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  1. That's an interesting point about real-time location 'tracking' with the current system, I'd not considered that. I think the delayed update to the completion stats spreadsheet would overcome the issue and can't be that difficult to do, say a midnight rollover.


    Edit: but then anyone logging real-time via the app on a 'normal' cache would have the same issue.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, ecanderson said:

    Stupid indeed.  With that logic, they should only be publishing the last 10 logs for caches, too.


    It would be the first 10 logs on a cache... and then the find counter just going up after that with no details of who or what... well, maybe... if the finder decided to add a log voluntarily. It does seem a little strange... and a bit frustrating after going to the effort of setting the AL.

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  3. The privacy aspects (presumably GDPR) doesn't make sense... whilst you could argue that cacher's nicknames are Pseudonymous data, there is an inconsistency here to have the first 10 cachers' nicknames identified, but none after that. All cacher's who log a find on a conventional cache are identified, so there's another inconsistency with the AL situation. I'd be really interested to hear specific case law as to why the cacher ID drops off on ALs after the first 10 due to privacy concerns, something doesn't stack up.

  4. Hmmm... two of my puzzles need reconfiguring and one (GC6F9V8) now just goes to an 'Error 500' page. Seems this change also affects pictures in the cache page and not just the background image. Bit of a pain shall we say?  


    Edit: It means that I can't even access GC6F9V8 to try to resolve any issues as a result of these changes.


    Edit 2: https://coord.info/GC6F9V8 has just come back to life... perhaps things are going on in the background :)

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  5. Well, that's all a bit strange! In the end, I deleted all my GPX files and re-ran the 5 PQs I have set up for my local caching area ... loaded them up and now all icons are working fine... not sure what happened there but happy to report everything is fine now... and with larger icons so I can actually see them on the GPS map :) Thanks for your help.

  6. Hmmm... I've just deleted the larger virtual icon from the CustomSymbols folder (but leaving the larger EC icon) and my GPS is now showing an earthcache as the smaller virtual icon that was the original set (I've not found where the original icons are stored on the 66s)... so it looks like my GPS is labelling an EC as a virtual and nothing to do with these new icons... I'll have to explore further!

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