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  1. Many, many thanks for the congratulations - it has taken us almost 11 years to get to 5000, but we've certainly enjoyed the journey! And without all of you, we'd never have got there - thank you so much for placing all those caches in wonderful places for us to find!

  2. We have attended a Mega previously - in Perth, Scotland. Also have a few webcam icons and some virtual ones and some locationless ones too! We also managed to add a Wherigo icon at Mega South Africa!

  3. So many special milestones have been achieved at Mega SA, but one of the greatest must surely be iPajero reaching 7000 finds! Our congratulations and best wishes to them both - very well done! Continue having lots of fun finding plenty more go those little boxes!

  4. We will be attending the Mega, but will be travelling up by car some 10 days earlier.


    We are camping at Nkwe Pleasure Resort on the Thursday and Friday - Nkwe is quite some distance from the Mega, but is really pleasant and away from all the highways and noise.

  5. I find this quite interesting - according to Louis's profile, he joined geocaching on the 14.07.2012, but has logged caches from 2009. Also he has done caches in Mozambique, West Coast, Limpopo, Garden Route and Gauteng all on the 28th July 2012 ..............


    One really does have to wonder if this is for real!

  6. Really rather sad! Makes one wonder what makes someone do this - after all it is very much a personal game, so they are cheating no one but themselves! Does seem rather pointless and very much like MaloMystery so aptly says - sending oneself a bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day!


    SAD! :(

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