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  1. In the 2.125" size?? CF30 Yep, not in trading quantities yet, but when the order is sent for the presold items that will be one of the few extra finishes I'll order to keep for trading or selling later on
  2. I had the strange urge to shout AMEN! And you know there are round coins out there bigger than 2" too, right?
  3. Everyone knows I like copper myself. Just cuz I'm not selling them doesn't mean they don't exist
  4. Just a note to add that order limits have been removed. Only a few left, so if you've gambled to wait for a handulf of the limited ones, here's your chance
  5. Just a note to say that the max quantity per order on the red on gold has been lifted (don't know how that accidentally got enforced in the first place). If you want additional coins in that finish let me know and I'll just invoice you for them so you don't have to pay a separate shipping charge. Also, about 2/3 of the limited versions are sold, whatever is left 24 hours from when the sale opened will have the qty limit lifted from those as well. Thanks all, you will love 'em!
  6. All previous sales have been finalized and shipped out. Which means the presale I've been looking forward to for months is ready to go Be aware that there are a few that, even presold, are being limited by the mint due to the difficulty in producing those particular finishes. For those I am limited to only 50 coins per minting, 45 of which will be sold. There are 4 new finishes, but 10 coins are being presold for you to pick from according to your preference. The new finishes are true 2-toned gold-on-silver and silver-on-gold available in shiny and (limited) satin finish. Now here's the BIG part They are available in TWO SIZES. There is the standard tengwar 1.75" diameter coin and now also a palm-filling, 3+ oz, 2.125" diameter tengwar. The coins are extremely eye catching and quite substantial in-hand. Also available in the 2.125" is everyone's favorite red enamel on shiny gold and my personal favorite, the soft purple on shiny nickel. More information and a handful of quality photos are available at: https://www.scavok.com/geocoins/nawwal09.php Presale page is here: http://www.scavok.com/shop/index.php?main_...ex&cPath=12
  7. My pup and her favorite toy Total Lunar Eclipse This is full size (very large) and no thumbnail... Blue Angels flying in formation
  8. Everyone's favorite subject here - geocoins. This guy was eyeing me all day and finally swam over to say hi Baby owls At the butterfly pavilion in Westminster, CO (have tons of great butterfly shots) Hanging around at Boeing airfield in Seattle. A small handful more HERE
  9. The enamel came out darker than expected. In the sunlight it shows the true olive green it is supposed to be, though These were ordered sight unseen which was risky because the enameling is reversed. Rather than the colored enamel filling the area around the tree we were able to get it so that the tree itself is colored. If anybody wants to, they can post pictures here. Its not a secret coin by any means. Heck they're already for sale at $50 on ebay (pictures included)
  10. All previous sales from my website are shipped out today which means I'll feel comfortable opening the presale for these soon. Maybe later tonight I'll post full photos and show what makes the '09 release just a little more special on top of the true 2 tone
  11. About 80% of the orders have been shipped, including a lot of the international. All the ones that are left are international and just need the customs forms filled out. I will update all the orders' status on my website on Monday which will also send out individual email confirmations. If you do not get a confirmation by Tuesday morning email me and I'll double check it. Just wait for the "length of my receipts" cointest on these P.O. visits BTW - in this batch of coins I also received new and improved samples of the 2009 tengwars. Watch that thread once these have all been completed .
  12. Whew! The presold coins were received and packaging started tonight. My girlfriend and I are planning on working on them until around 1am. I'm hoping school will be cancelled tomorrow (let it snow let it snow let it snow!). If so I will get the packing done and the domestic orders shipped at a minimum (those customs forms take forever). I received some *gentle* prodding from a customer today to keep you guys more informed, which you all wholly deserve and I apologize for not doing so. Finishing these coins obviously took longer than expected and I had hoped to package the "in-hand" sales items along with the previous presale. Time flew faster than expected while waiting for those presold coins and the in-hands have now been in-hand for a week. Again, sorry! It is all being worked on now and you will have these awesome coins very soon. BTW - the mystery finish looks frikkin awesome The color isn't exactly what I hoped, but in bright light it achieved what I wanted. When you receive them be sure to open them before you even get in to your house so you can see the color!
  13. I'm yet to have an issue with a presale other than a mint error that delays things (keep a disclaimer if you go this way ). And yes, there are a lot of people who have been unjustly screwed over in a presale before (and agreeably have the right to be wary), but they will probably be the ones who are willing to trust ebay at inflated prices over a fellow geocacher and great coiner at that I never even got to see these on the sale page. Can't wait to see them somewhere a little more attainable!
  14. anyway... back to the topic ...
  15. There is always the concern - if you read the original thread on the coin there is info I've posted about the process they are smelted, shaped, stamped and then coated/sealed before being sent out. The outside acrylic and epoxy coating ones I would expect to have as much contamination as the china manufactured coloring in mass produced coins As for the natural environments remember that pretty much every fisherman with a weight on their line is soaking a little lead pellet in what is probably an acidic environment (polluted rain), but it's not an envirnmental concern. A lead coin in a tupperware container is even less so. Just for perspective I myself tried the soldering metal too, but found it too soft (like hammering mashed potatoes). Is this a different type you are referring too?
  16. Keep in mind that not all handmade geocoins are untrackable Scavok Handmade 2007 Scavok Handmade 2008
  17. grins I was refreshing every time the page finished reloading. I did NOT want to miss out on the Tengwars again! Sorry about that. hehe Yea, yea... apologize to avroair there
  18. If God isn't a Broncos fan, then why are sunsets blue and orange? 6 and 0!!
  19. Yea so much for the theory that stock would last longer in the AM hours! Sorry for the late start - I didn't anticipate 50+ people to be logged in and waiting. My website's resources are prioritized to the shopping side, so when it gets bogged down it affects the admin side primarily (thus the stock edits and on/off switches!).
  20. The coins are finished and on their way to me! As a nice bonus to anyone who is interested - sales are open for the 2 tone coins!!! (scavok.com subscribers knew in advance, but there are plenty left as of now...). TOL sales There are also tengwars, Night & Day, and journey coins available if you hurry
  21. So as many of you know I have been spending nauseatingly huge amounts of time at school in lecture instead of out caching this year. I've decided to supplement my caching life with more coins since I can't spend it out driving around (its much easier for me to draw in class!). So how about 3 coins at once? Of course, you all also know that I like to include fellow coiners in the creation process, so here goes: Here is a snapshot of my sketchbook page representing preliminary art. Its just a drawing for now, it hasn't been coinified yet Body: Mind: Spirit: Back side option 01: Back side option 02: A link to my website page with photos that will be updated as it progresses: Trio Series They will be 3D dies, as large as is practical (1.75 - 2") and definitely trackable with icons. Any thoughts?
  22. Odyssey Voyager got it right. They are still in progress, and my anticipation is growing as well
  23. UPDATE There was a hiccup in the mystery finish but it has been resolved. It added about a week to final delivery time but is now under way This will be my favorite finish of the coin, I believe! Rustic looking
  24. Hey all, Just thought I'd post here to see if anyone is interested. I am going to be heading to Australia (sydney) in about 10 weeks. If anyone has any travel bugs or geocoins they would like to see travel (to leave there or visit and return) let me know. I'm not opposed to receiving them in the mail, but if hand to hand is an option (I live in northglenn), there's nothing wrong with lunch or a cache!
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