorme Challenges. This is making me extremely cranky! Maybe I'll get that motorcycle I've been thinking of... it might be cheaper in the long run!
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