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  1. For the linux gearheads on this board. Google has released beta V4 of google earth with linux support http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html Woohoo! I'm kinda impressed that they have tested on Gentoo. Min requirements: * Kernel: 2.4 or later * glibc: 2.3.2 w/ NPTL or later * XFree86-4.0 or x.org R6.7 or later * CPU: Pentium 3, 500Mhz * System Memory (RAM): 128MB * Hard Disk: 400MB free space * Network Speed: 128 Kbits/sec * Screen: 1024x768, 16 bit color * Tested and works on the following OSs: Ubuntu 5.10 Suse 10.1 Fedora Core 5 Linspire 5.1 Gentoo 2006.0 Debian 3.1 Red Hat 9 Recomended requirements * Kernel 2.6 or later * glibc 2.3.5 w/ NPTL or later * x.org R6.7 or later * System Memory (RAM): 512MB * Hard Disk: 2GB free space * Network Speed: 768 Kbits/sec * Graphics Card: 3D-capable with 32MB of VRAM * Screen: 1280x1024, 32 bit color
  2. wow. didn't take long for this to go production. I've installed it, was running 2.70. We're having slow network stuff at work, so I am in the middle of updating mapsource so I can mount the device as a usbstore. Is there another way to do this, via the O/S? Randy
  3. sirfing (ok, bad pun) the forums at gpspassion.com, and I found this: Magellan Roadmate 860T, 3000T, 3050T, 6000T Review. Here's the interesting part: Roadmate 3000T: - New design - SiRFstarIII chipset - Same 3D mode as on the RM800 - Built-in 4GB hard drive, likely an MD - Optional RDS/TMC module that will come with 3 months of free traffic From the magellan site: Receiver 20 channels, SiRF Star III Magellan Roadmate 3000T site (select Specs) I thought the current generation of magellan receivers was excellent, so I'm not sure why they went sirf. Anyway, I thought this was an interesting bit of information
  4. have fun on your trip! I'm not familier with the legend, but when I travel with my 60cx, from the sattelite screen select menu->new location. You will then be prompted with automatic, or select a location (on my unit I do this, then navigate the cursor to the rough geographical location on the map). It takes a bit, and then boom! It knows where it is
  5. Hmm. For G&G's I just tried this, but I don't get the fadeout. I went to calender, select yesterday (4 waypoints. 2 blue flags and 2 found caches). I select a waypoint, then select enter which brings up the waypoint information screen. I select map, and after viewing it select the quit button. back to the waypoint screen. The only possible difference that I'm not sure about is that I'm inside with no signal, so I have turned off the receiver. I'll try this again when I go outside. My batteries are good, and I'm running 2.5/2.70 software on the unit (60cx)
  6. ok, I don't have the Csx, but I can talk about the 60cx. I absolutely love my unit. the reception is surprisingly good, and reasonably accurate under very heavy cover, I like the formfactor and the workflows are intuitive. The autorouting is awesome. There are some features/improvements I would like to see, and some I hope we will, such as the magellan way of storing waypoints/routes/tracks on the uSD card. I'd also like to see the device be able to read gpx files of caches generated by geocaching.com (and have all of it on the device so I don't have to carry a PDA). FWIW, I'm the dood who had a hole burn into my LCD screen. I've read of other devices via google (cell phones, pdas, cameras) that have had this happen. It's very rare but when you think about how many billions of LCD screens are produced, it happens. Garmins response was so good, it really went a long way to keeping me as a future customer. anyway, my 2 cents. HTH! Randy
  7. hi, I've not seen the first, but have heard of some people with Lithium batteries that have had this issue. The 2nd issue I have experienced. Sometimes just turning the receiver off (via the sattelite page->Menu->Turn off receiver) then turning it back on works; other times toggling the power fixes it. I did have waas on, not sure if it was related or not. I just got my unit back from Garmin (a hole burned in the screen) and I haven't been out caching yet. I have not turned on WAAS since I only have 35 in the midwest and it has bad ephipmerius data.
  8. How important the auto-routing feature is depends entirely on where you travel and cache. I live in a rural area and do not know my way around the nearby San Diego metropolitan area which is criss-crossed by hills, valleys, and canyons with many dead end roads. It can be very difficult to find your way around and get yourself back out of some neighborhoods with lots of cul-de-sacs. If you live in an area laid out on the grid system, well then, you might not need the auto-routing feature. Another point is if you travel any. I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, and got to see parts of the city I wouldn't have without a gps since there were a couple of fantastic caches (if intererested, rara avis a multi which is based on the maltese falcon and san francisco waterfront which has some great history). I really wouldn't have been as comfortable running around without the gps, and the detailed city maps. I plan on doing the same to St. Louis, Austin Tx and Dallas Tx. and the SIRF receiver is just amazing. I get surprisingly good reception in the northwoods of wisconsin, which is very dense treecover (can't see the sky for long periods of time). The autorouting here is nice, since it is way to easy to get lost on the old logging roads. It really boils down to how you plan to use the unit, and the environment you plan to use it in. good luck!
