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    Clay TikiCoins!

    Ouch, what a payment. But its a gooood pain Can't wait to see my full set in hand, I've been looking forward to these since the dawn of this thread. Woo!
  2. Hoping to find around 500 tengwars in my mailbox I found that I only had a couple bills and then this silver package levitated out and somehow managed to be opened right there in front of my mailbox. Definitely the closest experience I've ever had, but I'm quite excited to be the 183rd person to have been affected in this way. Tomorrow I'm going to wrap it in tin foil, duct-tape it to my GPSr and wholly expect an accuracy of something like 3mm. Sweet.
  3. Sorry guys, for some reason I haven't been getting the emails that there were posts here. Anyway, the coins are finished and on their way to me as we speak I Expect them in the next day or so and will get them shipped out over a few days. I also have received an email asking me about the security popup showing on my website. The thing is that the encryption certificate expired last week but since it isn't a free item thats easy to install im putting it off until my next sale I will update here and on the site when the coins are in hand. Im looking forward to seeing them as well! Thanks all!
  4. Considering the presale has nearly a week left, I'd say Mid-July. Thats correct, these ones took a little longer than normal last time but my guess is 6 weeks-ish from the end of the presale to when I receive them from C&P and then ship them out. I've received more order than expected this weekend; whats wrong with you all? Its a 3 day holiday with nice weather, go outside!
  5. Well hey, a preale is open for some of the versions previously only available in the 1.75" inch size, now in the 2.125" size if anyone is interested . There is also one new version listed there as well! https://www.scavok.com/shop/index.php?main_...ex&cPath=12
  6. Jack - it wasn't my intent to not answer, in fact I believed that I had replied to all of them. I was just making a general statement of "just in case" i didn't reply, I still took care of it. I really do apologize. Did you receive the replacement? And the good news continues. I received an email today about a lost package (of a LOT of coins) that was even in a priority box. That last sale of mine was less than a dozen orders and was shipped out weeks ago, (even though to add to the confusion I forgot to update the order status to 'shipped' until last week). It just makes me wonder about the status of the other orders from that sale, though I've only received the one email. I'm happy to replace lost orders whenever it is possible, please do contact me if there is an issue . On the brighter side, I did receive lots of happy emails from people saying they loved the coins. I'm going to be updating my site with lots of photos in the coming weeks and I enjoy seeing listings of traveling coins, so hit me up! I plan on this summer being productive for me in designs, though I'm not sure about production until my schedule lightens up long term. I am contemplating taking an extra year in school to do some electives I'm interested in, this would mean a lighter load leaving me more time for caching and coining... so you may just see me around a little more often .
  7. scavok

