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  1. Had to stop watching this; the barking freaked Flo out and she could not work out where all the dogs were.
  2. I am new to caching, but a seasoned walker, and I seem to refine what I take out each time, based on what I wish I'd had with me on the last trip..... Very interested to hear suggestions - serious or otherwise. LouLou's Walking Wisdom #1: Always Carry a Fiver in Your Hat. (It used to be a tenner, but times are hard!! )
  3. I have had my (latest) Brasher boots for five years or so; never a leak and never a blister. I did get them from a small specialist shop in Wellingborough where they were properly fitted. I used to get most of my walking stuff there. Does anyone else enjoy the whole ritual of boot cleaning after a particularly muddy series of walks?
  4. And I usually have a Hamlet pencil, unless I forget to bring it. 2B or not 2B
  5. I've done that before. Found 3or 4 pens on a very steep and isolated hillside and thought the cache must have been muggled. Eventually when the GPS behaved sensibly (the hill was so steep movement and GPS adjustment was slow) I found the cache 100 feet away. Still don't know the reason for those pens being there, but I guess they weren't write anywhere ones and had been discarded. They had clearly come back through a wormhole from the planet where all pens go. In the same region as the planet of single socks.
  6. Flo spends most of her time with her nose to the ground and has a very loud sniff. I had hoped to interest her in caches as a preliminary to becoming a truffle hound. No joy. She only likes to seek out deer scat. And roll in it. Not a ladylike bone in her little dog body.
  7. Is there a local geocaching group for West Sussex / East Hampshire? I am new to this lark, and loving it
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