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  1. I bet you have up hope on anyone responding to this. I can speak for New Hampshire, there are 3 on the summit of Mount Washington. A puzzle, at posted coordinates, a web cam and an earthcache. This is in Gorham, NH. If you drive up there, there is a fee, there is also a T5 virtual that you could hike to. Btw, spring up there is late May/early June.
  2. I am running the GC App version 7.4.0 on an Android 8.0.0. I solved a puzzle cache and entered the solved coordinates on the web site. On the web site it show it on the map in its corrected location which is a little over 20 miles away. This cache was created prior to the half mile limit. On the app, when I am in the area of the posted coordinates and wait for all the caches to show up, then zoom out to go to the posted coordinates, I see the cache briefly and then when I zoom in at that location, the cache disappears. When I try the same thing with Geooh Live, it does the same thing. c:geo works fine. Since c:geo uses a screen scrape (not the API) and the others use the API, its probably an API thing or picking up the wrong data from the API. Any thoughts?
  3. It used to be that when I logged into the GC website and pressed the "Events Near You" icon/button it would show only the ones in my area. Now it is showing all of them in the whole country. I leave the location entry box empty. Is this a bug or a new feature? I expect when an event is near me that is not 2000 miles away. I would assume that if it is going to do the country it would at least sort by distance instead of date.
  4. I recently created an event cache and I noticed that there were 7 people who put a watch on it. Is there a way to figure out who those people are? I tried clicking on the watch icon and it brings to the page of the caches that I am watching. Any ideas? Norman
  5. I also noticed today that the trackables pages do the same thing as the Cache pages.
  6. It appears to be working now.
  7. I am getting the above error when I use the following link. I have been using it for a long time. I get this an both my windows computer and my android tablet. http://www.geocaching.com/ Norman
  8. I just downloaded version 2.5.1, now when I see my list of caches and go to view on the map, the map does not display. My normal Google maps works fine. Then when I go to see the Geocache Details and "Navigate to Geocache" and select "Map", the map does not display. Any ideas?
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