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  1. I've got a 60cx, and only had WAAS working for about a week. Seeing how many issues have been mentioned with the garmin X series (sirf) and waas, I was curious as to how many other SIRF recievers have issues with WAAS. Some of the ones I am curious about are the lowrances and the PDA based ones. Are there any other SIRF3 based stuff? Some questions: 1. Did WAAS work for you before the feb 1 sat move? 2. How did the waas sats look (ie solid bars?) 3. Does WAAS work for you now? Randy
  2. Ok, I replied to the garmin email I received (posted above) with this: and garmin responded: FWIW, I also submitted a ticket about the wandering issue.
  3. on amazon.com, they list the venture as having a sirf receiver. Amazon venture link No mention of it on the garmin site though.
  4. another interesting observation is that my unit reports sat 35 to the southeast. During the breif period I had 'D's, it showed to the southwest. I think I'm gonna email garmin support again, for grins. Another question I have is for the peopel that have the bluetooth gps unit for pocketpc/palm that uses sirf (I've seen several posts in the past about these). How does WAAS show up on your device? Edit: Add question about palm/pocketpc gps with sirf
  5. Might as well add some more fuel to the fires of confusion. I emailed garmin and got a reply march 9. My question: Problem: I've got sattelite 35 visible (left it out for an hour in an area where it could see sat 35). It constantly blinks, and no WAAS corrections are shown (no D). I can get sat35 to show routinely now, but am curious as to why no waas. Garmin reply: Thank you for contacting Garmin, I am happy to help you with this. The new Sirf receivers are having some trouble downloading the data from WAAS. Satellite 35 is also in a transition period and being moved to a new location. This may be effecting the reception also. The engineers are working on this issue and hope to have a solution soon. I would keep an eye out for a new release on our web site within the next couple of weeks. Your location in MN also inhibits the reception. Our Northern customers have a more difficult time picking up the WAAS signal because the satellite is low to the horizon. If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call our customer service number below. When I was running 2.60 on my cx I did have a 1 week period that I got 'D's on my sat bars. On the freeway I routinely get 8 foot epe. When I had 'D's I got about the same listed error, but much more time less than 10 foot. Even in woods this weekend (northern wisconson) I got 15-18 epe. I'm runnint 2.62 now, and have had occasional lockups (all reported to garmin).
  6. interesting. a freind with a legend cx had the same problem. we both got the 128mb sandisk (5 bucks after MIR) from circuit city. I've had no problems with mine, but he had all kinds of problems. I tested his by putting it in my 60cx, no problems. I put about 70 mb of maps on it. He RMA'd it through megaGPS, supposed to get it back today. Contact garmin. this may be a known issue.
  7. If you want a combo pack, gpsdiscount.com is great. 60cx with autonav kit is$488 and 60csx with autonav kit is $539 fwiw I got the cx package above (without sensors) and have for the most part no problems caching. I carry a $10 silva, but never need it. The compass on the gps would be nice since you still get a bearing to the cache when you stop, but if I stop, I note my direction before I turn so I know where the gps last bearing is still good). the autonav is NICE, and I find I use it a lot more than I expected. Lake powell has some great prices for just the gps. I just took a look. WOW!
  8. I went caching this past weekend in pouring, and noticed no issues. It was really pouring too. Just for giggles, has anyone been able to compare the battery compartments on a 60c vs a 60cx? It seems I read a post when the X series first came out about the differences on the seal for the battery compartment.
  9. The 60CSX has the new SIRF III chip set that improves satellite reception, and therefore accuracy. Depending on satellite visibility, the 60CSX may often have better accuracy. dead on about sirf. A caching friend of mine has the LegendCx, and I've got the 60cx. Whenever we get into cover, I've got 8 sats, and occasionally waas (depending on the day, but a different issue). I've learned to trust my gps as it has routinely brought me to less than 10 foot away from the cache under cover, closer if not.
  10. a-- WAAS Sat 35 b-- Usually south east, about 30 degrees el. Last week was in south west, 30 degrees el. c-- hollow bar, normally very strong signal (4 or so) 4) Minneapolis, MN 5) Garmin 60cx 6) usually not, but last week yes (when sat 35 was shown in SW) this week no waas, and 35 is in the SE again.
  11. A friend I cache with has a legend CX, while I have the 60cx. The size/weight and the patch antanane (hold horz) is really nice. I have to hold the 60cx somewhat vertical to get the best reception (it works great horz, but is better vertical, say above 45 degree from horz). I tend to clip it on my belt with the belt clip if I'm not close to the cache. Under cover I get noticibly better reception than the Lcx. My unit so far has always brought me much closer to the cache under heavy cover (we don't have leaves yet in MN, but there are some good caches that are under woods with thick branch cover and pines). A couple of days ago my unit brought me to within 10 feet of the cache, my freind Lcx was indicating 50 foort or so. The screens on both are nice and bright. the 60cx is a bit easier to read, especially in a car with autonav due to the size. I haven't tried it on a bike. My friend commented on how much easier the 60cx would be to use on car navigation, both from the screen size, and the fact that the buttons are all on the front. another non related note is that the autonav kit with the beanbag mount is really really stable. I'm impressed with how good it holds the unit. Just my observations. Overall I think the Lcx is a great unit, and my friend still finds the caches before I do about half the time!
