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  1. So happy to hear your wonderful news - a very big welcome to the little Baa. We are sure she will bring much joy and happiness to the Baa team, as well as the delighted grandparents. Best wishes to you all, TV&M
  2. Wow! Even more congratulations are in order - well done to Bear & Fox on their 150th and Perdix and Amyson on their 50th! Regards, TV&M
  3. Congrats to Globalrat on his 250th cache. Well done. It certainly seems as if everyone has had a very busy weekend caching - ZALandyman & Suzieq, AlexS, FranTre as well as quite a few others, have reached their 50. Congratulations to you all. It seems as if we are the only ones being lazy today!
  4. Congratulations to Discombob on his super achievement of having done his 300th cache this weekend - fantastic! We are thrilled for you. Regards, TV&M
  5. AND only Tricky Vicky is officially a pensioner - Mickey still has to reach that formidable age!
  6. Great idea, QFC. Will have to get our act together and start planning another a trip to another part of our country sometime soon, to get some serious caching done again! Competition is a great thing and certainly keeps us all on the go and very much on our toes! Keep up the great work, QFC - caching is now very much alive and doing wonderfully in our beautiful country.
  7. Hint taken! Hope the deep freeze works, otherwise it will be soft serve - again! - with chocolate sauce!
  8. Had an email from Larkman informing us that he had picked up Timothy, the GM Mutant Tortoise, from Shakespeare's Garden today and will be moving him on shortly - so happy he is safe and sound and didn't drown in all that rain that is falling on the northern parts of our country and just hope he now manages to have fun and get a move on travelling around our beautiful land! We will be waiting and watching ......... ! Regards, TV&M
  9. We live about 150 kilometers from Cape Town, so are more than willing to assist. We can also probably assist with the one going else where in South Africa as we are hoping to go on a trip in a couple of months time, or else could send it on to someone who would like to help.
  10. Congratulations to Fish Eagle on attaining their first century - you certainly are going ahead like wild fire and we are thrilled for you. Have a wonderful time here in the Cape. Best wishes, TV&M
  11. A big thank you for all the messages - we do appreciate all your good wishes so very much. Noddy, we will definitely try and do some caching in KZN soon and just maybe take you up on that offer of a bed! The way caches are springing up Nelspruit way, maybe that should be high on our list of places to visit, too! Regards, TV&M
  12. Well done, Cownchicken - 300 up! Fantastic! We are so happy for you both. Thanks for a very special event cache and we look forward to spending many more such super weekends together. Regards, TV&M
  13. Sooooooon, but not just yet! Hopefully by Sunday evening, but who knows?! Regards, TV&M
  14. Hopefully our Timothy, whose a genetically modified tortoise, will surprise us all yet once he decides to get himself into gear and get a move on! TV&M
  15. Another new cache has just been approved - placed on December 16th by Peter Scholtz in the Cedarberg, but only approved on the 26th January. Perhaps the cache is placed on the date stated, but the geocacher only gets round to writing up the cache for approval at a much later date? This cache is listed on page 4 of the new caches in SA! Must say there is hardly any delay with caches we place that require approval - we get a reply within a few hours every time. TV&M
  16. "Were we intoxicated" maybe with geocaching, we think!
  17. Hi Suzieq, I know just what you are going through, but if its any consolation,don't let it get to you. I know absolutely nothing about the GPS and certainly don't ever put my hands under rocks or such likes, but do my share by downloading the caches, logging, setting up new cache containers to be placed and just generally organising things. After all, the Tricky one must have something to do too! I suppose you could say he is the leader, but I'm the administrator, so as a team we complement each other! Regards, Mickey.
  18. A very big welcome to the Newies - Ceruleanwildfire, Anlufu and Gen.Rick. Caching is such fun and certainly takes one to places one would never normally go to, both here in South Africa and all over the world. Enjoy every minute! Oud ......... maar nog nie koud nie!!!
  19. Congratulations to Larks, XV Pilot, Bundu 2, Geocacher co.za, Wolkynou and Batsgonmad who have all done so well recently. Keep it up - we are proud of you all. Well done too to Noddy - caching in the UK is certainly different to here, but great fun and an incredible way to see the country. Caching has certainly taken us to places and sights we would never ever have visited!
  20. Congratulations go to Brick and Noddy on their 200 cache finds - very well done. It is super to see more and more cachers working so hard - geocaching in SA has really come alive this past year.
  21. Our most frequently visited cache is Franschhoek Pass Historical which was placed in March 2005 and has had 41 unique finds.
  22. Sounds like a good idea to us and we will do our best to help achieve the challenge. After all, the more caches there are to find, the more fun we can have finding them.
  23. A big thank you must go to Globalrat who has worked so hard putting together this race - without you it wouldn't have happened. Good luck to all the other entrants too - may the best one win!
  24. Season's Greetings to all our Geocaching friends - may this be a happy and blessed time and may 2006 be a wonderful year for us all, with lots of caches to find and many new folk enjoying the game we enjoy so very much. Best wishes to all, Tricky Vicky & Mickey.
  25. Well done Goofster on your maiden century. You certainly have worked hard at caching recently and we are so proud of your achievement - in time for Christmas, too! Keep up the good work.
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