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  1. Yep all 4 of them were up, but 3 of the 4 sold out in about 15 minutes. Still a handful of the green on gold though.
  2. The link to sales will be: scavok.com There will be detailed photos of the actual items on each item page. These are in-hand items so will be shipped out pretty quick. For those of you waiting for the corrected versions of these coins, I expect them in the mail today or tomorrow and will ship them out (hopefully) at the same time as these. It starts up in about 15 minutes (at the top of the hour)
  3. Is is a shiny coin or a satin finish and is it the 2" diameter or the 1.75" ?
  4. I received confirmation yesterday that the replacement coins were sent out to me and I expect them here by the end of the week I will be putting the "mistake" coins up for sale sometime tomorrow, the exact time (when I figure out my schedule) I'll announce here and by my website's newsletter. I received a couple requests from people wishing to combine these sales with their delayed orders as a way to save on shipping, but I'm going to keep everything separated for sanity's sake and to keep everything as fair as possible between buyers. If everything goes according to plan this means that I only have to make one trip to the post office as well, but we all know how well things go according to plan
  5. Still no concrete delivery date, but I wanted to post to let you all know the corrections are still being minted. I will be purchasing the mistake finished coins and selling them at a slightly discounted price (basically free tracking codes is the $ amount I got reduced). They will be sold just like any other sale I've had with in-hand stock - I will send out an email to subscribers from my website and once the initial rush of sales has died off I will post a link here too. I'll put a limit on them so hopefully they don't sell out in 10 minutes like sales in the past have
  6. The corrections are being minted ASAP, they were started over a week ago. I will be allowed to purchase the errored coins, but a price hasnt been decided yet. I will post with news as I get it
  7. Tracking codes only cost $1.50 each, so I would just say to put on new codes. I can't imagine that new codes would slow things down much. However, I don't really know that for sure. Agreed entirely, but I guess sometimes they would rather reuse the codes than give a discount on selling error coins to me. I like the error ones as well. I had thought about that enamel pattern too (actually I've used it if you have one of the mystery finish coins) so its good to see it
  8. It depends if I even get to keep them. Sometimes they want mistakes returned so they can re-use the tracking codes. My guess is that I wont hear back from anyone until monday so until then they're still boxed up When I sent the email to C&P I asked if I could purchase them as long as getting new codes wouldn't hold up the process for the correct finishes to be made, so we'll see about selling prices from there.
  9. Ugh. Well they made it here. They made it here with a major error though. The coins with colored enamel were done so incorrectly. Orders with non-colored coins only will be shipped out Monday, the others will be delayed. I've contacted C&P with an ASAP request and will of course keep you all updated. CORRECT enamel pattern: HERE ARRIVED: HERE It is a cool looking coin and am actually impressed they were able to color it this way, but its still incorrect and not what we paid for. I give my sincerest e-apology I can here and will do my best to get it fixed as quickly as I can.
