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  1. Found them to the side of the map displayed. I was having problems with Geocache maps using "Safari" OK now
  2. I remember a few years ago that other maps could be added to the "basic" ones on the Web pages can this still be achieved? If how. please.
  3. How do I attach images from my desktop to show broken link?
  4. Help please. I am an Apple Mac user macOS Sierra 10.12.5 Using Safari10.1.1 also used Chrome 58.0.3029.110 When viewing GCWRGT Baddesley Clinton I see a "broken" image for St. Michaels Church on the page/screen I am presuming I am missing an application/plug in to see the .jpg? \Am I correct in this presumption? If so what do I need to do PLEASE? Regards, S&F Alan St Michaels Church broken.jpeg
  5. Many, many thanks. I had attempted to "Download" the utility from the page But this gave me "errors" telling me it was a Windows only utility BUT that was because it came in a "7Zip" format/Package. BUT the "INSTALL" button on the upper Right hand side of the page was the saviour. Many, many thanks again.
  6. Is there anyone out there can help me please? I would like to load the Ordnance Survey map overlay in the maps section of "Geocaching.com" but i've tried "Chrome, Firefox & Safari" but only see a layer of 6 from Map Quest to MyTopo that all "appear" to be US orientated, that i am not surprised with but daughter informs me that there is a utility that will increase these layers to 10/12 options. Can anyone point me to it? I forgot to add i am an Apple Mac user running on OSX Lion! Regards, S&F alan
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