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  1. The new profile page does NOT seem to have a link to send an email or a message to the user.
  2. As far as eliminating the old cache input form, I agree with most all of the comments. The new form takes longer to work through, is really designed for new cachers, and makes it more difficult for experienced cachers. Can't we at least have an OPTION to use the old form?
  3. I'm using a Lowepro Tahoe 30 case and wearing it on my belt. It's a little tight, but fits and protects the GPS if you happen to drop it. $11 at BestBuy: Click Here for Best Buy Thanks for the tip on the Lowepro Tahoe 30 case. It is inexpensive & the fit & protection are very good.
  4. Used for less than 1 year. Like new, no scratches- always used in a protective plastic case Included: instruction manual USB cable Map Source CD (original) for PC City Navigator, NA, Version 7- DVD with unlock code Price for all of the above: $200 Contact through Geocaching.com profile: rehobch
  5. Just to weigh in on this controversy, I for one love the new maps in order to quickly show me where the caches are in a new area. I also understand that some people just don't like them. Having the option on our profile page is a great idea that should be a win-win solution.
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