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  1. I see that some of the FTFs in the area have been found... in December. Funny that the notification only came recently. If it is a late log, on an FTF it is not playing fair!
  2. It seems there is a lot of interest in a Berg trip generally, but many people not able to do a 3 or 4 night hike out. Some want to stay in accommodation and do day trips while the long trip is in progress. Perhaps more outings to different areas to cater for everyone is called for? Personally I feel that Ships Prow Pass is not the best option for accessing the summit caches in the area. It is rated as "most extreme". David Bristow describes it as "the foulest in all the land and I fail to understand why anyone uses it." The expedition leader would have to chose a suitable route based on the group's ability and fitness. How about a planning event early in January, so we can all meet and throw ideas around. Even if it is not an official event cache (needs 2 weeks notice to publish). As some of us are not based in Joburg, perhaps a skype connection would be possible?
  3. Another location would be the Tugela Falls area in the Northern Berg. There are 4 caches definitely available, (GC496EN, GCGCEM, GC496FW, GC1YX6K) and we could possibly even find all 6 on the plateau. I would not recommend the other 2 caches in the area which would require rope! It is quite possible to do this with only 1 night spent camping out, and you do not need to be super fit to make it.
  4. Sounds like it is the RAM then - I only have 500MB... Everything else seems OK. Thanks for the info. Now I have a REALLY good excuse to upgrade!
  5. I am battling a bit to get the Wherigo builder to work properly on my PC - think it has something to do with my (lack of) hardware / (ancient) Windows version... What are the minimum (hardware) requirements to run it?
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