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  1. Special congratulations go to Pixel and Possum whose baby son arrived safely on Wednesday! We are thrilled for you both and look forward to meeting young Michael sometime soon.
  2. Congratulations, SawaSawa! Well done!
  3. We have an Oregon and have purchased the Europe maps. We also take a laptop with us and purchase a 'dongle' on arrival in the UK - costs about 20 pounds. Coverage in the out of the way places is not good, but we manage to get by with this system. But ..... have never really toured Europe, so don't know what it would be like there.
  4. Congratulations and very best wishes to Zambesiboy on his 1000 finds - very well done and have loads of fun finding plenty more!
  5. WOW!! Congratulations and best wishes to Tomtwogates on his 1000 finds! Very well done - we are so thrilled for you, Tom, and wish you many more happy finds.
  6. Congratulations, Gerhard! Very well done! Hope you continue having lots of fun and find plenty more geocaches.
  7. Sooooo many of our friends on line this evening ........ ! Nice to spot CapeDoc, The Huskies, iNokia and the B & C Inc's from Pretoria. Hope you're all well and having lots of fun.
  8. Well done, SawaSawa! Enjoy yourself finding plenty more of those little boxes!
  9. Well said, Fish Eagle - we agree whole heartedly. Lets have fun playing the game that we all enjoy so very much and not try to dictate to others how we wish them to play it.
  10. Big congratulations, iPajero! Very well done on your 4000 finds! Continue having fun and great enjoyment at this special hobby that we all so much enjoy.
  11. Oh wow! Just received our beautiful 10 year SA coins .....
  12. Congratulations, Jors! Very well done and we both hope you continue having huge amounts of fun finding plenty more.
  13. We had a problem receiving any mail from Groundspeak or Geocaching when our service provider was telkomsa.net - it blocked all messages as spam. Despite many phone calls and time spent trying to resolve the problem, we eventually changed our service provider and the problem disappeared!
  14. Congratulations to the Fish Eagles! Very well done on your 2000th cache find! So thrilled for you both.
  15. Well done, Zambesiboy! Continue having lots of fun geocaching.
  16. Wow Henzz, very well done! Also congratulations to Mr Pooks. Continue having good times finding plenty more. It would appear that geocaching in the Western Cape is very much alive and doing well!
  17. Welcome Eagleise! We look forward to reading your logs.
  18. Thanks so very much for all the good wishes received for our 4000th cache find - they are all so much appreciated. We have had such fun these last few months and wish to thank all those cache owners whose caches we have been lucky enough to find - without you and your hides we would never ever have got there! Special congratulations also to Trev on your 400 finds - well done.
  19. Congratulations, Geo936! Well done! We do hope you continue having great fun at this special game we are all so hooked on!
  20. WOW!! Congratulations to Wazat, Leon St, Megaben and KT on their 1000 cache finds. Very well done to you all and do continue having lots of fun caching in 2011.
  21. We wish all our geocaching friends a very merry Christmas and a great 2011 with lots of fun, happiness, good health and plenty of quality caches to find!
  22. Well done, Tomtwogates and SawaSawa! Congratulations to you both and continue having lots of fun caching.
  23. Congratulations and best wishes go to Cachefan and BattleRat & PussyCat on your great milestones - very well done and continue having lots of fun enjoying this wonderful hobby.
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