  9. Got my unit back today. It was actually at UPS friday, but they wouldn't let me pick it up. 2 weeks without caching! I think I would have had it last week if it wasn't for the holiday. They sent me a new unit, and transferred my old waypoints and serial number. When I checked the software/firmware versions, it listed "GPS SW Version 2.5" and didn't list a Software version. It was pretty fast finding itself, considering the last time it was on was in kansas. It took about 32 seconds (I had a clock) to start reporting posistion error. Not bad. I'm hoping to take the family caching tomorrow. I still have to unlock my maps which were on my 128mb flash. When the unit powers up, it says "can't unlock maps". I expect that shouldn't take garmin long according to the helpdesk. Overall, I'm very very pleased with my support that garmin provided. bummed that it broke, but what the hey, stuff happens. At least garmin made it as painless as possible. The invisisheild people are sending me my free (plus S/H of 2.95) replacement screen, so I hope to have that really soon. Now on to find number 100!
  10. I've done this on my 60cx. On the sattelite screen, select menu->new location. You can then choose auto (which takes a bit) or select loctation which will pop up a map and you move the cursor to the general location of where you are.
  11. To bad we cant buy these by the sheet. They just want way too much for a small piece of plastic. A 12"sq sheet for $20 would be perfect. For what that "small piece of plastic" does it is a bargain. I would have absolutely ruined my GPSMAP 76CS but that little piece of plastic saved it. Go to their website and view their demos to see how it is different from the cheapo protectors sold for pda use. Wow, does this ever bring back a bad, recent event to memory. I scratched my 60cx on my first outing. I used toothpaste, Plastix, some sort of scratch remover, and every curse word I knew and still couldn't get the scratches out. I finally said "the heck with it" and bought the above product from shieldzone thinking that I would make the best of a bad situation, but prevent further damage. BUT WOW! After putting on the InvisiShield, the scratches are not visible at all! I love it again. Just an opinion, but you may want to give the InvisiShield a try before you put too much work into trying to remove the scratches. Good Luck, Frankendoodle another very nice thing about invisisheild is the lifetime replacement. I had to send my 60cx in, and the new screen protector is on its way. I forgot to add shipping/handling (which isn't listed on the FAQ, but still much cheaper than buying a new chunk of plastic) so they called today.
  12. I have a 60cx, and I typically use the belt clip that it comes with if I'm doing a lot of hiking/walking. When I get close, I just hold the gps in my hand.
  13. I have (had) a 60cx, and live in the upper midwest. Normally I just get a hollow 35 in the SE, with no 'D's. when I was in California last week, after the unit downloaded the almanac for 47, I then saw 35 in the SW, solid bar, with 'D's. Back in the midwest, it's appears in the SE with hollow bar, no 'D's.
  14. Which firmware version did you have on your unit? I'm wondering whether this is an issue in early firmware or in early hardware revisions. 2.70 firmware and 2.50 software.
  15. Tx HokieBird! I remember when you got your unit. Except for this one event, I've had great luck with it, and Garmin so far has been awesome. I do use it a lot, caching, and driving to work (which 99 percent of the time isn't needed, unless there is a bad traffic jam). It's a 35 mile ride, so it gets used. My thought was to wear it out before the warrenty, kinda like a long burn-in period. I'll post results when I get it back. I'm gonna overnight it to garmin.
  16. ok, garmin just rocks. I got on the phone a little after 8am. Went through the VMX selection in a minute or so, then on hold for about 5 minutes. Within another 4 or 5 I had the RMA (the help guy had to complete his login into the system while I was on line with him). Man, this level of help is impressive. still a bit bummed that I'm without a unit for a week or so, but I really dig the hassle free approach to support.
  17. One thing I've learned is that on the "net" for every report of a problem there are at least 10 people out there with things that are working just fine. People just don't post to say "my unit is working fine". That's not to say there aren't some problems with the 60 C(S)x series, but they are being worked. I've got a CSx and have been "bitten" by both the altitude and (WAAS) loss of signal after a tunnel. The altitude problem seems to have been fixed, and right now I'm not missing the WAAS. I still think it's a great unit, especially in the woods, I'd buy it again! Rick ya know, I have to agree with you. Overall I've been extremely happy with the unit. I'm currently on the phone with Garmin now, so I really expect they will come through for me. I would buy this unit again.
  18. I know NiMHs lose charge as time passes. I read somewhere it can be as much as .5 to 1.5% a day, though I don't know where I read that.
