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  1. Bottom right or bottom left, because I can't find it
  2. Another cool picture, and thanks.
  3. Once I was posting in Cheers ( off-topic forum ) and I came up with this thingy about who posted in that thread, it was like ranks, the people who posted the most were at the top, anyone know how to open this ?
  4. Archive (show) Retract Listing Unarchive Temporarily Disable Listing Publish Listing Enable Listing These 6 things came when I chose traditional caches.
  5. But there are 6 thing you can check. Wait i'll get them, and post them here.
  6. I didn't know that, but what about this, how can I do that when a new cache comes it sends me an eMail ?
  7. Well, they do, look for the closest caches in this area, that I haven't found, and then they see that there's a new one they haven't found, so they do it straight away !
  8. I don't know, but by the way, nice name
  9. Wow, one of the first time i've seen someone say lol on these forums
  10. Comment 1 : Correct writing please Comment 2 : We have 4 kids
  11. Yep, on a sunday night once, it was sooo slow because of the server
  12. That links to the frequently asked questions thread.
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