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  1. quote:Originally posted by Moun10Bike: And chances are that they are old (read: grandfathered) caches. Admins are now asked to verify the locations in a multicache. How old is grandfathered? Even so, IF a cache is found to violate guidelines that existed before whatever "grandfathered time" represents when they are found by admins such as yourself, why is there no cache should be archived log? For example there is a bible puzzle one in Cle Elum that you had to not only cross a RR, but was within 30-40' from the tracks. I havent checked to see if it still exists but I know you have found it. Can you speak to this type of situation? The only reason I termed it "big wow" was I have seen this type of stuff and seen it Slide. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  2. quote:Originally posted by yumitori: The primary concern is that there's no control over where the cache gets moved to. It could end up in an area that's off-limits, such as near a railroad or in a national park. Ron/yumitori Big wow. I dont see anybody going out and verifying where every multi ends up. I've been to a bunch that probably wouldnt have been approved had they been a traditional cache. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  3. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:For those of you who LOVE virtuals, there is a website for you. It's called http://www.waypoint.org. In case you didn't notice, this site is called http://www.geoCACHING.com and it's point is to list CACHES. Every time I hear this logic I almost GAG. Anyone who really believes this better go and delete all their "EVENT", Locationless and most "CITO" caches. Fact is GC.com is a BUISINESS and as such, if the majority of Jeremy’s "customers" would have gone wild over locationless, and been willing to pay membership fees for it, He would have been the lead proponent of locationless caches. Don’t try and tell me there is some universal virtue finding Tupperware and ammo cans just because , “ This site is called http://www.geoCACHING.com and it's point is to list CACHES.” Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  4. quote:Originally posted by Moun10Bike: First, a question for you: are you saying that you prefer rules to guidelines? http://geocachingwa.org I prefer guidelines myself but, I also believe that ambiguity can be the father of dissension. Rules may not be perfect, but they have a way of being clear. Anything cut and dried, so to speak, minimizes Admin intervention and interpitation. It would seem one way to ease their workload. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  5. quote:Originally posted by Moun10Bike:I think that everyone heading to the Spokane Cache Machine should stop and hide a cache in Quincy so that Ish-n-Isha can for once post about something other than how few caches there are there! http://geocachingwa.org Excellent Idea! OH YEAH, There is that pesky, no caches on vacation or out of your home area thing..... Never mind...... Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  6. quote:Originally posted by Team Sagefox:Should a geocoin or travel bug (traveler) be placed in a cache .....with a note that it be saved for someone specific ... I have had people leave special bugs for me in caches. It was obvious to us that something could happen. The answer is to do what we did. You arrange to leave the bug at the cache site, but no where near the cache. Specific instructions of an exact hiding place were emailed to me, and when we got the cache, we also got the bug. Once we had the bug in hand, the person who left the bug, logged it in, and we logged it out. The chances for error here are caused by the assumption that anyone who finds the cache will leave a specific trinket for a specific person. Simply remove that factor. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  7. N44° 12.406' W122° 21.771' Delorme USA TOPO 4.0 Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  8. quote:Originally posted by Hazard:Yup! I remember that day very well. I also remember the evening at the restaurant in Seattle, what a surprise that was! Yeah! You should post that story under the "What I've seen Geocaching" thread! At the resturant, I wasnt sure it was you at first, but that was before I knew what a multi-talented person you were. The sign language thing threw me off and later I find out your a pilot too? What other mysterious abilities have you been hiding? Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  9. A heartfelt congrats on your achievement! It doesnt seem that long ago I was taking pic's of you and Jon to record both of your milestone caches on that bank above the river in Spokane. What was it? 500 for you and 600 for Jon? Best of luck in the future. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  10. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy: Physical caches are the basis of the activity. Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location Why do event caches still exist? The significance of dictionary definitions pales in the light of inconsistancy. I wax poetic.. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  11. I have the Dell Axium with CF card as well. I havent tried it with a CF gps yet. It hasnt crashed yet, but I do get strange coords like N47 02.390 W119 94.469 when the actual coords are N47 01.434 W119 56.681. I also use GPX View. It is super slow. I bought cache dragon because of how it handles the data and the user interface. It also rips on speed! Now if I could just get it to give me the right coords......... Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  12. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:Virtuals have their place. It's called http://www.waypoint.org A cache is, by definition, a hiding place for storing items. It is NOT a location that is interesting.
