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  1. Actually I'm refering more to the change the channel aspect. This is one thread out of how many thousand? Like helping newbies? Cruise the newbie boards. Dont go looking for contraversial (sp?) threads and trying to fix people. There are plenty of people that love a good debate. They may argue a position that is actually diffrent than they really believe just for the exercise. If you prefer sunshine and roses, hit those kinds of threads
  2. True to a small extent, however the point was that if the self appointed defenders of the perpetual virginity of forum posts wouldnt take the bait,...... how long would the whining last? Mush less methinks IMHO. Point: fire goes out when someone quits feeding it.
  3. Is yours a self fulfilling prophecy? Sounds like it. Even if what you said was true it takes 2 to argue about it, so why not turn the channel instead of adding to it? You complain others never have anything positive to say, Well your post wasnt any ray of sunshine....
  4. Underwater archery maybe??? Could start a whole new trend.
  5. Pretty much any GPS connected to a laptop is reduced to a simple GPS reciever. The software on the laptop is what is used for maps, routing ect.
  6. Get the earthmate USB and when you get to a cache jump out with your Garmin and find it. Your batts will last longer and fooling around with cables every stop is a real waste of time. Your garmin wont auto route so click your next waypoint before you leave the car and when you get back you'll be ready to drive!
  7. I think the Garmin 60CS is reasonably priced at TigerGPS. $418.68 http://www.tigergps.com/gagp60hahegp1.html I paid nearly that amount for my Garmin V (with a few acc. including City Select CD w/ codes for everything). The 60CS will use the same maps and is like getting a Vista thrown in for free. I love my vista for backpacking The V is great in the car The 60CS is the ultimate for caching with the program it has and now it has memory for 1000 waypoints. The Vista and the V werea bit of a hassle for me since I have the newer tech notebook and they dont give you a serial port. The 60CS has usb. Its really a fit for me so I'll be accepting donations... just contact me and I can tell you where to send the money.....or if its easier for you just send me the unit
  8. Tiger GPS has em for 418.00 http://www.tigergps.com/gagp60hahegp1.html Also The Garmin 60CS accepts the city select maps and is auto routing. Sort of a Garmin V and a Vista rolled into one with a color screen and a geocache friendly program. All that is enough to make the others into stone age paperweights.
  9. I find my reaction to finding a cache, to be remarkably close to that of Baron Manfred von Richthofen : Quote "I am a hunter. When I have shot down an Englishman my hunting passion is satisfied for a quarter of an hour." Finding a cache satisfies me for less than half that amount of time.
  10. Interesting logic! Sounds like you qualify for a government job!! Obviously the relevent part is areas that will allow hiking, hunting, bird watching ect. and NOT caching.
  11. Thanks for comming and VERY nice to meet you all! We appriciate you comming over so far to attend. Also, Congrats Moun10bike on your 1500th today and Lucyandricky on your upcomming 1100th! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  12. Watcher 1.40! If Clayjar could make it download straight to my Garmin V, and change the GCBULL to real names like GeoBuddy does I'd toss the other programs in the trash. I'd also buy that program! Come on! Come on! Make it for me???!!! Pretty please??!! How about 15.00? Now we're talkin real money! Anyway, Thanks for what you do for us all! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  13. Dell Axim and Cache Dragon. I've tried the rest and this is best. No plucking, spinning or fooling around. Straight GPX transfer. Need to go cheap? Get the slower processor. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  14. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:MOST approvers do not step out of line on being FTF with 'priveledged information', yet you want a new law passed to prevent them from doing so. TPTB have already told them not to abuse their position. If they do, they won't be approvers very long. Lets say saxman is right when he claims that approvers with FTF is something that happens no where in the world. If they did make a rule, by his own admission, who would it hurt? Methinks thou doth protest to much. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  15. quote:Originally posted by Team AshandEs:I don't see why people are so outraged. WHY? Cant it also be simply a case of attitude displayed? That is why ju66l3r's post above is so on the nose. Isnt the overall attitude a legitimate topic for discourse? It may be that is why martmann has such a problem getting his mind around it. There IS more than just the trees here. There is the forest. Part of this threads topic and idea is that debating by the admins in the forums is at odds with the method of communication ju66l3r demonstrated in his post. The suggestions for approver code of conduct thread gave a chance for people to input. But without a "prototype" framework to work from, the page was really too large to effectively identifiy that. Some areas of the country were really concerned with FTF. I didnt know that. To me its no big deal. But without us cachers having free rein to see the issues facing us nationwide, how will we ever agree on a statement that will affect us all? These forums are our congress. The only way we can get together and discuss or formulate Ideas on solving problems is here. Maybe we would like to have a chance to actually come to an agreement ourselves on a "mission statement" for approvers, without the president or VP shooting down or ideas or saying we are off topic. When people brainstorm to problem solve, there are a lot of bad ideas that come out too. SO what? Given a little time I believe the community can come together with some effective suggestions. