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  1. Once I was posting in Cheers ( off-topic forum ) and I came up with this thingy about who posted in that thread, it was like ranks, the people who posted the most were at the top, anyone know how to open this ?

  2. i have a small child , i find that people wont cache with me or include me in caching trips as i have / want to take him with me , dose any one else find this ??????????????

    i cache to be socil but also to introduce my kids to the outdoors and i find this totaly unaceptable any comments welcome :laughing:

    Comment 1 : Correct writing please <_<

    Comment 2 : We have 4 kids <_<

  3. It should be very quick, but can vary depending on server load.


    I hope this doesn't sound insulting, but... did you pick the correct day of the week for it to run?

    Yep, on a sunday night once, it was sooo slow because of the server

  4. Probably has been brought up many times before but I have noticed recently in my area cachers "trading" a travel bug for a "swag" item in caches.


    If you picked up a travel bug please move it along quickly but it is not for trade on another item because it DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU, you didn't buy it.


    Travel bugs operate on a completely separate set of rules.


    Just wanted to bring this up because I have a couple of caches that are being depleted of swag because of this practice.


    Thanks for your attention, carry on. :laughing:

    Someone traded it ?

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