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  1. Evil Chicken that is so cool, by the way, did you activate any of your GeoCoins ?
  2. Wow, that is sooo cool, how do you make personal coins like that ?
  3. Hmm, well I don't know, because i've never started a travel bug yet, maybe send an email to Groundspeak ?
  4. Testing how to link now ... This site !
  5. I finally made it work ! Look : Hello everyone, yay, I made it work
  6. Yay, woohoo !! At last it worked
  7. Another color test ... Helloooo !
  8. Yeah, I know but I plan on releasing more. I can't imagine the amount of email you get from all of the TBs you have. I have 0
  9. Be posted by a member of Team Cotati.
  10. Like this!... Good job they are both 4x4's Nice one Marytn Cool
  11. Yep, I downloaded Google Earth yesterday, I still don't see what the point of it is, but at least it's fun
  12. Congratulations to everyone who needs to be congratulated right now
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