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  1. Its like anything else in a cache. If it appeals to you take it and trade. If it doesnt, log the find and be happy for the hunt. What you might not value, might be just what some other hurting person needs. I have been to a lot of caches and never seen one totally devoted to this topic. But, I would have absolutely no problem if I did find one. The more caches you get it seems to me the more TNLN's you do. Maby its just me. Cachin is just a bit sweeter when you've got a Isha!
  2. Isha usually always go with me. I like taking 2 or 3 other cachers as well. The competitive spirit kicks in and a whole other element comes into play that I love! My son and I many times race to see who can find it first. That usually leads to falling down laughing real fun! He claims he is at a disadvantage becfause he uses the old XL12 garmin when I get to use the Vista. I told him I'd give him the vista if he really wants to get into this. Gives a guy a good excuse to buy a 76S doesnt it? Cachin is just a bit sweeter when you've got a Isha!
  3. Can anyone direct me to a thread dealing with the ins and outs of changing fonts, adding pics on cache pages as well as travel bug pages ect? [This message was edited by Ish-n-Isha on October 21, 2002 at 06:59 PM.] [This message was edited by Ish-n-Isha on October 21, 2002 at 07:17 PM.]
  4. Check this Cache. "Fill in the Blanks". http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=23044 In service since 5/19/02 10 finds and it would seem no complaints. And obviously approved 7 months ago. [This message was edited by Ish-n-Isha on October 20, 2002 at 01:18 PM.]
  5. I try and make some difficult but NEVER because of bad GPSr signal. If someone doesnt find it I want it to be due to the quality of the hide and not the bad signal. A pet peeve of mine probably.
  6. If it does then I'd like to congratulate Moun10bike and Hazard on their 600th and 500th finds respectively. It was a pleasure to meet you both last weekend.
  7. I find your solution reasonable. The assumption some make is the requirement to plant a cache is a flippant or onerous task that someone is forced to make to log a cache. How many of us only hunt? Most? All? None? Or some ratio, (as in another thread). I have no idea what the proportion is for all users @ geocaching.com, but I have caches made up in advance of when I need them. If I stumble on a worthy site I decide if I want to place it. The point being that a large percentage of us hide as well as hunt. So someone asks you to plant another cache somewhere. It's not like we wouldnt plant one somewhere anyway is it? I agree in some instances it could lead to overcrowding as in another thread, but honestly I tell you, I'm going on a hike this weekend that I probably wouldnt have if there was only 1 cache there. There. The simple honest fact. In eastern washington we put on the miles to have a triple diget count. On the wet side of the state you might easily find 100 caches in a 8-10 mile radius. I recognize the fact that some areas have diffrent concerns than others.
  8. My ability to have "enjoyment" by logging a find, is much more restricted by time and oppertunity to geocacche than anything else. I'm a cache shopper. I read the discriptions, the length of hike, the log ins, the type, and I as the finder, CHOOSE if I wish to seek this cache or not. I've been to enough caches by now to know some peoples version of a great hide is to hide a cache in the middle of a dense jungle with no coverage and terrible hints. Others have fancy web pages that have nothing to do with the cache site, theme or location. Many of these I CHOOSE not to do. To discourage freedom of "CACHE" denies those interested an oppertunity. Those not interested wouldnt go find it anyway. If you are not interested in finding a cache that requires you cut your hand and take a pic, then dont find it. When you go to the cache page it should be no supprise to you what the conditions are. You are not forced to do anything you dont want. Have you all seen caches that sit for years with maby 2 finds? Why? Cache economics. Not enough demand for the theme, location, hike, or requirements. Why cant we let the "market" decide?
  9. I love the way you organise your thoughts and present them. I wish I had more of your gift. On the multicache thing, I simply wanted to point out the fact that there already are caches that require you to do a number of things in excess of finding the first cache. Why is asking a person to do one thing after they find a cache any diffrent than asking them to do something else, more or less? I know of a few cachers that dont own digital camaras yet. Are they effectively discluded from most virtuals requireing a pic? No you say. They can take a regular picture and go down to someplace with a scanner and put it on a disk to then take home. But isnt that in itself another hurdle that those without digital camaras go through that we (with digital camaras) dont? I still see no effective reason for someone who doesnt like these type of caches to make a "rule" that would restrict the finding of these types by others. If you like it find it. If you dont go to a diffrent one.
  10. I agree with Green Archers post. Find it if you want, dont find it if it is not your cup-o-tea. To those who simply want to call a find a find, I suspect dont go in for multicaches. Arent multicaches in effect another "RULE" for a particular cache? In effect, You must find the first waypoint cache and any others in the series to log the final cache?