  10. The coins are in! I didn't realize there were so many big heavy boxes coming my way. I'm packing them up today and (due to holiday and sunday) will ship them out on Monday
  11. "allergic reaction" = "clashes with cowgirl hat"
  12. so, uh... what was the return address? j/k So how'd this work out in the end? I'm looking for the happy ending
  13. I guess this thread may be why I got so many paypal disputes this week j/k. I guess I'm one of few, but I still presell. I presell a LOT, and do it successfully. Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan, sometimes a minting takes longer than expected, but I have never had a single dispute I haven't been able to work out by communicating with the buyer. I presell because I like to keep my geocoin money completely separate from my personal money. I do have personal funds available if something were to go wrong, but involving a single penny of my personal money just doesn't happen (sorry). Just like I hope my customers realize that using a single penny of presale money for personal use is unjustifiable. The money even has its own account - I don't let the funds sit in a paypal account (nobody should ever store money there). When the seller is reputable, the presale process protects both parties due to this separation - this is why i presell. I personally call and verbally speak with paypal reps to verify that I meet their standards and they occasionally call me to check in as well. I have a good relationship with them. In handling ~500 orders for coins every couple months, I have more issues with the post office than I ever do with paypal I have good communication with my customers in responding to them as well as posting in the forums and on my website with information as I receive it. When news is bad (like a delay) I don't just ignore emails; I post the info before people even need to wonder. By all means, common sense and caution should be used when buying items on the internet, or anywhere for that matter. Talk to the seller before you order, check their reputation and absolutely verify their forms of communication (I don't even use a P.O. box as a seller). I don't consider this my profession by any means. When I show up at the post office with 4 or 5 of their white tubs full of padded mailers I just tell them its a hobby that has gotten out of control . But I am an accomplished art student, computer science student, was a webmaster for an ISP in Denver, and ran my own business for a number of years before going for a 3rd round of school. I'm not just some random guy trying to hock stuff on the interweb. It is not my intention to say that I am better than anyone else. The only thing I am trying to get across is that there ARE GOOD pre-sellers out there, and I hope somebody else backs up this opinion.
  14. from one grad student to another, cup-o-noodles tastes much better with a coin in hand
  15. I don't post too often lately but wanted to pipe up here and say I think it turned out great. The text is legible and the artwork (especially the back) looks great (:
  16. So here is the photo post. I had samples done in 2 color schemes and in 2 different metals. I think I will offer it in a couple other metals as well after I have some time to decide. The green dress is on black nickel and the purple is on shiny nickel (hard to tell since I had to angle it away from the flash). Here is a link to the web page with all photos. A couple more quick shots with some detail and then one in hand for some size comparison:
  17. I took a handful of photos this afternoon which will be edited and uploaded to the website later today, but here's a quick peek of this big coin: Hope you all like
  18. Just an fyi that all orders were shipped out, many of you should start seeing them today
  19. I received the samples today and this coin looks absolutely stunning, even better than I expected! I will take pictures tomorrow. Also, it will still be presold, but on scavok.com rather than c&p like i originally planned; I will keep this thread updated
  20. I received the coins and shipped out the majority of the international orders before i just ran out of time and headed to the airport to see my family. The rest will ship out on monday. Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  21. My minting invoices specify that the coins only have hard enamel (no mention of any epoxies) which lead me to think that it is a colored hard enamel and a colorless hard enamel, but I've sent off an email for clarification. I guess its possible they did the colored part with the enamel first and then overfilled the remainder with epoxy and ground it down to a smooth surface. Most likely I'll learn something new about my own coins here
  22. Good News! Finally received word that the coins will be shipped to me on Thursday or Friday. Finally
  23. Epoxies, lacquers and enamels, oh my. The parts that appear to be plain metal (edges) actually have a lacquer-like substance on them, other areas that are filled in clear are enamels. Some are hard and some soft, but epoxies haven't been used yet since anything of mine with filling has had color on them. I hadn't actually run into mixing epoxy and hard, but it makes sense since they would require different finishing processes. Its the same reason mixing certain finishes is difficult and my early ant. copper and ant. silver 2-tone tengwar is so hard to come by .
  24. Not to worry, they are stil hard enamels almost all of my coins use hard enamels, the only exceptions off the top of my head are a few colors on the Night & Day, the opaque purple tengwars and some experimental finishes that i ebay every once in a while. I thnk the dark translucent pirple on brushed nickel tengwar was a soft one as well ( which actully ended up having a remarkable effect). I appreciate all the kind words, i always feel a little strange doing a remint, hoping people dont think im just ringing the market with new finishes. The truth is that each color/metal combination that i offer for sale has a couple other combos behind it that just didnt make the cut. If anyone is interested in my opinion, my favorite colored one is the red on silver and my favorite naked one is the satin gold on silver Ignore the countless typos, im posting from my phone this evening
  25. Don't forget! The sale ends tomorrow night: http://www.scavok.com/shop/index.php?main_...dex&cPath=5
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