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  1. In our family there are quite a few members - Tricky Vicky (famous for doing the Infantry work); Mickey (in charge of the admin); Tom & Jerry - our elder daughter and her husband who live in Scotland; General Rick - our son who is now resident in Cape Town; TinyTigger - our younger daughter who is a student at Stellenbosch University. Ducky and Mucky (brother & sister-in-law) started caching in Namibia and are now here in SA. Then, of course, there are all the great friends we have managed to infect too .................!
  2. Super, Brick! Very well done.
  3. Our very best wishes go to iPajero on reaching 1000 - very well done. You certainly have had the most wonderful trip and we are all green with envy!
  4. iPajero, you certainly are on an amazing trip and are raking up the caches left, right & centre! Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves thoroughly.
  5. Very well done, Warthog & Battlerat & Pussycat - we are thrilled for you all.
  6. Super news, GlobalRat - we know you will do the job wonderfully.
  7. Congratulations and best wishes to Carlstein, iPajero and Nish4 on their super milestones - very well done to you all. Congratulations also to all others who have achieved recent milestones -Rodnjoan, Cincol, ArwenSAwell, HeKaBrdone and anyone else we may have missed! We are thrilled for you all and wish you many more happy days finding those elusive little boxes
  8. Very well done, Cownchicken and Vespax! Congratulations, too, to Megaben, Miking and Anlufu and all others who recently achieved milestones - we are thrilled for you all.
  9. Nice to see GS&Dogs perusing the forums - top of the morning to you both! Morning also to the Pooks and RedGlobe - have a wonderful day!
  10. We have always been adamant that one should only place as many caches as one is prepared to maintain regularly - we have always tried to replace caches within two weeks of them going AWOL, but, of course, this is not always possible when the cache is further away than usual. We often come across caches that need maintenance or archiving and while the cache owners are still active cachers and continue to place new caches and find others, they don't bother to maintain those they have placed previously. We always carry spares with us in our caching bag and will always assist when we can, but cache owners must also do their bit. The moral of the story is: if you are prepared to maintain a cache, place it!
  11. Congratulations and best wishes to the Huskies, Trackinfind and Littleclan on their recent achievements - very well done!
  12. Ooooh not the only one up so late viewing the forums ........... ! Good evening Fish Eagle & Erik88l-r, Wazat & Jors!
  13. Morning Cincol & Gerald - have a super day!
  14. Fantastic Cache Fan - very well done. Have fun finding lots more too.
  15. Congratulations on your appointment, Andy - we know you will do a wonderful job and look forward to having many caches reviewed and approved by you. Erik, it was wonderful meeting you and Carol - thanks so very much for all you have done for caching in SA. Although you will no longer be our Reviewer, we look forward to a continued friendship with a special couple.
  16. Only two early birds up this morning ..................... Good Morning, Wazat! Hope you have a great day.
  17. Hi Whostops! Nice to see you on the forums this morning.
  18. Big congrats, Goofster, on your 400th find - we are so happy for you. Special congratulations also go to +27 21 on their 50th find - it was great meeting you last night, Sue & Ian and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
  19. Big congratulations go to Fish Eagle who found his 1000th cache yesterday - very well done. Thank you too for the congratulation messages we have received from so many cachers - all the good wishes are so much appreciated.
  20. Big congratulations to GlobalRat & Noddy on their wonderful achievements this weekend - we wish you both well for the next 1000 too.
  21. Congratulations, Andrenikki - very well done!
  22. Congratulations iPajero on your 300th find - very well done! May you continue having great fun finding plenty more
  23. Just mist and more mist .........................!
  24. Fantastic, Warthog! Very well done!
  25. Congratulations and best wishes to Tomtwogates, Neville Bailey & Jin and Tonic on their super milestones - very well done to you all.
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