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  1. Our congratulations and best wishes to the GlobalRat family on the safe arrival of their little boy - we know he's going to be a great joy to you all. Regards, Vic & Gill PS We know just how special people are that are born at this time of the year - it's the Tricky one's birthday today!
  2. Very well done GS&Dogs and Colinaly - we are thrilled for you.
  3. Our Timothy, the genetically modified tortoise, has been in the Basin from the 30th July - are none of those rather special KwaZulu Natal cachers going to move him on for us ???????
  4. We were shocked to hear of Ewan's terrible accident and wish to extend our very best wishes to him for a full recovery - he and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. We do not know Ewan personally but did his Moine Thrust Earthcache last year while visiting Scotland - it was a first to find for us in a land very far from our home, so we will never forget it and loved doing it. Good luck, Ewan - we are thinking of you.
  5. Always happy to help, just let us know when.
  6. We would be very happy to assist with placement of geocoins in South Africa - we live in the Western Cape, about 150 kilometres from Cape Town, but travel to the city frequently and other areas in our province.
  7. Fantastic, Bear & Fox! 300 up and climbing fast .... , very well done!
  8. We can assist with a new body .......!
  9. Oh dear me! What can we say? Geocaching has suddenly, in the past year, taken off in South Africa and what fun it has really become. Event caches happen frequently and lots of us have become good friends, despite all trying to be at the top of caching in South Africa. New caches are springing up everywhere and the number of people having fun caching is on the increase virtually every day. A little competition never hurt anybody and we welcomed the ranking system with open arms and check it morning, noon and night, to see who has done what. It has added a new dimension to caching - a dimension that we are enjoying very much. QFC, very well done - you have certainly helped set geocaching on the map in South Africa and for this we thank you.
  10. Well done to ZALandyman & Suzieq and to QFC on their recent milestones May you continue having many great times geocaching.
  11. Well done Noddy and Whostops - we are thrilled for you both!
  12. We're an apple ....... wonder if it has a worm?!
  13. AND if someone moves our Timothy, MAYBE he will win!!!!!
  14. Big congratulations go to Cownchicken on their 700th cache - very well done! Congrats also to Discombob, Crystalfairy and Battlerat and Pussycat - fantastic! Keep it up - we are thrilled for you all.
  15. Our congratulations and good wishes go to GlobalRat, Hectic and Amyson on their special achievements this past weekend - we are thrilled for you all.
  16. Hey, Noddy, we're available - just fly us up and we'll go caching with you!
  17. You know you have a 'Geocaching Addiction Disorder' when you check the "newest caches in South Africa" page before you go to bed AND then discover a brand new cache that has just been approved in Somerset West, some 100 kilometres away. Of course we didn't wait for morning but set off straight away at 01h00! Nuts, yes, but we did get a first to find of a super cache packed full of special goodies from Canada and didn't get arrested in the process either, although all the dogs in the neighbourhood were barking!
  18. Fantastic, Vespax! Congratulations on your 300th - very well done!
  19. Who has seen the new mascot?? About to go bungy-jumping, me thinks! Bloukrantz or Gouritz?
  20. Heartiest congratulations go to John-Gill for not only reaching 200 cache finds, but also for placing 20 caches too. Very well done!
  21. Maybe all those Cachers are on their way to the Western Cape this weekend for the Mid-Winter Madness Event cache??? !!!
  22. CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS go to ........ Global Rat on 350, Brick for his 300, And Colinbo for his 150th.
  23. Hmmm......., just wondering if August 15 is when one or more of those rather nice QFC fellow's leave on a trip outside our borders?! Perhaps they're off to cache elsewhere? Don't most of the flights to UK and Europe etc, leave at about 8pm? If so, we're green with envy and highly jealous!
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