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  1. you mean as opposed to the Abject Silliness thread?
  2. Buy them? No Just need to go swimming in cold water......
  3. I applaud GC for implementing this. They will need to implement this in all non container caches. It will go along way towards making the arguments by some people in the forums intellectually honest.
  4. I support your right to say what you believe. As far as the WMD, I guess Saddam used 'em all on the kurds! People tend to forget about that. The Iraqi generals thought they had them, Saddam thought he had them, we saw him use them on the kurds, saw him launch missles into Israel........??? People tend to forget about that too. There is way to much monday morning quarterbacking on this...and yes.... in an election year. Dems arent opposed to slanting history in a way that serves their purposes either.
  5. Dont be Not really. I was just practicing since I am about to bust with anticipation!! How about you? Admit it. I got you though right??
  6. Ish-n-Isha

    Black Acorn

    M10B is correct for the most part. This is part of caching. However, if people had to find a few dozen before planting some, this activity would never have gotten off the ground. We should allow newcommers to make the same mistakes we did 2 or more years ago. Another dynamic is where someone gives these less than glowing evaluations and yet does all 16 caches, quantity being more important than quality I guess. Before there were cito events, it wasnt unheard of to put a cache in an area that could use a little trash collection. So what? I havent done any of his caches and i have seen tons of these already. Again, so what? So, knowing we are talking about a "sensitive" guy here, this thread would pretty much confirm his take on the whole situation wouldnt it. Lastly, gaviidae ......I like your thoughts on this. I say dittos.
  7. What? Like he's the only one who pot stirs? Maybe some of this stuff would scroll off the page unresponded to but oh no.......some here have to respond to every nuance and even start other related threads.
  8. Letterboxing is way more distuptive environmentally. They have nothing but paper in their boxes and we geocachers specialize in environmenally inert McToys!
  9. If GC.com offered this stuff in their store they wouldnt have to worry about it. The company who makes the stuff turns a profit, why couldnt Groundspeak?
  10. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!!!....... People confronting the reality of their arguement against virts can result in their complete cerebral shutdown. Oh wait, thats why they have it in the first place
  11. Visual representations are easiest. A program like Topo USA 4.0 is excellent for this stuff. Mapsource is good too. If you want to go a mathmatical route first you might try here. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/PerpendicularBisector.html An easier formula since it has less steps. But that would be entirely too easy. I just looked a little deeper at your example pages and where you are,..Topo USA wouldnt work for you. Duh! The correct mapsource might if they have one for there. Anyway the idea being to use a mapping program for your area. Another site with some applets is here http://www.saltire.com/gallery.html You can input values and have the applet compute the answers.
  12. Glad you could join us. Spokane has a lot of nice caches. Good Luck!
  13. Nice Bye the way, have you stopped beating your wife yet???
  14. Maui. Approx 48 accessable caches. 2-4 not without a 4 wheel drive or scuba. And if thats too many, get just the ones you drive by within 500' of the road. Oh wait,....thats about 42. We are going in the middle of March. I'll see if it works as planned.
  15. If you have knowledge of a 3rd or 4th generation cache, you might guess that its not a "patented" idea. Of our mentioned cache, I believe each gave credit to the hider where they encountered it. It would have been better possibly to give credit where credit is due and have asked permission of OtisPug!
  16. I have a 60CS on order but I also have a Vista and a Garmin V. Please tell me how to get 30 megs of maps on the vista. I have never been able to do more than around 24 I think.
  17. Grab all the email addresses from the companies mentioned and email them and ask them. Its the only way to know. No way of knowing which are blowing smoke unless you have delt with them alot before. And with the demand, who knows if each retailer will actually get as many as what they think they will. Its a crap shoot.
  18. 417.99 total. Drop shipped direct to my door at the same time the retailer gets theirs.
  19. I asked permission to do some of his caches I had admired, in our town and was told it was no problem. I later found out that the ones I had admired were also copys of the origonals. When some people from another town did our caches they asked me for permission to do them there. I think that makes theirs like 5th generation copys, and they still are good and have brought many people alot of fun. When this sport was newer every cache was a new experience. Now its a long time in between caches we haven seen before. Asking is a small price to pay for the chance to reproduce an idea you enjoyed alot. The person who gave you that thrill deserves to be asked.
  20. Agreed. Sightseeing with a long hike and remote control sightseeing. That CIA is a cool concept. I can never remember my RC planes when I am in the area. One of these days.....
  21. Fine, but then you're not caching - you're sightseeing. Some people make that arguement for virtuals, however Kerry is no diffrent than the 3 others you mentioned or have logged in that respect. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks....
  22. The cache is the view! Why spend 45 min on your knees looking for some lame micro when the site is about the view? I'd rather spend my time doing what your there for, the view. No diffrent than 12 birds at the dome, 'cept for the hike. And 2 other votes or no, it STILL was the only one in the tread with multiple votes. I never claimed anything else.
  23. Just our opinion but for us, it was a series. Immaculate webpages. Perfect. Anyway you go on the hunt and its the same old can thrown in the middle of a sagebrush with the exact 12 same items in it in all the caches. Kind of like 100 hours spent on web pages and 100 seconds on the caches. As Keystone points out, we learned about having expectations from this.
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