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  1. Got the crystal compass rose set today (actually received it a couple days ago, but just picked up the parcel today). Very Nice
  2. Took Care of it! ------ Just an FYI that the tree of life remint presale is ending Sunday night at midnight MST. It may be open a little later than that, but that is the latest I can guarantee Don't say I didn't warn you! I don't know if/when there will be another! Link to sale: https://www.scavok.com/shop/index.php?main_...x&cPath=6_5 More Photos: http://scavok.com/geocoins/tol.php
  3. Man no kidding ---- Yea, at my old PO they whipped out that sheet of plastic and if they could squeeze the envelope through they just charged me the lesser. So now I know; I just never had a problem before, not even once. I took the twice returned ones to that old PO yesterday and told them about it. The lady just shook her head, took the newer APC stickers off and replaced them with the "forever" stamps, which according to Jay's post means they also OK'd them Hope they are worth the wait to you all!
  4. They don't necessarily have to be. You can ask at the PO to see one of their plastic measuring devices (don't know the real name for it). Just a sheet of plastic with slots and lines on it to show if the envelope is thin enough and if its rigid parts are small enough to make it through their machinery. I used that the first couple times to get a feel for it, but I guess some offices are stricter than others
  5. Live from "pharmacotherapy - a pathophysiologic approach" class. I recently moved and have been having significant issues with my new local post office. Originally I mailed all orders, some person to carrier, some via internet postage and some via APC. I received roughly half of the internet postage and APC packages back saying they were insufficiently postage-ed and to add 0.34 to each one to upgrade them to "parcels" instead of "large envelopes" (the majority of which were truly under 1/2" thick). So over a couple days I did that and now received all of the re-posted APC ones back to me saying that two postages on different dates wont work, I have to have a teller re-postage them with the discount of already paid postage. So I'm calmly (not the thoughts in my head) going to my old PO today and just starting over with tellers who realize their primary jobs aren't to deny delivery. Don't worry, I haven't dropped off the planet. My days now consist of 6:45am to 10:00pm school/internship followed by homework until I pass out at my desk - then repeat. For the fun of it: Journey quote of the moment... Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy sh*t, what a ride!"
  6. Well they were all originally sent out at the same time. I mailed them using the APC and some with postage determined online. Needless to say, most of the ones with postage paid via the USPS website were sent back to me. First and last time I use that. I'll send them out again ASAP!
  7. Wow-oh, very nice! I've been out of touch lately but am excited to see this one for sure. I'll get me a full set one way or another! Can't wait, I'm glad it turned out so well!
  8. All the orders but one have been shipped out, hope everyone enjoys them. Those 24k gold ones are nice n shiny!
  9. Yes they can, if you make multiple orders that are part of the same minting just select the walk-in/in-person/free shipping for the second one
  10. I sent out the announcement to newsletter subscribers a little bit ago, so here's for the rest of you Now that I have finished moving, reestablishing myself and all the journey coins have shipped.... Presales for a remint of these Tree of Life coins are open for those that missed the first round (and anyone else who wants yet another!). Included in the sale is a mystery finish coin for anyone who wants to give it a try - you'll see the finish when it arrives in your mailbox Presale link: https://www.scavok.com/shop/index.php?main_...x&cPath=6_5 Additional Photos: https://www.scavok.com/geocoins/tol.php
  11. Wohoo, the coins are in hand and shipping will commence immediately The orders will go out thru this next week. Hope you all like them!
  12. Not a concern for most people, but just wanted to give a notice to others that I am very very sorry for being so late on things lately. Amongst the finer points of starting a divorce I ended up without internet access or even a physical address for the past couple weeks. I decided it wasn't worth the risk of mailing out bundles of coins without a return address To everyone that I owe trades to, they will be mailed out tomorrow 8-17-09 To those that I owe replacements to for paid orders (damaged or lost orders), they will be mailed out over the next two days 8-17 and 8-18 as the coins are unpacked To the journey coin buyers: the coins are in hand and now that I have access to my databases again I can print out orders and will ship out the hundreds of coins over the course of this next week. To put things into perspective - I haven't even been able to pay the mint since I didn't have a working bank account connected to my paypal! All is well now and other than being a bit behind, my geocaching and coining life is returning to normal. Just wait to see what coinage I've got coming at you all now
  13. I met my requirements for the bronze pin at the end of July (while on vacation) and wasn't able to submit my app until today. Will I be receiveing a pin? I would be more than happy to purchase it!
  14. I'm looking for both (I think there were two) sets of the caching pills with bottles. Don't know how I missed them when they were originally available, but I'd love to show them off at work and some of my PharmD classmates I have Celtic Tree of Life, Tengwar, a few Night & Day, and when the order shows up I'll have some Journey coins as well - all in many finishes so visit my website to see them! Thanks all!
  15. no dates yet, but they have been started
  16. Should be up in the next couple days. For the time being, I have the list of codes now so if you want to email me through my website please feel free to do so. Please don't PM me - my box is already getting full www.scavok.com they will be up on coincodes.com once published. Thanks All!
  17. Where's the color in that?? Haysonics - thank you for your posts, its good to see someone understood my apparently hazy intent Yes you are all correct that some sort of definitions are in order, even if we can't all agree on universal definitions maybe we can urge designers/vendors to define their own? Thoughts...
  18. The stats were correct on my website when the listing was created. And an email was sent and replied to. I'm not calling anyone out for anything other than that the selling description is incorrect on an active auction and the seller had been notified. I think it is wrong and I'm doing something about it. If you don't like the post then report it or ignore it.
  19. To point 1: thats precisely the point. The seller isn't going to cancel the auction, it is continuing as is. The item isn't being sold as described which in my opinion is wrong. I know the seller and have no qualms or hard feelings otherwise. They know about it now and should be held accountable. To point 2: an honest mistake can still be a blatant (even unintentional) misrepresentation To point 3: Yep. And not to pick on the seller by any means; just to make an example. I don't care who made the mistake; if you are selling a coins saying it is 1 of 25 when it is really 1 of 34, it is no moot point of sale IMHO (and I would hope the vast majority would agree with me).
  20. Wow Roger, that's some thoughtful posting right there Some of you may know, I can actually be quite "colorful." A lot of thought can go into doing nothing but . Maybe thats where the wise old timer regulars have gone?
  21. I simply mean it as another source of information, nothing more. A person putting "tengwar geocoin" into google may pull up that ebay auction first and a link to this thread second. If the buyer happens to visit both, it could save them a headache and a couple bucks.
  22. scavok


    How about a german star then? AKA moravian star.
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