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  1. We were out of coffee this morning! My kids were driving me nuts! Uh..... Okay, I'm got.
  2. You know, scientists have specuulated that a lot of the DHMO present in the world has extraterrestrial origin. Mostly from comets striking the earth. So not only is that stuff downright dangerous, it's also a byproduct of those darn space aliens using our planet for target practice! Gosh darn it, where is Vinny when you need him??
  3. Reviewer not responding??? Oops, time to change out the hamsters again!
  4. Then why, if it's just a personal effect on you and you're not trying to convince anyone of anything, do you keep posting about it? We get it. Really, we do. You don't like the masters' program. Okay. An oddly appropriate saying would apply here - "when you are in a hole, stop digging". Chokecherry, I'm sorry for the impression you've been left with. You're still welcome to come after any of my earthcaches - in fact, I encourage it! (It's still a great looking pear.)
  5. I checked to see how many OC caches are within 100 miles of me. There are 30. They are ALL crosslisted GC.com caches. I think I'll stay with geocaching.com.
  6. Just to put the other side of the argument, I actually quite like this new feature. Don't use this home page as my gc.com landing page so it doesn't get in the way, and it's actually quite interesting to randomly dip into one of the scrolling activity markers and have a quick read about fellow cachers and caches around the world. Would I want it to be local? No not really Local caches I am interested in are on my watch list. Local events and newly published caches are on my notifications and in the weekly GS newsletter. People I know are on my friends list. Events let you keep up with what is going on locally as does meeting people out and about. So having this little window on the world of caching beyond our doorstep, and involving places, caches and people we would otherwise know nothing about, is an interesting addition. I don't think it's meant as a news feed that will be compelling reading for everyone. That's how it comes across to me - compels my eye to look at it - motion does that. It drives me crazy. It's great that someone in Germany or Australia logged a cache, but what difference does it make?
  7. Aaaargh, is there any way to get rid of the "Recent Activity" slideshow thingie? It's really annoying. I'm glad someone in Germany logged a cache, but really, it doesn't seem justified to give it that much prominence. On the old site, it was easy to ignore.
  8. Hey, guys, I just pulled up geocaching.com, and THE AMBER BANNER IS GONE AGAIN! *gaspgaspgasp* What does it all MEAN?
  9. Wait a sec. Wait a SECOND HERE! Are these UNIONIZED hamsters?
  10. A healthy hamster is a happy hamster!
  11. You found it, you signed it, you get a
  12. Huh? It's early morning and all, but I honestly don't get the point you are trying to make here. Would you like a purple crayon?
  13. Good point! I have always wanted to place a cache in the Grand Canyon. I could use this site for that cache and also use geocaching.com for most other caching! Uh.... no. National Parks do not allow geocaches (in lower-case). It isn't that Groundspeak does not allow it... the Federal Government doesn't allow it. The difference is that Groundspeak has reviewers to intervene before the cache gets published. I assume you posted in jest... but I felt that a serious answer was in order anyway. OK I thought it was just a Groundspeak prohibition but if the Federal Government doesn`t allow it,then there`s no point in placing the cache. That there is a major problem with the OC site. There's no oversight to make sure caches are legal. People in other states or countries can approve caches without ever knowing or caring about whether they are allowed in a particular area or not.
  14. The 26 page topic about the other site that is still open here shows quite the opposite. Just the other day I asked people to go look at Navicache if you want to see what a featureless, stagnant geocache site looks like. The other sites are competing with Geocaching.com in my eyes. I do love that in their ad promoting their own site, the Garmin GPS in the ad has a Geocaching.com cache page open on it as Isonzo Karst pointed out. Giving away geocoins that can only be tracked on Geocaching.com to try to get people to list new caches on their site is too funny. Priceless. My mistake, and my apology! I thought that thread was locked, but I should have checked. Guess it just dropped off the radar. The people over there seem to think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread - it's "the people's choice". Or something like that. Gotta admit, the flamewars are interesting and entertaining. The site is not as well moderated as this one.
  15. I second this! Everything should be measured in smoots!
  16. A good proportion of the cachers over there were banned on here for various reasons, and most of the caches over there are cross-listed from geocaching.com. There's not really much point to the site, but to each his own... IBTL, or the thread deletion... TPTB don't usually like giving competing sites free advertising.
  17. I've emphasized the bit in bold and blue above. You can read more here: http://forums.ground...howtopic=273130 I'm thrilled about the blue, will wait and see about the green. Actually I think the green should have been red. Should have all been blue. It's pretty.
  18. Wow, I'm sure calling them a bunch of bums is really going to motivate them to work harder to solve this issue.
  19. I saw that sdarken's name was italicized, for example, and he/she just posted right before I submitted mine.
  20. I believe that people who are actively writing a post or replying to a post have italicized names. Temporarily.
  21. What, you mean I can go home AND attend a huge earthcache event, too? I'm there!
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