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  1. We have been following these forum comments with great interest and would like to add our thoughts on the subject. Receiving our wonderful geocoin on Sunday at the Event Cache was really special - it was great being able to share our coin and joy with our friends and fellow geocachers, so we would really recommend that, if at all possible, this does take place at an event cache. It is not necessary to specially organize one, but it could take place at any event. We would not recommend geocoin awards for geocache placements, as this would encourage cachers to place as many caches as they can - not necessary good ones either! We also feel quite strongly that people should only place as many caches as they are able to maintain and the more caches you place the more difficult maintance certainly becomes! Reward 2000 cache finds - to find that many caches you really do need to be committed geocachers and it is also a great incentive to work towards that number. The geocachers should be resident in South Africa, but whether all the finds need to have been found in South Africa, is really debatable. Geocaching is an international sport/hobby/game and we, for example, plan our holidays and travels around where we can geocache, whether it is a trip around our country or further afield. We congratulate those who came up with this wonderful idea and would really like to contribute towards these coins and look forward to being informed as to how we should do this and yes, the donators should be allowed the privilege of discovering the coin too. We would have absolutely no problem with giving a coin to someone who does not contribute towards these awards. They may not be in a possession to do so, but would cherish the coin just as much as we do!
  2. We would like to say a special thank you to all those geocachers who were so very kind to present us with a 2000 Geo-Achievement Geocoin. It came as a wonderful surprise and we are thrilled to bits and will cherish it always.
  3. Congrats to the Pooks on their special milestone - 500 - fantastic and very well done
  4. Our congratulations & best wishes to battlerat and pussycat on their 1000th find - we are so happy for you both and hope you will continue to have great times finding plenty more.
  5. Congratulations Tomtwogates and Capeccr - very well done!
  6. Morning Noddy! Nice to see you are also up and about early! Enjoy your day
  7. What a terrible thing to have happened. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Anderson family at this time. Also feel very sorry for the cache owner - although it certainly is not his fault, one can't begin to imagine how he or she must be feeling right now. Maybe this is a wake-up call for us all - go carefully ............ keep safe.
  8. Our thoughts and prayers go to the Anderson family and friends at this time. What a terrible thing to have happened and a real wake-up call for us all, as we go about our geocaching. Go carefully .......... keep safe.
  9. Wonderful to return home after a few weeks away and discover some super milestone achievements - big congratulations to Goofster, Henzz and MnCo. Very well done ....... just wish we could have been at the event to congratulate you all in person!
  10. This weekend is the Greyton Rose Fair - a really special weekend with a huge market tomorrow, magnificent flower show and open gardens to be visited. Besides all that, there's all sorts of music events, super restaurants and quite a few geocaches to be hunted, too! The Western Cape geocaching community will be well represented at the market - Ducky & Mucky will be making bacon & egg rolls from early morning, followed by hamburgers for lunch, while Cow - of Cownchicken fame - will be tossing pancakes, assisted by the Barking Mad team and lastly, our rather special boerewors rolls will be braaied by Tricky Vicky and Chicken while Mickey and Tiny Tigger run around selling them! All profits will go towards primary school education in our area. If anyone wants to come and visit tomorrow, we'd love to meet you!
  11. Congratulations and best wishes go to BattleRat & PussyCat, Hesamati and J3caching on their super milestones - very well done.
  12. Hi ClockDoc! Nice to see you on our forums again. Do hope Bunny is still doing well, touring around our country - we so enjoyed our time with him. If you need help with a second one, we are always willing to assist.
  13. Good morning, Cincol! Hope you're having a good day.
  14. Good morning to iPajero & Damhuisclan! Have a wonderful week
  15. Good morning Cincol and iNokia - have a wonderful day.
  16. Congrats, Cape Guy! Well done and good luck finding plenty more.
  17. Very well done, iPajero - our congratulations to you both on your 2500th find. Have a wonderful time - may you have lots of fun finding plenty more.
  18. Wish we could join you but live some 150 km's away from Cape Town and even further than that away from Cape Point ............ AND we have a luncheon date too! Sorry!
  19. Interesting! Can't help but wonder who is actually organizing it and if the caches they are going to find are any of the 'real' one's in the area.
  20. Wow!! A really busy afternoon .............. Greetings to GEO936, iNokia, Carbon Hunter, Jors and Cownchicken.
  21. Yes, about two thirds of all cachers do less than 10 in a year. I suspect that most of them are newbies who don't catch the bug. (Maybe they are the lucky ones? ) Oh dear! They really don't know what they are missing!
  22. Hi to Carbon Hunter, Cincol and the Pooks - hope you're all having a great day.
  23. We have a great interest in all animals, birds and reptiles and have been fortunate enough to meet up with a few creepy crawlies while out caching and in our own garden too. A really magnificent bright yellow puffadder came sailing towards us near Kleinmond and we've met up with Cape Cobra's and Boomslang around where we live. Hungry Horse, a local geocacher in our area, always comes to assist those with snakes and removes them from our gardens and relocates them to the Nature Reserve, but not before educating the children at our local schools all about the snake in his possession. In this way we all are learning about these reptiles and learning to respect snakes too. Just a little tip though, for those who are really concerned about snakes .............. pepper spray is what you need! The snake's skin is very sensitive and just a short, quick spray will send the unwanted guest slithering away, hopefully in the opposite direction!
  24. Oh dear! Don't know why all my 's are all funny little sunglassed faces, but they do look rather cute!
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