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  1. Wow, Battlerat & Pussycat! 2000! Now that's super news - congratulations!
  2. Congratulations, iPajero! You two are quite amazing!
  3. Congratulations to AndyT1, Zambesiboy & Henzz on all their wonderful achievements. Very well done to all of you!
  4. Congrats, Kasamani! Very well done!
  5. Congratulations, Andy! Very well done and do continue to enjoy this amazing game we are all so fond of playing!
  6. Congrats Tomtwogates, Paddawan & Terunkie! We are thrilled for you all and continue getting great enjoyment out of this fun game we play!
  7. Congrats Henzz and MnCo - well done!
  8. Was also thrilled to see this on Facebook - the write-up and photographs say it all! We feel privileged to be able to say that we, too, have found this cache! Well done, Richter Family!
  9. Well done Kasimani, Littleclan and MaloMystery too!
  10. Congratulations, brianhfox! Well done!
  11. Congratulations, iPajero! Well done!
  12. Congratulations, Warthog! Very well done! We wish you many more happy finds.
  13. Definitely a NAY. Geocaching has always been fun and a challenge and that's how we would prefer it to be - we love a good hunt and clever hides that take us a while to find and then value that 'smiley' we get, so very much!
  14. Well done, The Huskies! Our congratulations and best wishes to you both.
  15. Congratulations, Sawa-Sawa - we are thrilled for you and wish you many more happy finds.
  16. Well done, Cism! Congratulations from us both and do continue having loads of fun finding plenty more.
  17. This really is a sad day for geocaching in South Africa - caching is meant to be about the fun, the experience, seeing something new, beautiful views and wonderful places. Placing 650 caches is one thing - here's hoping that each and every one is a really decent, clever and challenging hide and that the maintenance of these caches is done promptly and that they do not just become geo-litter!
  18. Congratulations to the Pooks, MnCo And Ralph1dc. Well done, everyone!
  19. Congratulations and best wishes to Hesamati and Capeccr on their super milestones. Special congratulations, too, to G.I.S. on her 400 finds - well done!
  20. Our tuppence halfpenny worth ........ When attending events overseas, there is a definite logbook which you need to sign to be able to log your attendence, before you can claim a smiley - this is also done at Cito's. Whether I use Skype or even my mobile phone, or landline, I could make a call to a number of friends attending the Mega in Wales. Does this give me the right to log it as attended? A few years ago there was much debate about armchair caches - many felt that doing them should not be allowed, as one did not physically visit the cache site, although the cache owners had specifically set them up as armchair caches for geocachers to do when confined to their homes, be it for ill health or foul weather. These caches certainly weren't easy ones and took lots and lots of research, but were great fun and kept one busy for hours. The same goes for googling virtuals (not intended to be armchair caches) and getting the answers and logging them as found, although you never went anywhere near the actual co-ordinates. May be the powers at Groundspeak should be approached for their opinion on this matter, but we would be most uncomfortable logging that we were at any event, when we were nowhere near. This is just our opinion - the joy about geocaching is that we all can play the game as we see fit.
  21. Congratulations, Hesamati! Very well done!
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