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  1. BABYSITTERS Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  2. quote:Originally posted by The Boonie Man:I think Dan's website has proved to be an invaluable resource to geocaching. I use it all the time to keep track of the caching activity that goes on in my state. I like reading about what others could or could not find, especially the ones I enjoyed locating myself. Sure beats setting up a huge watch list. Not sure why Geocaching.com hasn't created something similar. I know they are not too keen on rating geocachers, but I think everybody would enjoy finding out who found caches in their little neck of the woods. Hope they don't pull the plug too long. Why hasnt Geocaching.com taken the lead in the stats stuff to begin with? I look at the stats as well to see who is and isnt caching in the last few weeks. The charter membership stuff was worth it to me for the mobipocket queries. It would make it evenmore worth it to others I'm sure, if a very current stats page was kept onsite! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  3. We came very close to putting one of these in a cache. http://store.yahoo.com/collectibleboxes/japtricbanbo.html We were thinking something along the lines of if you cant figure it out, leave a quarter. Then, making another cache to find the instructions to open it a few months later. The first one to find it, gets the quarters. We decided it was to much of an investment in a cache that would probably get broken if the box felt a little heavy with quarters. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  4. The caches that turn us off are the ones that have really flashy web (cache) pages that sound like they swallowed and encyclopedia and when you get to the cache, its a 1 gallon plastic jar, thrown in the middle of a sagebrush, and the actual cache site has nothing to do with the webpage or theme. Very disappointing Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  5. quote:Originally posted by BassoonPilot: So you believe that a "cache owner" is absolved of further responsibilty for their cache once it has been placed. I disagree. Cache maintenance includes ensuring that the cache remains hidden in the proper location/manner and that the location is not deteriorating because of the activities of those seeking the cache. No one believes that and you know that was not the point. Lets assume your hypothetical about the local cache thats had no hits from locals for a while. If no one has hunted it and its hidden and by default it was already placed in a legal and correct place, who does it hurt to let it sit there until a new cacher comes along or your family comes to town and you want to take them on a hunt you might already have been on...? There are too many who would make the assumption that there is no interest when a cacher hasnt logged in a while. Actually I know of at least 2 people who have taken 3-4 months off not from lack of interest but from health reasons and broken bones. When you live in NJ and the place is a crawling mass of people, a cache has alot greater chance of accidental discovery than out in here in BFE. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  6. quote:Originally posted by BassoonPilot: Abandoning caches is not a responsible act. Allowing abandoned caches to remain on the website does not demonstrate responsible oversight of the sport or management of the website. Who decides its abandoned and when? Theoretically a cache is self sustaining. If you trade for something or TNLN the only maintainance is usually from the effect of UV light on tupperware or replacing a logbook when its full. If the cache is an ammo can weather is pretty much a non factor. I know, I know, I know, people start out caches with lots of cool stuff and the caches end up getting the goodies traded out for rocks sticks and mactoys. But who of us has made their decision to hunt a cache or not based on our estimation of if there are indeed little green army men or rubber balls actually in the cache? Which cachers update their origional cache inventory with each trade and keep it current so hunters know at all times if there are cool trinkets or junk in the cache at any particular time? I know of some cache's that are in fine shape long after their owners have slowed their caching to an intermittant crawl. Removal of a functioning cache simply because the cache owner hasnt made a log in 3 months hurts the hunter more than anything else. Understand, I come from a part of the country where a 20 mile radius search recently turned up less than 200 caches. In NJ and NY it is entirely diffrent I am sure. The problem with rules and legislation is that what fixes a percieved problem for you actually hurts and is a wrong solution for a diffrent part of the country. A cache may BE abandoned, but if its still hidden and dry and interesting, why shouldnt we still hunt it? The safty valve on abandoned caches that are completely strewn about would be the same as when we find ones that are vandalised. We cache in trash out and email the owner to see if he wants his stuff returned. Am I oversimplifying this? Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  7. How can a person choose a better set of goals for themselves than the ones that you all have mentioned? Therefor I adopt them all! The one I can add is more of a realization. It also has to do with the forums. I have come to understand that this is an imperfect form of communication and doesnt take into account tone, inflection or a knowledge of another persons use of analogy or sarcasm to illustrate a point. I therefore resolve to work at being better understood. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  8. Out of 20 hides, we have had 2 questioned. The first rejection, we were emailed about the problem the admin had and we were able to resolve it easily. The second was axed with no attempt at resolution, simply I've archived your cache....." It was a virtual by the way. We inquired (complained?)to the admin and with a little more input the issue was resolved in a correct manner. I have a hard time giving any admin too much blame when they are by definition selfless and usually helpful people. By that I mean, work, approving caches for free, and working on other issues for our benifit. There may be too few of them. Possibly that is due to the error factor. In other words, If you tell 2 guys to do 1000 cache approvals, you end up with 2 diffrent versions of your instructions. If you ask 10 guys......you get the point. Most successful enterprises usually operate on the buisness model that has as a big part of it the motto, "the customer is ALWAYS right." I am still resolving in my own mind how that comes into play at geocaching.com. We do have evidence that the attitude, "Hey, whatever you want!" is not the model. I dont think it ever should be. However, I still fail to understand how the fact that LC's and VC'c exist, bothers some people, (and admins). The freedoms in this sport allow and encourage one to seek the caches that interest him and pass by those that dont. