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  1. Everything on the site seems to work fine for me except the Membership Renewal process. Any thoughts? Brian
  2. There should be no need to unzip when using GSAK. GSAK can handle that just fine. Brian
  3. Unless some have recently gone away, there are traditional caches in all 99 counties of Iowa. Brian
  4. Unless some have recently gone away, there are traditional caches in all 99 counties of Iowa. Brian
  5. How about this one? Brian
  6. Here is the error message I get. It doesn't mean anything to me, but it must mean something to someone.
  7. You might check to see if it created a pocket query. I got a query created, but was not able to edit it after the fact. My other queries work just fine. I only had problems with the "along the route" queries. Brian
  8. ExpertGPS and GPSBabel are two programs that will always come in handy. I realize he doesn't have access currently, but they are good to have right there with mapsource. Brian
  9. From Garmin Site. Also, if you own one unit which can use the MapSource NT format but a second which cannot, you will NOT be able to unlock the NT maps to that second unit.
  10. I first notice the slowdown about 16:00 CDT last evening (Sunday). I marked two queries to run. One ran almost immediately and the other hadn't run by this morning. It still appears to be slow. A cache that normally runs early on Monday morning hasn't run yet at 13:00 CDT. Thanks Brian
  11. I have one PQ that runs on Friday and only on Friday. It consistently arrives before 10:00 CDT on Friday morning. Brian
  12. That pretty cool. Hope to get back that way this fall. Brian
  13. I use a program called RoboForm. It allows me to save a number of forms and then use the data to refill forms later. It works well for me. Brian
  14. Can anyone expound a little more on the fountain pen through a fan annalogy. I have come home a few times with black spots all over my light colored pants. I never knew the cause. I am not particularly sensitive to PI, but I do try to avoid it if possible. I just never knew the source of the black spots. They certainly don't wash out. Brian
  15. That's pretty doable. Last September we motored thru your neighborhood (Casper to Kansas City) and picked up 11 along the way. We normally wouldn't do that, but I had broken a tooth and had a dentist appointment the next morning. We even grabbed 4 of yours along the way. Brian
  16. I was down there a month or so ago. Just one day too late to catch the L&C keelboat return. It is a short distance off Fairfax Trafficway. It was my first time there and I just followed the signs through the industrial district and past the warehouses. There is a boat ramp there and a nice city park and historical site. If you get close the signs should lead you the the area with little trouble. The biggest problem right now is that by the end of the month 2 of the interstate bridges across the river will be closed and traffic could be really bad during rush hour. Brian
  17. It's interesting that of all these rural communities in NE Nebraska, the largest is about 1600 residents. This series of caches centered around the exploits of Private Shannon make for an intesting tour of the area. Brian
  18. I have been using this process for the last couple of weeks. It really is a quick two step process. 1. Hot sync your palm device. 2. I run a macro that brings in all of the "found" notes from the palm and integrates them with the GSAK database. Here is the macro that I use. RUNPGM pgm="C:Program Files\GSAK\CmConvert\FromPalm.bat" Wait=Yes Cachemate settings=PalmFound FILTER <Name="FoundByMe"> SORT By="FoundByMe;UserSort" The batch file that I call is as follows: "C:\Program Files\GSAK\CmConvert\cm2gpx.exe" -f -o "C:\Program Files\GSAK\CmConvert\PalmFound.gpx" -z "C:\Program Files\Handspring\Brian-0\Backup\DefaultItems-cMat.PDB" This assumes some settings and filters that need to be set up one time only. Hope that helps Brian
  19. I wonder if maybe there is something in your GSAK.ini file that is not quite right. Try renaming the GSAK.ini file to something else. It will create a new one when you restart the program. Brian
  20. byonke

    Pq Gripe

    that makes sense. is there a way we can have a longer list? i have a number of them that were either a pain to set up or that i use frequently. i'm totally good with only 5 a day and rarley use them all, but when i run them i'd like to be able to run 5 without deleting ones i want to keep. that would come in very handy if i wanted to set up a big string of PQs for a roadtrip and run them in batches of 5 in order to cover my route AND i'd get to keep the PQs i run when i'm at home. I use a program call RoboForm. The free version allows you to save up to 20 (I believe) forms. I just save the forms using RoboForm and then can recall them when I want to change the parameters of the query. Brian
  21. If your memory stick shows up as a drive and has a letter assigned to it, you can install GSAK right on the memory stick. I do this on a company computer that I would rather not install outside software on. Brian
  22. Take a look at this GSAK On-line help which shows the export to GPS screen. Note the "waypoint name" box. Here you can add 'tags' to build the name you desire. For help on tags here's a link to Special Tags I'm trying, but the names it created looked like "Traditio." How do I get TR, followed by the rest of the GC.com site name. I tried this and it didn't work: %typ%con1%code You are on the right track. Change the %typ to %typ1 and it should return a one character type. Brian
  23. The Kansas City event has been posted. Brian
  24. GSAK can open ZIP files directly - there is no need to opt for the GPX download. I think that means GPX as opposed to LOC. They can either be zipped or not zipped, but I can't see any reason not to zip them. Brian
  25. Not using the feature will not save you any memory. With or without using it, you can only upload 1000 waypoints to the unit. You can however, if you like, change which icons you use for the geocache and geocache found. I personally use small city (which shows on the screen as a small dot) for geocache found. This reduces the screen clutter as I mark caches as found. Brian
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