    Dang TSA

    I must be on some government list or something. My checked bags are selected for physical inspection every time I have traveled since turnng 18, though this time I can see how I may have set off a few alarms. I had a half-dozen packages of coin trades that I wasn't able to mail out before leaving on vacation so I threw them in my bag to mail out when I got to Florida (woo spring break - too bad its over). Anyway, I guess a handful of boxes full of metal discs don't look good on x-ray. At the post office they have their special "priority" tape, but I never knew that the TSA had their own special box tape. They really tried to fix them, I have to give them credit, but man they aren't gentle when it comes to opening boxes When I got to my hotel and opened my bag I saw the nice little note letting me know they rifled through my stuff. Then I saw my packges which consisted more of tape than box. But they did make sure not to tape over the addresses at least. Nice. On another note for anybody here that collects non-money coins other than geocoins, NASA has a great collection of coins relating to all kinds of events and programs (who knew?!). I picked up a bunch at the space center while there.
  8. Just wantd to let everyone know (save myself a dozen emails) that whether I was able to reply or not to your email if you contacted me about a missing or damaged package they are being shipped out this weekend. Thanks!! -Roger
  9. Yer just askin for it aren't you? I may have heard of a possible suspicion that there could just be a couple new finishes of the TOL in the coming months. As always, if I sell the new finishes, the old colors will be included in the sale. Just remember that my sales are almost always presales which wont start for quite a while so it may be some time 'til you get the coin you are looking for. Wait a second, what? You carry that giant coin in your wallet? Did you activate it? Maybe the thief is a grown up geocoin thief and you can track 'em down!
  10. Awesome! I'm glad they are making it so quickly. Its a hefty coin isn't it? When I requested the large diameter I wa suprised by how thick they made them too
  11. Wow I'm glad I stayed out of this thread as long as I did I've been a customer of theirs for a long time. I've worked with them as a presale designer, free-lance artist, presale customer and have gone from art to coins more times than I can think off the top of my head with them; all said totalling untold amounts of money. Then their site went down. Then it was still down. Then I thought about piping in here about having been a web developer. Then their site was still down. Then I started getting tons of emails from customers about tracking codes... and their website is still down. And guess what? I received a giant coin order of which the quality astounds me. I still have art in process for them. I just ordered some samples from them. I have sketches being drawn into digital format to be sent and processed by them. I'm paying my invoices and I'm receiving products and services still better than most face to face business I've experienced. Yea, I agree with the obvious - it seems there is more going on than is said. But it's their business (in more ways than one). When they don't fulfill a promise as a seller, then feel free to complain. There, back to my lurking ways.
  12. All domestics have been shipped and all international orders have been sorted and packaged. There are few doldrums in this world like filling out this many customs forms... Edit to add: I went and purchased one of those print-your-own-stamps machines (specifically a dymo printer). It made the domestic shipping soooo much easier but low and behold it doesn't do international (at least not more than a 1oz letter). Just an FYI.
  13. A lot went out today. I'm just one guy and cant do them all in one day
  14. Complete minting numbers and finishes are on my site now. Yep, there are other finishes that weren't sold, including the Antique Copper. I've got more coin drawings and designs than I can shake a stick at and will sell some of these special ones in auction to raise money for sampling and production. Its been a good Tengwar day - pictures will be uploaded at some point, but the fact is I got about 45min of sleep last night (today was a big exam day) and I'm going to bed
  15. All coins are in hand and the sorting has begun (gulp).
  16. Ask and you will receive Has it come yet? How about now? not yet? Ha ha, thats great The tracking info for the 4th box shows it was originally mis-sent (strange since it had the same shipping info as the other 3 boxes) and has been forwarded to the correct address (the same one). It should arrive on Monday. My mail arrives in the evening so shipping won't start until Tuesday unfortunately. But at least we know the box didn't just disappear Hallelujah !
  17. 3 of the 4 boxes of the coins arrived today, I'm hoping the straggler is soon to come Unless something has gone wrong (we need a praying emoticon) I would expect shipping to start over the weekend!
  18. Yep I am back and just minutes ago received the email from coinsandpins letting me know the coins are in their hands and are being mailed to me tomorrow. Once I receive them I'll take a couple days to pack them up and ship them out. FINALLY!!!
  19. I have a professor from Perth who has convinced me that trip may be next
  20. Ha, no not down under yet. That's next week I'm heading to Sydney My holiday break just hasn't been much of a break yet and unfortunately one if the complication was these dang coins. The purple enameled coins have now given the production process problems twice now. No word yet on how much longer they will take specifically but in all honesty it isn't looking pretty. I have my internet access back now so should be around more often and will definitely keep you all updated as well as I am myself! Hope you all had a good holiday season!
  21. Anyone in the general vicinity of denver or san fancisco (where my layover is) is welcome to hand off some travelers that want to go down under I have some to take and leave there and others to take caching then bring them round trip, so either way works for me. Just let me know
  22. Indeed dj.j.rock, I have been away a lot and am psyched to see more of these coins. I use one of the two I purchased way back when as a keychain still. Maybe now I will let that one travel since I'll get a new one Thanks for the cointest!!
  23. This is your friendly “don’t say I didn’t warn you” post. Today at 11:59pm MST the presale for new 2.125” 2-tone and enameled tengwar geocoins will end and the orders will be sent to be minted. Info, pictures and sales info are all available at: https://www.scavok.com/shop/index.php?main_...ex&cPath=12 Thanks all!
  24. well, that's 1/8 inch...so not too dramatic, but also too big to fit in your album/holders The samples were sent out in the flips usually used for 2" coins and they are snug but fit. I'm not sure how album pages will fare but I would think they would be OK in most pages. If you use the thin, stiff coin-specific pages there may be an issue but I myself use baseball card pages with the coins set in foam (good for shaped coins btw) and no prob there
  25. Not big enough to feel goofy, but big enough to notice the difference in heft I didn't mean to single mine out, thats why I didn't mention them but there are others out there too. A good one is the mega sized generic geocoin
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