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  1. Never heard of it ---- yay, 100 posts !
  2. Patches? We don't need no steenkin' patches! What's a patch ? Does it have a trackable number and a unique icon? If yes, I want one.
  3. Basically, you can post a trading list to the geocoin trading forum or you can also set up a trading list at cointracking.com or thecachingplace.com. People will see what you're seeking and email you about a trade. Or you can take a look at others' lists and email them about a trade. Thanks !
  4. Yeah, that's what I could use, but I haven't hidden any caches yet.
  5. How can a topic become hot ?
  6. You have to watch the postings on the forum for when a new coin comes out or will be made. Ok ... Does it happen often ?
  7. Yes, ok, but how does it work, how do you trade the coins ?
  8. Patches? We don't need no steenkin' patches! What's a patch ?
  9. Well thank you making it work just fine! . . . Uh . . . some of those bugs I rescued had been in there for eight months . . . That is not a very good Travel Bug Hotel . . . I know. I'm just saying there is always a good person willing to go take care of a ...less than good situation. Thanks for the information everyone Hehe lots of quotes
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