  11. However I must disagree. The hider is Sovereign. The caches are the cachers. He maintains them, sets the clues and conditions, disables them, deletes logs and ultimately decides if he will hide anymore and where. The cache pages all clearly show the location, requirements and all things pertaining to the cache. It seems to me that those who rate quality over quantity may truly be less interested in their "Count". In that case, they may simply choose not to do caches that do not appeal to them. Those who are cache hunters that focus on the find count can also do as they please. I simply don’t buy into the argument that these types of caches are necessarily a bad thing in and of themselves. This is still a country where you can pretty much do as you please is it not? Why then should anyone consider it offensive if a person plants a cache like this? Necessity is the mother of invention. I have read many of the posts of caching dieing out in southern Oregon. If things were going along swimmingly there would be new caches coming out every once in a while. What would you do if you lived in a stagnant cache area? Simply go out and find all the “Quality” caches again? Move to another city? Simply put….. If you want to find these caches do….If it offends you don’t. Rules that dont deal with relevant safety or State park issues are a matter of taste in large part. Why burden the game with any extra stuff?
  12. Ish needs a large Isha wants a medium Ish-n-Isha
  13. I've found 22 and nearly all have no info. I've had to go home nearly every time and find out what they were supposed to do. I was caching one time about 200 miles from home and found a bug. Took it home to find out what to do and found I'd taken it 200 miles west when it was looking to go east. After my first 2 bugs I started, I learned. I attach a keychain fob to each bug, with its name, goal, and destination. I also post a pic. SEE example, The fob is the blue thing under the dogtag. http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=15106 I seem to lose less bugs now.
  14. A number of my friends geocache. We have often gone out together. One cacher likes the, you take "point" on this one and I'll take it on the next one. Not a bad way to go if you have 2 or three your doing for an afternoon. The times I've had the most fun personally, is when its like a easter egg hunt. You and 3 or 4 other cachers w/ GPSr's, along with your kids and wives, charge off to find the cache like a bunch of hounds on a fox hunt. WHOOO HOOOO that gets the juice's flowing. Competitive instinct? Maby so, but its a rush. Adds a whole new aspect to the game!
  15. Accuracy is important. But are we mainly talking Geocaching here? If thats the main use were discussing, then I really like the ones with built in compass. I dont know how many times I've beaten other cachers equipped with better antennas than the little one in my Vista, to the cache. The ability to update a heading while standing still is important to me.
  16. Caches Found/Hidden: 152/15 Travel Bugs Owned/Found: 11/20 Benchmarks found: 0 I find that the more people log my caches, the better I know their condition. People who dont log in make it harder to place more caches, or manage the ones you've got in effect.
  17. LOL: and that is the first and only time I ever plan on using that stupid little saying!
  18. You can download a reader that is for a regular computer too. I use my five searches for My finds My hides and 3 area searches
  19. No harm intended. Hope to see you on the trail someday leatherman! The sequence of events went like this. 1. Cops come into frame walking towards sleeping guy, knowing they were going to roust him. (I guessed here because they didn’t walk up to him and stand around and decide what they were going to do. They walked straight up to him and with their hands on the tops of their holsters, in preparation, they prodded him with their toes) after getting a response and realizing he wasn’t passed out cold, they backed away to a distance. 2. The guy stumbles up in a defensive posture. He did have a knife. He may have had it in his hand all the time I don’t know. his back was to the camera when he stood. 3. The police saw the knife and called for backup, which was seconds away. 4. 2 more police run to backup the others with their guns ready. 5. The man hears them run up. He looks over his shoulder to see them as they are shouting for him to lie back down. 6. He turns his head toward front again and one of the police shoot him. [This message was edited by Ish-n-Isha on September 20, 2002 at 03:44 PM.]
  20. It was actually a raw footage of a documentary type segment that was there to tape for a different reason. They got the footage by accident, including the 2 cops walking up to the guy sleeping in the park. And I think DOUBT is spelled like that?
  21. Quote "Not to long ago some terrorists hijacked some planes with box cutters. Which have half inch blades. If the police were waking up the bum how could they be 20+ feet away? The bum had to do something more menacing than hold a knife and stand there. A court precedence has been made. A man can rush sixteen to twenty feet in one second. No intelligent person would expect anyone to get stabbed before they can shot." You seem to be making assumptions. I saw the footage, it seems you did not. Did I say I expected the police get stabbed before they could act? No. If you were 20 feet away from a guy groggy from sleep and you and your 3 partners had your guns out, would you feel scared? Would it take a full second for your brain to send a signal to your finger to pull the trigger?
  22. I think comunication with key agency's like the police, will serve us well in the end. mtn-man just told me of some cases where the police and bomb squad were called and inspite of the guy saying he put it there and what was in it and showing them the web site, they still blew it up! It would seem like educating the paranoid in advance would serve us well in the end. This may be difficult. I remember seeing on TV in about 96' some DC cops roust some sleeping homeless guy and he of course, being woke up roughly, stumbles to his feet groggy and at the same time pulls a little knife. In his world where other homeles would rough you up or kill you for your socks this makes sense. What didnt make sense was when the 2 police 20+ feet away infront of him and the 2 police 20+ feet behind him, shot him to protect themselves from his little 3" knife. I always wondered why it never made national news.
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