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  1. My wife and I had a discussion last night about the appropriateness of having a sample of someones (mine) remains, in a small sealed container with a TB tag attached being placed in a cache to travel the world indefinately after my passing. I think it would be a fitting tribute whereas my wife just thinks it would wierd peopole out........discuss

    I don't understand what you're talking about ...

  2. Hi, I think that it will be much better to post messages in English, so geocachers from other countries can read them. Of course we can have some "Greek Only" posts, but let's avoid it for interesting messages like Zakis's one.

    Zakis, please can you edit your previous message and turn it to English?

    Thanks, Antonis

    That's what I asked :lol:

  3. Yes. You can have have a custom icon on your personal coin. However, there are some rules as follows:


    - Coins must be trackable through GC. The cost per coin is $1.50 and there is a minimum 500 tracking numbers for personal geocoins and 1000 for organization geocoins. Trackable geocoins must contain certain wording stating that the coin is trackable through gc


    - If you want the custom icon, you must pay $150 in addition to the tracking numbers


    - The icon has to be approved by GC


    - The geocoin has to be approved by GC


    I believe there is a pinned thread on the exact policy from GC. My personal coins are trackable and have the custom icon.


    Hope that helps.....Anthus

    Cool, but when are you going to realease this GeoCoin, it seems good :ph34r:

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