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  1. It couldnt possibly be that was because the 'gellin actually DID lose signal first, could it????
  2. To IronMaiden: Ni! Ni! I guess they'll never get that one either......
  3. Yes kudos on the #300. It can be difficult when you have a spouse that isnt quite as thrilled about caching as you are. Ah, well mother-in-laws that like to cache can help relieve that huh?
  4. There is no double standard. Travel Bugs are not approved (as has been pointed out several times in this topic). Unless someone reports it or makes a forum topic about it then it most likely will go on with that name until it is reported. If it were left as is after being reported then there may be a double standard, but the site emailed the user as soon as it was pointed out. This all may be a previously unknown flaw in the system, but it is hardly a double standard. Unless COADMIN HIMSELF, emailed the Tbug owner (Which he didnt), and asked to correct the Tbug name at the SAME time as Duane was edited without notification, there is a double standard. In this case the TBug was the disease and duanes post the symptom. It is catagorically a double standard for COADMIN to edit Duane and leave the origional offending Tbug problem to be taken care of by Mtn-Man AFTER a stink is raised in the forums. Obviously COADMIN saw Duanes post and the Tbug at the same time AND failed to address the TBug issue with equal timeliness and concern.
  5. The gas bill proves that theory to be just about right.....
  6. Ummm.. those that are were probably approved long ago. These days I don't think they would be. At least I wouldn't. I look for things that are unique and compelling. A monument that every tourist is going to see anyways doth not a virtual make. A good virtual is one that is going to show you something awesome that isn't on the normal tour brochures. UH? The essence of caching whether virt or tradional is expressed in the words we have ALL read in logs. "But for geocaching", I would not have taken the time to go here..... that is it. So what if its a tourist destination. Many times a cache there is what is needed to TAKE THE TIME to go see stuff you never otherwise would.
  7. What he said..........................and said SOOOOO well!
  8. Hand? No......Find cache? yes.......
  9. You mean your not going up with us???
  10. The 23rd we will be in Spokane but should be back in time. Also, I have been speaking to some locals here about a day trip to Yakima sometime soon. Hopefully some sunday when Barnabirdy(s) can come so they can find all the hard micros down there for us all in 5 min! I specifically asked Flyboy and Slomann about it since I know they always wanted a big day but never can get around to it themselves. If it was a scheduled once in a lifetime thing they might get their wives to let them go! Weekends are tight for us through the end of may since we have a daughter graduating, so sing out what Sunday might work for you and post it here. Also some car-pooling might be arranged. I can take at least 2 others, 3 if Isha is hung up doing something else. Actually I have space for more depending on what car I take and how close you like to sit! Ish-n-Isha
  11. 98848=1 and its ours. Are we seeing a correlation between people with losts of finds and caches yet???
  12. No.... its ridiculing people you dont even know or so I've seen
  13. If that's the case, why wouldn't he have more finds around his second (or new) home in Colorado? The reason is.......on second thought,.......none of your dahm bizness, maybe
  14. Amen. Sometimes the impressive cache pages lead you to think the quality of the hide is as well done as the cache page. More than once we have been to a cache that had a fancy webpage only to find a plastic can thrown in the middle of a sagebrush.
  15. WOW!! Sorry Bud.....but caching in a dress has got to be rough. Find your meat sphere's wherever she hid them and try and swim upstream to a reasonable compromise.
  16. With the problems with the control sticks on the etrex series and not being able to please everyone with button placement on other GPSr's, The next logical revolution in personal GPS is touch screen technology (like a PDA) No more cycleing through screens to get to the one you want. A Garmin 60CS with 128 meg memory and a touch screen would do nicely.
  17. Dr Nelli appreciates the subtil approach so here is what you do. Fire up your sock puppet account, Log a find then stake out the area and when she goes to check, FOLLOW HER TO THE CACHE!
  18. Ellylidan?... Ellylidan, isn't that a smelly kind of a cheese???????
  19. Too good a challenge to resist! Anyway here is my try. Oscar was the village idiot in Norway. He was so "off" they made him leave the country. One day 20 years later, he shows up in the same town that had thrown him out 20 years before. Everyone in town asked, "What have you been doing all these years Oscar?" "Vell", he said, "I vent to Sveeden and zey mak me a professor at zee University in Schtokholm!" What do you think? Maybe just a little?
  20. I have never more agreed with you than now. After reading the first page of posts its clear the concept you were waxong so elequently about sailed over more than a few heads. Again, DITTOS and well said.
  21. We just came back from a trip to Maui and as we were checking in and going through security I had the chance to explain Geocaching to the Airport security. I had a belt pack I usually use that contains batteries a micro or 2 ect. and I had forgotten a cache I had made to be used in a series I had done called The Wylde Life. The theme was bison capsules in duck decoys anchored in a pond or Pidgeons in a tree ect. Well one that I never got around to was a micro hidden inside of a .410 shotgun shell (expended) and a piece of foam in the end to keep the thing in. I watched their eyebrows rise as they pulled that out of my bag durring an inspection. I got to meet their supervisor and get put on the National Homeland Security Database! OH JOY! They gave me a warning and said if it happened again I would get a large fine! How many of you have made it on THIS elite list?????
  22. Bless you! Thats better, and so much faster than an email to garmin! Again, many thanks! Closing thread
  23. You know the tab lists on the left side of City Select software? The ones where you can hit the tab for waypoints or routes or maps and see how many megs of maps you have selected? Its gone and I cant get it back. I have read the help files and they are no help. Can you guys help? Thanks Ish
  24. Re-calibrating increases the accuracy. Unless you carry a declination map with you a Silva wont be as good as a Electronic GPSr compass. A GPSr knows where you are and knows the correct ajustments.
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