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  16. quote:Originally posted by ju66l3r: Instead of "turn your virtual into a multi" maybe the response should be "can you hang on to that idea for X months while we restore the virtual setup?"...Instead of "tough nuts", how about "I can see how approval of their own cache is somewhat incestuous and I doubt the good approvers of this site would mind their own caches being approved by someone else, but since approvals are not anonymous, it will probably not be any different than if they approved it themselves...so we will continue on this track with a wary eye towards abuse of this sort in the future". It all goes a long way. Wow! Well said. I Wish we all could communicate that well. In ways it does seem a catch 22 when problem solving is attempted in the forums. If not enough people participate the concerns can be dismissed to be a vocal minority. Part of any worthwhile problem solving is to identify the various problems. Identifing the problems here are often seen as bashing. Not nessisarily so. Other times we are told to not bring up any problems without offering solutions. People do know what happened to them. Just because they may not have a solution is no reason to tell them not to bring it up. Other times we are told "Most of the cachers expressing concerns here are voicing hearsay not actual experience." That may be true, but its not uncommon. There is a system of justice in this country where 12 people with no firsthand knowledge are asked to solve a problem. They are called a jury and it has been known to be an effective problem solving method. I dont mean to suggest that we are exactly a jury, only to point out that first hand witness is not required for those who attempt to assist in problem solving. Cachin's sweeter when you've got an Isha! [This message was edited by Ish-n-Isha on October 23, 2003 at 12:21 AM.]
  17. How does GC know the cache is not picked up? Second. Hemlock has a great Idea about retrieving known abandoned caches. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  18. quote:Originally posted by WCoaster: I think the mere fact that GC started http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=4016058331&m=40160869 is because it is listening to the masses. QUOTE] Listening good. Placating bad. Lets hope its the former. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  19. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone: quote:Originally posted by GeoWorms:......pamphlet says "Do this or you're a bad person" or "Buy (into) my whatchmagigger." These things shouldn't be placed into caches, and I would not criticize someone for removing it without trading for it. My point exactly. Obviously you have never read any of these leaflets. Does "Do this or you're a bad person" or "Buy (into) my whatchmagigger", sound like a effective way to approach someone? Obviously NOT. None I have seen are remotely akin to what you suggest. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  20. I'm for it. It might be hard to beat the commercial rap since money is involved but I'm for maximum freedom and full disclosure. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  21. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:You shouldn't place propaganda in a cache. You dont appear to be weak willed. Why so scared of a little paper? Or is it your doing us all a favor?? Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  22. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone: I do mind when there are a bunch of loose papers in a cache. FINE: IF you wish to trade, trade for 1 thing. Anything. Dont like something? Take something else. Nothing good to trade for? TNLN Those are your options as stated in the rules. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  23. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:What if the coffee cup said 'I love Jesus'? Took sun from sky, left world in eternal darkness Same song second verse: IF you wish to trade, trade for 1 thing. Anything. Dont like something? Take something else. Nothing good to trade for? TNLN Those are your options as stated in the rules. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  24. An alternate theory on B&D carring most of the weight in the discussion: Maybe if he is speaking along the lines as others may think, and being fairly profecient at it, they are content to let him. UMC posting has made me aware of how fast time flys. A mere few months ago his biggest goal was 100 posts a day and to break 20 finds. Time flies! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
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