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  9. I recently posted a multi and transposed coords. The 1st finders knew me and called on cell phone where I updated(corrected) the error. Could be as simple as that Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  10. Geoprincess Quote If you want to find something to pick up every ten feet, join a litter patrol, because that's what 75% of caches are... dump and run garbage in nondescript locations. I think more people leave the game because they have grown tired of finding the typical barely hidden box of junk. Unquote If you really find 75% of all your finds to be garbage, and therefor dissatifying, why continue? Is it that the 25% good ones are GOOD enough to make up the diffrence? I can think of no other endeavor other than golf that you are dissapointed 75% of the time and still continue on! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  11. Kerry Viewpoint is what it is. But that shouldnt suprise anyone who was to go there. People usually know what they are in for. Like a Dr. Ufo Koska micro for instance. I'm fine with letting them all be what they are. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  12. Niskibum and others probably COULD hide one there, especially with the new macro tubes BUT, the point of lost or stolen caches comes into play then as well! Also the cache planter himself doesnt really know if all the no finds are from the hard hide or if the cache is actually gone! When using Kerry Viewpoint as the example, we concieve of the actual cache hunt as (1)the time it takes to get there,(2) the time it takes to find it, (3) if you can find it, (4) the time you have left over to enjoy why your there AFTER you spend untold hours scouring the place with a toothbrush. The point of ANY CACHE is, the reason a cache is there in the first place! In Kerry Viewpoint the point would be the view. The time that is taken away from the view would then be used instead to crawl around on your hands and knees looking in cracks under the sculpture. Not the best and highest purpose for THIS PARTICULAR cache site. Other caches have the theme of the "tough find" where the idea is, There is NO view and its all about the great hide. Also the VC provides instant verification of a find that a log book never will. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha! [This message was edited by Ish-n-Isha on December 27, 2002 at 04:09 PM.]
  13. We've sworn off LC's because they are so badly policed by their own owners. We have 1 LC and it is higher maintainance than all our others. The main thing is this, Take Kerry viewpoint Park for example. We just happened to do it at night. We stood there, jaws open, drooling at the view those people have. We enjoyed it more than any cache we have found out in some stupid forest with bad sat signal. As a cache its perfection. No pics required. Cant be plundered, thus robbing others the chance to go and see something rare unique and diffrent just because their micro was stolen or lost and then archived. But not all VC's are within Seattle and the admins knowledge. Thus they are sceptical when they get a new cache thats a VC and they dont know about it. There are a lot of things or places nearly as cool as Kerry Viewpoint park. But lately, if they dont know about it, they axe it. I think LC's should go bye-bye to a new site, but dont rob me of the chance to experience things like Kerry Viewpoint because there is no good place to put a cache! Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  14. Here's wishing a Merry christmas to all and safe and happy new year of geocaching to all.......except those who have more finds than us.........Just kidding!!!!!!!!! Well, how else are we supposed to catch up??????? Warmest regards all and a special nice to meet ya too all those we have met at caches around the country! Ish-n-Isha Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  15. Just got back from 2 Days in Victoria and looked at some of their hides. My guess is they are some type of surveyors because of the terminology and formats they use. Also the equipment they use. Biggest problem we had was: Do we do "MABY" 1 of their caches, or the 14 we got? We chose the 14 because it introduced us to more cool places and we are happy with our decision. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  16. I use Delorme Topo USA 4.0 on DVD. Most of the Delorme products will talk to you. I look at it the screen after every turn off to see what the next road is or a little bit durring stop signs. The Topo even has the ability to real time 3-D navigate. Its the absolute best meld of roads and topo made IMHO. Isha usually drives while I navigate, for safety. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  17. Elkmilk Placed this cache. A monument to unique thought. This type of outside the box stuff is what I really enjoy in caching. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=16866 Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  18. I wont let it keep me from enjoying Canada like I usually do. But it is Quite curious and dumbfounding, let alone unexpected to find a log like that. I just want you Canadians to know that there are wierdos in all cultures and I accept that. I've always thought of the US-Canadian relationship was the best in the world and a model to be envied by every other country on the planet. I personally think Canada is a very cool friendly place. I have dozens of Canadian friends that live down here full time. I guess I was so used to that that when I read the Grandparents post, it really shocked me. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  19. I ( and I believe alot of others) just want to know where the Grandparents are "comming from." We all expect someone who has no grasp of the facts to come to a faulty interpitation. Question is: What planet are they from and whats up? I am waiting for someone who has knowledge of these type of Canadians to explain it to me. I prefer to have a Canadians insight on this. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  20. Also said the name of the cache was "Guns at Macaulay" which are Coastal Artillary from WWII. The things "The Grandparents" said they wanted to see open fire were the GUNS... not the ferries. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  21. I was doing some research for a trip to Victoria BC. and stumbled on this cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?pf=&ID=24818&decrypt=y&log= A cool sight I was really looking forward to seeing. Until I read the Log of the "Grandparents" on Sept. 21. Whats the chances Grandpa out in podunk Peterborough, Ontario knows something that we dont know? Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got an Isha!
  22. Please put the links to the hint on the main page. When you look in the hints section, the hints are put in the same order as the caches, making finding a cryptic GC number a nightmare because they are not in alpha-numeric order. Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got a Isha!
  23. Is there a ratio between cache opportunities and find totals? Cachin's a bit sweeter when you've got a Isha!
  24. I've got 14 possibles in a 20 mile radius. In seattle they have 216 caches in a 20 mile radius. How about a how far you drive component? Cachin is just a bit sweeter when you've got a Isha!
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