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  1. Well done to Feisty Angel on your 100 finds - we are thrilled for you and hope you will continue to get great enjoyment and lots of fun while finding plenty more.
  2. Well done , Zambesiboy - and have lots of fun finding plenty of caches on your upcoming trip.
  3. Just a thought ............. to celebrate 10 years of caching in SA, could we not encourage caching teams to place a cache anywhere in SA to celebrate this occasion? They could all be called Celebrating 10 years of Caching in SA - Cape Town (or Fish Hoek, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Blouberg, Silvermine etc, etc, etc) Surely then everyone could join in celebrating this event. As we said, just a thought!
  4. Congrats MnCo - very well done.
  5. Our congratulations go to Wormgeocach on your 1000 finds, as well as to Dakardrix and Wally on your milestones, too. Very well done to you all and may you continue having lots of fun finding plenty more!
  6. Love the top one - a really super design. Well done, Gps Storm! We look forward to acquiring one or two of them.
  7. Good morning Carbon Hunter & Fish Eagle - have a wonderful day!
  8. Good afternoon, iPajero & Tomtwogates - hope you're all having a good day!
  9. Congratulations, Die Pienaars - well done!
  10. Congratulations, Die Pienaars - well done!
  11. Good morning to Red Globe and Mr Pooks - hope you're both having a great day!
  12. Our congratulations and best wishes go to iPajero on achieving yet another great milestone - very well done.
  13. A big thank you for all the congratulations and good wishes - we had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!
  14. Congratulations Tomtwogates! Very well done!
  15. A big thank you to everyone for your congratulatons and good wishes both on the forums and via e-mail - it is all very much appreciated. We have had a wonderful time exploring Scotland through our geocaching and have enjoyed it all thoroughly and look forward to coming home again and finding the many new ones that have been published recently!
  16. We recently spent 9 days in Perth, Scotland during which we attended the Mega Scotland 2010 Event. The Scottish Geocachers certainly did themselves proud and organized a most wonderful event. The Mega took place in an enormous hall and was officially opened by the Provost of Perth. Jeremy Irish, the founder of Geocaching, then addressed us and humbly stated that 10 years ago he never dreamed that he would be in Scotland in 2010 addressing a few thousand fellow geocaching nuts!! Numerous companies displayed their wares around the hall - lots of lovely geocoins and geocaching equipment to tempt you to part with your money! There were also numerous talks given on different topics and the Reviewers also had a session where they answered questions. The Mega Committee had organized all sorts of events leading up to the Mega and for a few days afterwards, including a CITO and a Hog Braai and a Bun & Brew get-together too. We met geocachers from many different countries and have made some super new friends from Germany, France, Scotland, England, Sweden, and the States. It was really super to meet up with Batsgonemad and his Squirrel again. Also met some other ex-South Africans living in England - PattyPatPat and Mel-Ray. Caching was at a premium too - lots of well placed, well maintained caches in lovely places. We never had any idea what a Mega was all about and really feel most privileged to have been able to attend this one. Would we do it again? Most definitely, given half the chance! A Mega is held annually in the UK - next year's one is in Wales. If you are planning an overseas trip, seriously try and plan it around the time of a Mega - you won't regret it!
  17. Mega Scotland was fantastic - a great big thank you to the Mega Committee who worked so very hard to make it such a wonderful time for us all to enjoy. We spent 9 very special days in Perth and explored it from top to bottom and had a great time caching as much as we could. We met so many geocachers and made so many new friends - thank you all so much for making us feel so very welcome and we look forward to meeting you all again, hopefully in South Africa!
  18. WOW!! !!!!! Our congratulations and very best wishes to iPajero on their 3000 cache finds - very, very well done! We are so thrilled for you both and wish you many more happy caching times ahead.
  19. Super, MnCo! Congratulations! And Paddawan,too - very well done! We are thrilled for you both and have loads of fun finding plenty more.
  20. My word, iPajero - you amaze us! Very well done!
  21. Well done, Mr Pooks - congratulations on your 600! Special congrats, too, to Pixel and Possum - glad you enjoyed your holiday and well done on your first century!
  22. Big congratulations go to TinyTigger on her first 100 finds! Well done and may it be the first of many more! We are proud of you!
  23. Congratulations to Zambesiboy on his 400th find. Super!
  24. Congratulations and best wishes to Kasimani & Capetownfly on their centuries - very well done! A big and congratulations to Batsgonemad and his Squirrel on their 1000th find - we look forward to seeing you both in Scotland in the not toooo distant future!
  25. Just a few days left to RSVP to attend this event cache. Unfortunately the restaurant requires final numbers by the morning of the 19th.
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