  13. Ive seen lots of cool cache pages. Its a big letdown though when they turn out to be a plastic jug thrown in the middle sagebrush and have nothing to do with the supposed "theme". Some seem to be a cut and paste of someone elses web content as well. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  14. We just returned from a 2400 mile Canadian BC tour. The entire Province except for a central hwy 97 corridor is worthy to be called a "Provincial Park" Very undeveloped and beautiful. However as to geocaching impact, I kept wondering if the hundreds of deer we saw, the scores of bear, the herds of elk, and the dozens of moose understood how they were affecting their environment with their sharp hooves and bushwhacking. Some say they even refuse to use certified "leave no trace" sanitation practices. Obviously BC provincial parks will be decimated in months. See it while you still can. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  15. quote:Originally posted by CachinCin: Two suggestions: 1. You must have home coordinates (not just a city name) set in your profile for the "filter finds" to appear. 2. If that still doesn't work, try deleting cookies from your web browser. Some people have reported that they needed to do this so their browser would reset to the new changes. Cin Thanks Cin! Your a great help! That was it. You would think when they changed stuff they would email you a link on how to work it, especially if its got little quirks like that! Again,,, A great big.. THANK YOU Ish Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  16. I tried everything and my cache page has nothing about a filter in the top right hand corner. Does anyone else have this problem? Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  17. We have done the Clipper- Empress Hotel thing for 3 years in a row in mid November. All 3 times they have put us in a bus and sent us back on the Big ferry and bused us to seattle. But then the 50% off coupons keep us comming back! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  18. quote:Originally posted by Moun10Bike:Cin, I was involved in the Project Ape cache with Jeremy, so I can answer your question. http://www.projectape.com/ was a marketing effort by 20th Century Fox in conjunction with Geocaching.com designed to promote the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes. Fox, through Jeremy, would contact geocachers around the world and get their help hiding geocaches in locations that Fox targeted for promotion. Fox would supply the container as well as an original prop from the movie. Later caches also included additional promotional gear such as t-shirts, coins, collector cards, etc. We knew ahead of time that the prop for Mission 9 in Washington would be a http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/33328_200.jpg from the movie, so Jeremy thought of the dark tunnel where he had hidden his Iron Horse cache. It made for a perfect locale! We got State Parks permission and were accompanied by a ranger as well as photographers from a magazine doing a story on Jeremy and geocaching. http://geocachingwa.org Man, thanks for the info. I always wondered why that box was as big as a house, And who was macho enough to lug that thing up there! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  19. What do you usually do mathmatically then when projecting a waypoint when you have the distance in feet and 10ths of feet, and your GPS goes to miles after 528 feet? Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  20. quote:Originally posted by Zzzoey:Happy to say we spent our one year anniversary placing two caches. Waiting on approval, but felt it worthy of mention that on May 5th, 2002, we found our first hidden ammo box full of goodies, and we were hooked! 437 finds later, we are completely addicted! Congrats! We also started the day before you! May 4, 2002. We happened to have found our first at Rosario Beach, Deception pass State Park. We went back to make our 500th find there last weekend and finish the year with 521. We made our 1st and 500th finds .3 apart and by the same guy. Bellinghamster. Also the FLY BOY who lent us his GPS and helped us find our first was there as well. Quite a nice anniversary! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  21. I have hunted the Yakima area quite often. At the point where the CM was planned to come through I had nearly all the caches in the yakima area done. 1-2 weeks prior to the event quite a few VERY easy caches were put up. My impression was that it was basic fodder for the CM. I did all these caches the week after the CM so I am familiar with them. I also saw at the initial posting of this thread for VCM that a canadian cacher had gone so far as to Volunteer to convert all his multis to traditionals for 1 day. Those of you who saw this know what mean. It was edited out fairly soon. Surely there are aspects of a CM that you would concede cheapen solo effort by those finding the same cache in more difficult circumstances. It is peoples right I suppose to do what they want with their caches but, for instance Travis, how would you feel about logging a find on a multi that everyone else had found the hard way? Or have a bunch of 0-0 caches hiden just for the VCM? Maby Team KFW GPS will send you straight to the cache on all their toughies! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  22. 'specially if they are the evil genius type or the more common needle in a haystack type. Those suckers can take days to find. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  23. quote:Originally posted by Mopar: In other words, aside from what regoarrarr (and I know he's just trying to be helpful) and other people are GUESSING the cache might be like, we don't really know enough about this cache to make an informed decision. Which is why it is better to believe someone who knows more about it. If regoarrarr says its Good, thats good enough for me. He wasnt the only local speaking up for the cache, even in the other thread. Local knowledge should suppliment the approval appeal process, after an seeming out of hand rejection. Most of the other resistance seemed to come less from the cache problem than the rant. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
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