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  1. Thanks so much for your reply. It's much appreciated ... Even if my brain IS now bleeding a little bit more lol!
  2. .. I just read your signature out to my husband as he's from near Bridgend and he said .. 'The REAL one'
  3. Oh My goodness Chris ... I feel so stupid ... I can't tell you how many times I've scrolled the map datum menu looking for WGS84 to only be able to find 72 .... after your reply I thought 'ok - one last go' - and there it flippin' is - right at the top ... not in the alphabetical list at all ... **shakes head in disbelief** I have read your review - more than once and find it really useful. Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate your trouble.
  4. Hi Guys! I'm far from a techie so please bear with me .. I'm still getting used to my new 'toy' - Magellan eXplorist 710 but I think I'm doing ok between playing with it and finding out stuff via t'interweb etc. However .... I'm a little disappointed with the primary/secondary coordinate system/type and map datum. When I installed the OS maps it said to set the primary as OSGB which meant there was no choice over the map datum .. fine. I read somewhere that if on Lon/Lat the map datum should be set to WGS84 so I set the secondary to that. However ... when saving current location as a waypoint, for a new cache or whatever, the GPS shows the grid reference .... I want the coordinates to be the first reference I see so I decided to set the primary to Lon/Lat instead. Am I making sense so far?? :-/ But ... in the dropdown box for primary map datum there is no WGS84 only WGS72. I set it for that and left the secondary on WGS84 ... I'm finding that the coords are slightly different .. only very slightly but I'm thinking the WGS84 is going to be the most accurate so am I forever going to have to refer to the secondary coords?? Can I somehow get WGS84 in the primary dropdown menu? And does this make any difference when searching for a cache? Eeeeek .... my brain is now bleeding - I need to go and lie down. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated ....
  5. Does anyone know if this is possible? And if so, how? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions .. Lol ... I've found out how to do it ... I had to import the extra caches physically one by one. I still have challenges with it but I guess I'm better figuring it out for myself...............
  7. Help! I'm still learning on this new GPS. I loaded a PQ of 1000 caches and have been working on them fine. I just loaded another 7 by sending them individually to the unit. I thought I'd checked they'd loaded by trying to resend one, to be told it was already loaded. However, I can't find them on the unit ... Only the 1000 that were already there :-(. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  8. Thanks very much for your reply. I thought I'd tried that but maybe I did something wrong. I'll try again when I'm on my laptop. Cheers.
  9. I'm probably being incredibly thick but can anyone tell me how to move souvenirs from my souvenir page into my public profile? I see that other members have things like the 12-12-12 souvenir in both, but mine is only in souvenirs and I'd like to add it to the others that I have in my public profile. Very sorry if this has been asked before, if it has I can't find it. Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much ... This is so much easier than the way I've been trying to make a PQ for the areas I want !!
  11. Thanks for your replies Great idea about writing a note in the bug's log. I'll do that, I HAVE made a few notes as I've logged the visits but I never thought of that. It's goal is simply to travel from cache to cache so whichever I do is helping it along. I think I will take it to Greece, it'll certainly add to the mileage and I'd like someone to take mine away like that. Do as you would be done by and all that hey! When I grabbed it I noted where I'd found it but didn't actually visit it into the cache - never thought of it - dur! But the first one I logged it as a visitor to was only a few hundred metres away so it won't have affected the mileage. I too thought it would be nice to take pics of the visits but I've only remembered to do it once! I think it's nice for the owner though and adds to the story - AND makes it interesting for the grandchildren if they're with me. It's Mr Navigator by the way - so he can help me navigate to/round Kefalonia - lol! Thanks again
  12. PS ... I have only one trackable 'out there' myself at the moment. I know it's been picked up from where I dropped it and I have to say I'd prefer to see some 'visits' in the log than the nothing that I AM seeing ... but I'm probably being impatient
  13. I have wondered about this. I discovered a TB 10 days ago which wasn't logged into the cache I found it in. In fact it hadn't been logged at all for 20 months! I emailed the owner thinking he would be pleased to know it had resurfaced and asking him whether he would prefer me to drop it locally to me (I'm in UK, he's in Germany) or if he would like me to take it to Greece in 2 weeks time. I'm unsure of the protocol as this is the first one I've found. I emailed him again a few days later as I'd made a mistake in the first mail and then 2 days ago I google translated another mail in case he wasn't understanding me. His profile shows that he's been on the website during this time, he presumably will have received email notifications of the mails AND of the TB logs yet he hasn't responded up to now. I've been 'visiting' with this TB whilst waiting purely to keep it active. Any comments on what I've been doing and/or advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. Cheers
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