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  1. Promises to be a super weekend, by sounds of things - we are looking forward to it.
  2. An excellent idea and we will definitely try our very best to be there.
  3. Well done to The Huskies on their first century - keep up the good work! Best wishes, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  4. The Western Cape Geocachers have been hard at work placing cachers throughout our province and we look forward to all those Vaalies/Gautie Geocachers - and all the others too, of course - visiting our part of the world during the Christmas holidays. If any of you should be coming near Greyton, the Tricky Duo would love to meet you. Just let us know and we will make sure we are at home to welcome you.
  5. So happy that GS&Dogs have also reached their century - very well done! My, my........ the number of cachers with triple figures has certainly risen dramatically these last few weeks and months, as the number of caches in SA quickly rises towards the 500 mark. It's very exciting and we look forward to the sport growing even more. Well done, everyone! Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  6. Congratulations to Discombob on his second century - very well done! You seem to have had an amazing time this past week and shown us all how to cache while away on a little trip. We look forward to hearing all about it. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  7. Sounds excellent - we hope we will be able to make it.
  8. Bjbez, we have just noticed that you have done 150 caches and that 21 of those caches were done today in South Australia! That must surely be a record and we say very well done. We managed to do 10 one day in Scotland, but were totally exhausted at the end of it, so can't even begin to imagine doing 21! Just keep going and have a great time. Many thanks for taking Lisa the lizard travelling too - am sure she must be having fun too. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  9. Congratulations, Seeker Two - very well done! By the way, caching overseas is a very good option, but you can always visit us down here in the Western Cape too!! Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  10. Well done, Colinbo. Keep it up. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  11. We met Siener at the event cache at the Waterfront in June - he is from the Stellenbosch area. We think Trevorb is from the Western Cape too - he has placed most of the caches around Cape Agulhas. We did try to contact him about one of the caches, but the email was returned to us undelivered.
  12. Well done to the Warthog team on achieving their first century - we are proud of you! Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  13. You're right, B&F - it was Clifford. He and Donovan are both now married and very seldom cache together anymore, although they are still great friends. Clifford did say he hopes to become more active again in the future.
  14. Very well done, Bear & Fox! You two have really done us proud. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey.
  15. Congrats to both Goofster & Colinaly on their recent half centuries - very well done. Best wishes to you all, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  16. Congratulations to Cownchicken on reaching their second century today - very well done and keep up the good work. Congratulations also to Vespaxvespa on reaching his century yesterday right here in South Africa at the event cache. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  17. Congratulations to Bjbez on your century - very well done. Have a wonderful holiday in Australia too. Best wishes, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  18. Congratulations to QFC on achieving your first half century - very well done and keep up the good work. Sincere thanks are also extended to you all for the super web site - caching has now reached another level, with us all checking our positions just about daily and caching as frequently as we can. It certainly has made the sport far more alive in our country! Regards and best wishes, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  19. Pensioner's discount, yippeeee! We presume that means our caches count more points than those done by persons not retired! After all, we spend a fortune on petrol and such likes (plane tickets) to go caching! We promise that we will visit your caches, I&J, when next in your part of the world and invite you to visit us in the Western Cape Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  20. Hi Emzett, So glad to know you will be back in South Africa soon. If you are here in the Western Cape in the middle of October to do please come and join us at the event cache we are having in Greyton on the 15th. We would all love to meet you and there are some super caches to do in the area too. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  21. Well done, Whostops! Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  22. Well, where do we start .........! Our last trip overseas. in 2002, we managed to leave our digital camera at the very last cache we did en route to Heathrow - it was never heard from again! This trip we managed to bang the new one and now the shutter won't open. For a quotation to look at it and try and repair it - £57! Us and our camera left the shop rapidly! That's to say nothing of the chipped spectacles of the Tricky Vicky part of this duo - they flew off his on the top of some mountain in a gale, not far from home. Here I should add, they are those verifocal ones in real smart light weight metalless frames that now look really smart! And then for the car! Eventually gave up on the last one and replaced it when we just couldn't afford to waste another cent on it. But, besides all that and all the other things that happen while geocaching, we have a great deal of fun and enjoy ourselves thoroughly!
  23. We salute you, Globalrat! Congratulations on your second century and thank you for all you are doing to promote geocaching in our country. The sport has certainly come very much alive this past year and the credit for that must go to you. Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  24. Does that mean our coins are here now or are we still on the waiting list? We will only be back in SA in the middle of September, but really do want a few coins, so please don't give them to anyone else! Will send money as soon as we are back too. Many thanks, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
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