  12. Ok it was worth a try. I asked about linux support, and here is my reply: At this time, the only OS that is supported is Windows. Coming sometime this Fall 2006, Garmin will begin supporting the Mac OS X, but no Linux has been announced currently. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me! Best Regards, XXX XXXXX Senior Product Support Specialist PC/Mapsource Team For the linux users on this board, what apps are avaible? FWIW, I use gentoo. I search portage and I find (filtered results): * app-misc/gpsdrive Latest version available: 2.04 Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ] Size of downloaded files: 1,290 kB Homepage: http://gpsdrive.kraftvoll.at Description: displays GPS position on a map License: GPL-2 * sci-geosciences/gpsbabel [ Masked ] Latest version available: 1.2.7 Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ] Size of downloaded files: 1,605 kB Homepage: http://www.gpsbabel.org/ Description: GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another License: GPL-2 * sci-geosciences/gpsd [ Masked ] Latest version available: 2.31 Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ] Size of downloaded files: 1,824 kB Homepage: http://gpsd.berlios.de/ Description: GPS daemon and library to support USB/serial GPS devices and various GPS/mapping clients. License: BSD
  13. So the "D" on the bottom of the bars mean WAAS corrections? I don't often see them. drbugs, what is the 10% and 70% you mention refer to? the percents are ballpark observations (ie not scientitic at all) of how much time my accuracy at the 9foot versus 10-12 foot. just observing on the one trip (about a 30 mile mostly freeway) with waas compared to the other times I've made the same trip without waas. ie before waas only about 10% of the time on the trip I would have an accuracy of less than 10 feet. with it on the same road, about 70 percent was less than 10 feet.
  14. thats what I'm wondering. I went caching today, and had waas corrections for quite a bit (gotta love sirf). on my drive home pre-waas I had 9-10 feet EE about 10%. On my drive with waas, it was about 70 percent. not bad.
  15. I'm still figuring out my 60cx, but if you have the beta software 2.62, it's possible to see a percentage indicator. menu->tracks->setup->data card setup. I have a slider bar that shows a percentage (I think percent used). I think it was GOT_GPS that posted some data on that (he looked at the card via a SD card reader). Keep in mind that 2.62 is still beta. I've not had any real issues with it so far (knock on wood). HTH! Randy
  16. update: this morning on my drive in, not only did I get strong 35 signals (4-5 lines), it is now showing in the SW, whereas before it was showing up in the SE (in the sat view). I got my first WAAS corrections (D's on most of the signal bars). mostly freeway, so fairly open skies. Got 4-5 signal strenth for the most part, except at one or two interchanges with lots of overpasses.
  17. I haven't been able to see 35 today either. I usually see it, get strong signals, (but no corrections, apparently a fw bug garmin told me is in the pipeline to fix). I've had great signals overall today, first around 6am, the other around 330pm. I'm in the minneapolis MN area.
  18. Duh. previously stated. Edit: Cleanup of stating the obvious. Doh!
  19. Are the batteries snug, no wiggle room? I've read that some 60c units can have issues with this, where the batts are loose. If they don't get good constant contact, that can cause this. Shot in the dark at least! Good luck. Randy
  20. Here's a link and here is a good post on the subject I never did hear confirmation of this, but it appears quite a bit, and I think some lowrance owners have mentioned during device boot there is the sirf trademark.
  21. I've also seen in other threads that the lowrance uses sirf receivers, and that the expedition/H2OC has a sirfIII, same as my 60cx. I'm not sure if that has been validated, but people who have the lowrance expedtion/H2Oc swear by the reception.
  22. Hi, Here is a thread where someone has created a fairly large amount of aviation related POI's. He has a 60C. Aviation POI thread HTH a bit! Randy
  23. Yah, I updated it immediantly. Very easy to do. I did it from my laptop, just to be safe (batteries, in case of a power glitch). Over paranoid... ;-> Garmin is supposed to be releasing another fw patch for the sirf chip series that will address at a minimum the WAAS issues. I emailed support, got a reply that it is a known issue, and is to be addressed in a patch soon (I was told a couple of weeks). So, having fun with your unit yet?
  24. I wonder if that is part of my problem, that I never see 33.
  25. Hi Planewood I have the same problem (and so do a lot of other X series sirf owners). Apparently it is a known bug, and we should see a firmware update in the next couple of weeks. Here is a reply I got from Garmin. Please email Garmin with your observations, as it doesn't hurt to have too much info when debugging this stuff Link on garmin tech support reply about WAAS and 60cx
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