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  1. Lucky you! (no sarcasm meant--I really am happy for you!) I know a lot of folks (myself included) who had trouble trying to get even the 500--hoping for a different configuration of the points system (if that's what we're getting)... Here here! And I'm dying to know what the hidden creatures thing is all about...sounds fascinating!
  2. Howdy y'all, So, guessing from the URL in the newsletter this evening, it looks like we've got another souvenir promotion on our hands...anybody want to start some rumors on what it'll be based on this time? Personally, I'm hoping for a return to "the good ol' days" of the promos, with simple week-by-week tasks rather than the nearly-impossible friend league points system from Planetary Pursuit...but I guess we shall see?
  3. Just to weigh in some sentiment from my area of Central Florida, this promotion wasn't very well received (myself included). It was an interesting concept, but imho using the friend league for these promotions is a fundamentally flawed idea. It's a neat one, but in practice it seems to make things less fun. A fellow cacher I was speaking with this morning and I both agreed (and she's been caching about 10 years longer than I have!) that we miss the days of the Road Trip '15, GC HQ, and other "slower paced" promos *that didn't use the points system.* I'm certainly not trying to rant, but when a promo starts to make caching into work (ie, power trails or "creative" trackable logging) instead of simply encouraging finding different cache types, I think something got missed. I would love to see another promo like GCHQ: here's a task for the week--complete it, and the souvenir is yours. Repeat x4. Those were fun!
  4. I'm having the same issue with an iPhone SE...and have been through multiple iOS versions. It's not so big of a deal now that I can access the description without scrolling, but it's still annoying...
  5. I was jumping on here to complain about the same thing! Thanks for filling us in Ben...although I will say I'd prefer to just be surprised with the features, not with a wrong description. Then again, I've done the same thing in podcasting, so what can I say!
  6. Here here on that--even in some pretty populated areas (ie my home in Cen. FL), it's been a challenge, and I've seen more than just myself resorting to using a lot of TBs to make up the difference for the caches we've already found/can't get to with the drive. I miss the Mary Hyde and GCHQ promos myself--at least those made it a fun challenge over several weeks, not something that felt like work in just 3 weeks!
  7. Goodness sakes...this *is* a problem for those of us who are still trying to aim for the final few souvenirs needed for planetary pursuit! I certainly understand (as I think we all do!) that the IT folks are working as hard as they can, but I'm afraid I must also agree with some of the other users on here and social media: can we please get an extension of the planetary pursuit promotion equal to the outage duration? It seems only fair since most apps (even the "offline" capable ones) aren't able to show anything right now, and for quite a few, that's the only caching tool they own!
  8. I've got mine too...Neptune and Pluto, here we come!
  9. I've got the same issue as well...I just dropped a sizeable bundle of TBs and all I'm getting for my effort is Chrome asking my politely if I want to translate the page! Hopefully it will clear up soon...although ironically I'm stuck between Jupiter and Saturn too!
  10. What's the url y'all are using to see these goodies?
  11. Wow--looks like y'all are on to something! I'll definitely be saving some caches around me locally now! And maybe a few pennies for some gear lol
  12. I hope @Voltgloss is right--and maybe also akin to the Geocaching in Space promo from 2014?
  13. All I know is I'm dying from suspense! Hoping we get some more info released soon!
  14. Just curious, what model is your iPhone? I have an SE, and if this crashing issue is more "across the board," I'm a bit hesitant to update until it's fixed!
  15. I've wanted to do this myself for awhile, and simply haven't had the resources too; it would allow you to use APRS in conjucntion with the setup to view other stations on the GPSr display. I've seen it implemetned, and it's very cool!
  16. Thanks for updating us on that; I was wondering about that myself!
  17. I don't have a ton of experience in this regard (I wish I did!), but you may be able to do what you need with an external TNC. Of course, it would be extra bulk and cables (and power needs), but that might do the trick... Not to get off-topic, but a side-note: As far as Basecamp Mobile, that met it's demise in 2013 when Garmin nixed it for some reason in favor of thier Garmin Connect Fitness App. That Basecamp Mobile option will work with Connect, but basically only to send track data to the Connect app and website.
  18. Excellent ideas @ObeliskAG! I might have to take advantage of a few of those--I'm beginning to get a concept now, utilizing Raspberry Pi or Arduino to create a low-power AM transmitter, and have it give off morse for the coords...and then perhaps some of your ideas at the actual cache for the field puzzle. And @Keystone, point well taken; thanks for pointing that out!
  19. Depending on what each of y'all are referring too, I believe the indicators are already there on the app--they show for me anyway when I tap on a cache and the info banner appears at the bottom of the screen. As for the website, it's clearly shown on the cache page. However, basic members cannot view any information about premium-only caches, much less log them, so there's a big limiter in that regard... A side note about that info banner I refrenced earlier too: is there any way the D/T and size ratings could be added somewhere on that banner? Or at least could we have the option for it? That would make planning *so* much easier if I didn't have to pull the full details on every cache if I just need a quick P&G!
  20. Here here! I have several personal TBs that I log mileage with, and it would be lovely to even just have a switch on the log screen of the app to allow "visit all TBs" when I post a log. I'm left with starting drafts on the app and then simply pushing "submit" when I get home once I can log the TBs too...
  21. I've had a few things I wanted to delete (or just plain clean out!) too. The only way to get this to work is to "hide" the message threads on the website, then sign out and back in on the app. I agree though...it would be awesome to have a native "delete" or "hide" function built-in to the app!
  22. Hello all, I'm in the process of building out a series of gadget caches in my local area, and as a ham, I'm considering including a radio-related field puzzle for one of the caches in the series. I know of a few already (chirp caches, etc.), but I was wondering if anyone knows of any existing cache listings along these lines. Also, if you have any thoughts or suggestions for implementing radio into a field puzzle, feel free to toss that in too!
  23. 19 (almost 20)...started in 2012, and aside from a couple "family teams", I'm quite confident I'm the youngest cacher in my local area...and likely in the minority based on the ages listed here!
  24. For those of us in the US using imperial units, it would be totally awesome to have the radius options tweaked to have 25 miles instead of 20. It may not sound like much, but there feels like a huge difference in the gap between 20 to 50 miles, versus 25 to 50 miles. I love this functionality though, so kudos to y'all for making it happen! :-)
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