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  2. Congratulations ZALandyman & SuzieQ - well done!
  3. Seven of the eight Western Cape travel bugs in the race are right at the bottom of the list, so if you want to move any of them, feel free to do so, Warthog! Your shares would rise dramatically and payment in the liquid form is assured when you next visit our part of the country - that's a promise!
  4. Best wishes to CrystalFairy on reaching 500 - very well done.
  5. Congratulations and best wishes to Ducky and Mucky on their first century. We are so happy for you both - very well done.
  6. Well said, Haffy! Place only as many caches as you can and are prepared to maintain properly, on a regular basis - that's what we believe in and try to practice.
  7. Very well done to Warthog and ZALandyman and Suzieq on your 300 finds - keep on having lots of fun finding loads of caches.
  8. Cibgratulations, Noddy, on your 600th find - you couldn't have chosen a more beautiful part of the country to achieve this milestone! Well done to you both.
  9. Congratulations to Cownchicken on their 800 finds - well done!
  10. Well done to the Fisheagles on their 500th - congratulations to you both.
  11. We didn't have any problems with Cache Techtonics, in fact we enjoyed doing it very much. Never once did we consider the fact that it might be dangerous in any way. www.geocaching.com have the star rating system for both difficulty and terrain so that cachers have a choice as to which caches they choose to do - the choice is ours and nobody elses. In very much the same way, if we do get injured, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Every now and again one does a cache that you do not enjoy or consider not to be up to scratch - others doing the same cache love it! This is no different - you can't please everyone all of the time!
  12. THEY'VE DONE IT!!! Huge congratulations to those dogs on reaching their 1000! Huskies, we are very proud of you all. Enjoy the last few days of your special holiday and we look forward to seeing you safe and sound back home soon.
  13. Congratulations on your 300th cache find, John-Gill, also well done on placing your first cache in Aussie. Those cachers have no idea what they are in for! It is good to know you are already having fun and exploring your new 'home'.
  14. AHHHHH! QFC, your New Year Resolution was to get to 400 before Charlie leaves - it certainly seems like you achieved it! Very well done! We hope you have lots of fun finding many more caches, too.
  15. Very well done Battlerat and Pussycat on your 200 - fantastic, keep it up and have loads of fun finding plenty more caches!
  16. WOW!!!! What an incredibly busy time this has been! Congratulations and best wishes go to: Globalrat - 600 Noddy - 500 Cachefan - 500 Brick - 400 Trackinfind - 200 We are thrilled for you all and hope you have lots of fun finding many more caches. PS ZALandyman and SuzieQ please log soon - we're all longing to know how many caches you have found.
  17. Just received ours! Ciledug, Indonesia (but how I add a link, I have no idea! Please help!)
  18. Big congratulations to the Huskies - very well done! Have lots of fun and find lots more caches.
  19. The Stellenbosch / Franschhoek area has loads of caches - some traditional, some micro's - and is lovely to visit. If you would like me to send you a list of the caches, please PM me and I will do it with the greatest of pleasure. Also, we are a very friendly bunch and we know that most of us would love to meet up with you sometime, so do let us know when you will be here and where about you will be staying and we will see if we can organize a get together. PS - been away for ten days and have just read the forums!
  20. Thanks so much for your help, QFC - we, and our Timothy, do appreciate it so much.
  21. To all our geocaching friends throughout South Africa, we wish a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2007 with lots of caching and fun ahead. We met so many new friends in 2006 who share this great hobby with us and we have been privileged to do some amazing caches, too. Thank you to you all for making it a special year with lots of happy memories.
  22. Oh my, they really are gorgeous! Thanks, Vespax!
  23. Help! Help! Help! Those dadgum dogs are on the loose and are nipping at our heels! Anyone got any spare muzzles around? 4 are needed - 2 adult and 2 puppies!
  24. A BIG thank you Team TGF, we do appreciate your help.
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