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  1. I completely agree with this one! What would be the point of the TEXT only version anyway? You're going to be running this on some type of smart phone and it's not like the WEB version is going to eat up your data plan... besides, doesn't the classic version always display the WEB version?
  2. One of the things that I do like on the new app is that you have direct access to the messenger app... unlike the classic geocaching app. However... why in the hell is there no way to hide/delete conversations like there is online?!?! I have a list of old conversations a mile long and would love to just be able to swipe over and hide/delete them instead of having to scroll through that long list! Am I just missing how to do this? Or have they really left that out?
  3. We have a TB decal on both our vehicles and we log it as visiting caches when we are out and about caching. I'm curious what others do thought... Do you visit your TB vehicle decals to all of the caches you find? Do you visit your TB vehicle decals to your own caches when you complete CO maintenance? Do you not do either and just have them to be discovered by others?
  4. Has the 'Load More' option been removed? Or the ability to refresh your search results based on the section of the map currently displayed? We use this option in the "classic" version ALL OF THE TIME. Right now the new app will only bring up some predetermined number of caches based near me. I have already found everything around here. Also, please please please add the ability to select and visit all/some of the trackables in your inventory at one time just like the website. It is annoying to have to click into each and every trackable to log it.
  5. You normally receive email notifications on TB retrievals, drops, and notes... but is there a way to turn on email notifications for visits?
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