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  1. I may have missed this while reading about trackables so figured I would ask. First I am getting ready to buy some bugs and send them out in the next month just as an adventure and see where they go. My question is; If I find a trackable and due to its mission and the fact that I basically just goecache locally should I just leave it? If I leave it in the cache should I log that it is there or at least send the owner an update that it is there and condition? Just curious of the proper etiquette if I do not take the trackable with me to relocate.
  2. I just started and did not get the premium membership yet. Looking like I will soon though. I have a small notebook and list the ones I want to find that day and the order I think that I will get them. I also write down the hint and a nearby landmark if there is one so that If I have to swap the order around I can. Works for me.
  3. Thats awesome. I find it motivating me to get off the couch alot quicker to. This was my 3rd day out and found 5 for 5 today. I think its becoming addicting. But at least if it is it will be good for me.
  4. I'm 51 and started 2 days ago. I started hiking the White Mountains 2 years ago to get in better shape. I find this as an added benefit to my hiking. It gets me off the recliner and out of the house. Oh yea and the wife loves that I am not sitting around bugging her.
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