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  1. Fantastic, Goofster!! We are thrilled for you and hope you have great fun finding many more.
  2. Congratulations Amyson on finding your 300th cache
  3. Very happy to assist and have sent you an email to the above address. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  4. We have gone ahead and labelled all our caches with *WC* where appropriate and hope others will follow and do the same. Will definitely make life so much easier when planning a trip.
  5. 900 !!!! Congratulations to Cownchicken - very well done!
  6. Congratulations, Trackinfind, on your 300th - very well done.
  7. Had a look and came up with the following - it is called Dinokeng Cache GCRBX6. I think the cache owner was csummers and the cache has been found three times. CacheFan was the last person to find the cache and has included a contact name and number in his log. Hope this helps.
  8. Oh dear Triptrick, you really are doing just fine, and seem to be holding your own. You even have a conscience, so haven't been as badly affected as some others we know. You really know you are more than a little ill when you leap out of bed at 04h30 and head for Onrusriver to get a quick FTF before heading for Cape Town International Airport to collect friends returning from an overseas trip - this is only a 70 kilometer detour . The cache involved a walk along the beach for some 600 meters with only the moon to light your way, but we did it and arrived at the Airport in time too! PS - We didn't exceed the speed limit either - we hope! (We do live some 150 kilometers from Cape Town). PPS - By the way, we have been known to do similar things previously, so it would appear you can have acute outbursts while being affected with chronic GAD's.
  9. Triptrick, we feel for you and fear you are suffering from Geocaching Addiction Disorder (GAD). This is a chronic disorder precipitated by a combination of genetic, biological/pharmacological and social factors. Addiction is characterized by repeated caching behaviours despite clear evidence of morbidity secondary to such activities. There is a lack of consensus as to what may properly be termed 'addiction' - some within the medical community maintain a rigid definition of addiction and contend that the term is only applicable to a pattern of escalating caching as a result of a need for an ever greater number of finds. However, addiction is often applied to complusive caching behaviour. This behavioural addicition, however, almost never exists without another fixation to TBs, geocoins, FTF's and suchlike. In all cases the chronic pattern of caching behaviour continues and is perceived to be hard or impossible to quit at any time. It is also quite common for the addict to express the desire to stop the behaviour and find himself unable to cease. Symptoms of this addiction are easy to spot: Neglect of usual activities Over-participation in geocaching forums Spends several days at a time caching and hours logging them No social life Hangs out with other addicts at Event Caches Partners of cacher addicts frequently echo the words of partners of drug addicts: "I knew something was wrong, but didn't know what it was". And yes, Triptrick, as the addiction worsens, you will travel hundreds of kilometers out of the way to grab a cache - sometimes even further! But never fair, you are not an isolated case - there are lots of us out there!
  10. Well done, Larks! Congratulations!
  11. The wonderful lamb potjie not far from Lambert's was definitely something not to be missed! Really really yummy! A fantastic weekend was had by us all - a stunningly beautiful area with amazing views, great friends, excellent grub and some super caches, too - who could ask for more?!
  12. We also experienced the same problem using a telkom email address (as did various of our caching friends) and despite numerous calls to their help line, the problem was not sorted out. Eventually we all changed our service provider and the problem disappeared!
  13. Does anyone know how to contact Vaughan Rizzo? He picked up our TB, Freddie, the Bar Fly on the 12th June, 2006. In reply to a previous email, he informed us that he would be taking the TB overseas last September. We have heard not another word from him, despite numerous emails. He last logged into the Geocaching site on 5th January 2007.
  14. Congratulations and best wishes to Discombob and Cache-Fan on their recent achievements - very well done!
  15. Congratulations CnC - you guys really are fantastic and very special!
  16. That's our little Rupert, we presume - thanks so much TeamTGF, we do appreciate your help so very much and will be more than ready to help Mickey gain some mileage and points, too!
  17. Congratulations Crystal Fairy on your 600. You two have certainly been on a great trip - we hope you enjoyed it all immensely.
  18. Congratulations to Bear & Fox and Battlerat & Pussycat on their super achievements - fantastic! Keep it up and have lots of fun finding plenty more caches!
  19. Hate to disappoint you all - there isn't even chocolate sauce on the menu on Saturday! Only quiches, salads and pink fluffy pudding is what I've been told to do - quite boring! In fact New York Bagel sounds 1000 times better!
  20. We have always made use of your really good up to date site to plan our trips around SA, GlobalRat - it made life so easy when searching for caches in other provinces. Thank you for all the help it has given us in the past, we will certainly miss it.
  21. Congratulations to The Incredibles - keep up the good work!
  22. Sorry we won't be able to make it - Sponsored Bowling Day in Greyton requires some of us to play and others to do the lunch catering.
  23. Congratulations and best wishes to QFC, Warthog & Bats on their super achievements this weekend - fantastic!
  24. Thanks for the explanation, QFC - am so relieved that we were guiltless! Had already emailed Nish4, so am sure they will place our Rupert Rex somewhere soon.
  25. OK Guys, so our Rupert Rex is at the bottom of the pack. Which rule have we violated? We have read the rules, but can't make out what we've done wrong!
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