  19. ok, after a bit of work I've found the previous issues. Same problem as me too. Topic One and another person with the dot of death EDIT After reading the above, I tried connecting via USB and it works. The screen lights up and I have a nice looking screen, except for the hole in the LCD screen. Man I'm bummed. I took thursday and friday off to do a bunch of caches with the kids. Was hoping to get 100 this weekend.
  20. I've used the energizer nimhs for years with no problems. I just got another 4 (2500's). Not sure what is up. I'm a little paranoid at this point, at least with these two. I remember seeing this posted before, around feb or march, but have had no luck so far finding it. Me too! ;->
  21. man, what a bad day. My batteries died in my gps, so I replaced them. Energizer 2500 NiMhs. I put them in, and I noticed an orange dot appear on my screen. I took a quick peek at my batteries, and they were in correct, but were getting hot. I popped them out, not good. I was planning on doing a lot of caching with the kids over the labor day but no joy I guess. I'll contact Garmin tomorrow, see what they say. I remember seeing posts on this before, but I didn't have any luck searching. I'm hoping that someone who had this happen will see this post, and reply. man, what a buzzwrecker. EDIT Tried a different set of 2500Mah Energizers, and I still get the orange dot, but the unit appears to power up when I press the power (ie it beeps as it turns on). If I put the original set in, I get the orange dot, and when I power on, no beep. I'm starting to wonder about the batteries. If it turns out to be the batteries (which are new) I will be HIGHLY irate.
  22. I'm normally in the midwest (minneapolis, mn), so all I usually see for WAAS is 35 and is hollow, with no 'D's anywhere. I'm in San Francisco for a conference this week, and my waas is working normal now. The first thing it saw was sat 47. Once it downloaded the almanac from it, I got a solid bar and 'D's on the sat bars. Later, it saw 35 in the SW, and again it went from a hollow bar to solid, and I got 'D's again. In some thread (I can't remember which), someone speculated that 35 would show up solid in the SW if the gps saw the one WAAS sattelite that seems to work (47). I can confirm that, because back home 35 shows up in the SE and hollow bar. Occaisonally sat 47 and 35 show up with hollow bars, but they show up in the correct location. They then turn into solid bars after a bit. Anyway, just an observation. Also, if you are ever in the San Francisco area, a fun cache is GCNFJX, which is a fun multi cache based on the maltese falcon.
  23. GOOD catch! I did the firmware update without the webupdater, and the GPS SW was 2.30. Just ran the updater, and it said the firmware was current, but then provided an option to check for the gps receiver software. It offered the option to update it, and now it is 2.70 and 2.50. Tx dood. R
  24. You will be wasting your time. The SiRF models initially ignore 35 because it is not where they "think" it is; they need to receive updated almanac data for 35 from another WAAS satellite such as 47 before they will use data from 35. It is very disappointing that Garmin didn't (or couldn't) at least update the GPSr's built-in alamanac data for 35 (its not like its going anywhere now). It seems like such a simple change I am thinking that it may be inherent to the SiRF chip. For people with the latest models (with GPS SW Version 2.5): If you can see 35, see if it initially shows at the old position or the new (this test is best done by someone who can't see 47 or any of the other WAAS satellites). Hi, I have a 60cx, gps sw version 2.30. There was a week, maybe 10 day period where I had 'D's on my bars, and a hollow bar for 35. The sat showed up in the SW. Before that period, it showed up in the SE. After that period where I had 'D's it is back to the SE, hollow, and I haven't had 'D's since then. I am a bit curious as to exactly what is meant in the 2.70 readme, line item 14. Improve WAAS satellite functionality. ah well. Overall, the unit works great. EDIT: Add Location (near Minneapolis, MN)
  25. If I'm gonna wish, wish big (ripped from my previous post) 1. Geocaching information. It would be AWESOME if the units with expandable memory had enhancements to allow much more information to be uploaded to the device via gpx files. The premium membership at geocaching.com allows the entire cache page to be downloaded (including cache info, hints difficulty, and the last 5 comments from cachers). it would be very cool if I didn't have to use my ipaq to show this information, so I could just use my gpsr. 2. A system similer to the magellans for waypoint management (similer to the POIloader in some ways, but more flexible). On the magellans, you can have multiple files, and use directories to organize waypoints (again, sorta like the POIloader). It would be nice for these to be read/write on the gpsr (mark cache as found, delete/add on the gpsr). 3 I have a 60cx, with cityselect v7. When I select Find->Fuel Service (and I expect other finds are similer) it does show gas sites that are in order of closest to furthest. Problem I noticed is that the closest may be a gas station I just passed, and doing a U turn is disbled in my routing. Is it possible to have it show me the closest POI that is based off of my travel direction? answer no.
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