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  1. Some advance notice would have been good. I've now got to check all the puzzles (again, after last week), and I see one already no longer works (and I'll have to see if I can find the original as I see in the source code that the link to the original picture has been changed)
  2. Come on GCHQ... first the puzzles won't work (I disable them), then they do work (I enable them)... now they don't work! What's going on?
  3. Looks like the three puzzles I had photo-related issues with are all now back up and working again
  4. Hmmm... two of my puzzles need reconfiguring and one (GC6F9V8) now just goes to an 'Error 500' page. Seems this change also affects pictures in the cache page and not just the background image. Bit of a pain shall we say? Edit: It means that I can't even access GC6F9V8 to try to resolve any issues as a result of these changes. Edit 2: https://coord.info/GC6F9V8 has just come back to life... perhaps things are going on in the background :)
  5. Just a heads up, not sure if it's already been mentioned... as these are a new cache type, they probably won't be included as an email announcement when published. Might be useful to prompt (premium member) cachers to update their announcements profile if they want to see when new celebration events are published.
  6. Well, that's all a bit strange! In the end, I deleted all my GPX files and re-ran the 5 PQs I have set up for my local caching area ... loaded them up and now all icons are working fine... not sure what happened there but happy to report everything is fine now... and with larger icons so I can actually see them on the GPS map Thanks for your help.
  7. Hmmm... I've just deleted the larger virtual icon from the CustomSymbols folder (but leaving the larger EC icon) and my GPS is now showing an earthcache as the smaller virtual icon that was the original set (I've not found where the original icons are stored on the 66s)... so it looks like my GPS is labelling an EC as a virtual and nothing to do with these new icons... I'll have to explore further!
  8. Ah, I think I was confusing the DNF symbol on the Geocaching.com maps and wrongly thinking the same would happen on the GPS, sorry about that. I've added a screenshot of earthcaches showing as virtuals this one is gc680r9 in Portsmouth.
  9. But there's a 'Geocache Found.bmp) file (happy face icon) which replaces any cache type found (which works a treat)... so I was thinking a DNF (sad face) would also be an icon to upload?
  10. The only thing I noticed (on a 66s using the large icons) is that an earthcache is shown as a virtual (I've uploaded all 12 icons, including the earthcache)... not sure why that is? Also, do you have a DNF (blue sad face) icon?
  11. Many thanks for this Mineral2, that's just what I was looking for as I found the icons on my new 66s to be too small (it's my age!)... these larger ones work a treat.
  12. https://www.geocaching.com/play/souvenircampaign/1
  13. Highly recommend putting your contact details in the start up screen (of a Garmin GPSr)... very straightfroward to do and it might just get it returned to you. Details of how to do it are here... https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/08/display-number-garmin.html
  14. Bring back the pencil! This is a really useful feature, especially to those who like to set puzzle caches and want to update our own page with the corrected co-ords.
  15. I'm not getting emails either, just the yellow icon showing there's a new message in the message centre. Bad form I know to mix issues... but can you *please* enlarge the box size for writing messages to more than a couple of lines?
  16. Don't be fooled by armchair loggers, with their fake "finds". B. Hhhmm... bad form if that 'write note' is a troll!
  17. Looks like The Spot has been found alive and well
  18. From humboldt flier's 'write note' on the cache page yesterday, looks like there's still a lot of snow at GZ. Let's hope the cache is still there (I've booked a trip from the UK in July to come and find this one!).
  19. I've got flights booked from the UK for a Jasmer trip in July (which includes the Spot), I hope it's up and running by then.
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