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  1. I'm so elma, I can't even spell lame right!
  2. What in the tarnations are you talking about? It seems pretty clear... Coldgears was at an event in New Jersy, during which he was part of a group of cachers who found a Chinese Takeout cache. He didn't see the OP there. Well if I had known ahead of time, I definitely would have showed up. Yes, how could you have missed it? Every other geocacher who ever existed or will exist was there! Someone even gave me a purple crayon container!
  3. Congrats to the winners! Darn that 42 anyway.
  4. Sorry, that would be August 11, 2011. Hope that doesn't count as an edit!
  5. I strongly suspect 42 is the Answer. I'll take 42.
  6. The real problem is the MSG. When you hide your cache, make sure you are using a container from a Chinese food place that does not use MSG in their food. Be very careful about this; many a good Chinese food container has been ruined this way. The raccoons and hamsters thank you!
  7. I've never understood people who hunt golfs. They whack the poor little things with a club as if the wee thing had no feelings at all. Then they spend a lot of time out in a pasture hunting it and, if they can find it, they whack it again! And it's not like you can eat them... I broiled some golfs I caught hiding in a stream near a golf pasture and they didn't get a bit tender. Heck, if I had people hunting me just so they could club me I'd hide in the nearest cache too. What breaks my heart, what really makes me sad and offended, is opening a cache to find a wounded golf hiding inside, it's skin cut open, its guts exposed, and forced to hide in a cache instead of being given appropriate medical treatment or at least a decent burial. Geocachers wake up! Stop the abuse! Ban golf hunters from our game before they give us all a black eye!
  8. Seems like it upsets you more then them, considering they weren't even with you. Ignore it or CITO it, whatever makes you happier, but... sheesh. Sorry, but this is a mountain out of a molehill. Highly doubt your niece and nephew are going to be scarred for life.
  9. Well, I know I'm no hottie, even in a tree. Not even close. But I am exceptionally cool.
  10. Birthday? Happy birthday Siovena!!! and congrats on your Winning!!! Thanks. What do I do now?
  11. Hey... wait a second... do you mean I won?? What a great, unexpected birthday gift!
  12. Don't worry. Geocaching is still alive and well in my neck of the woods. Actually, it looks like it's thriving all over the place.
  13. I knew it...I just knew it. You are from Triskelion. Who me? What happened to the KABOOM?
  14. I'm betting large quatloos that it hasn't been 3 days since you submitted this one? Chill out dude. I see that bet and raise you two bars of gold-pressed latinum.
  15. That's not true at all. Muscle has a higher mass and density than fat, so it would appear that there are many non dense people here! Look at the governor. If they went to the moon, they'd be better off.
  16. Darnit! Missed it by one mailing day!! Congrats to the winner!
  17. You shouldn't publicize what pocket query thieves are doing. You are just giving them the attention that they thrive on. If your pocket query has turned up missing, just keep replacing it. Eventually the PQ thief will get tired of it and stop.
  18. I knew submitting a picture of a fat woman caching was a mistake... Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentioners.
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