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  1. You guys do realise thats illegal? The site isnt to ruin caching for anyone. It's for helping out people that are having trouble. There is a spoiler thing getting set up, and you can just get hints on how to solve the puzzles. If you want to figure it out all by yourself, then just don't use the site. Simple as that.
  2. There's another site like this? Does anyone know the link?
  3. A friend is working on a site, named GeoCheat. He is using a wiki so anyone can edit it. It's basically a site, where people can upload caches, mainly unknown and multi, and post the final co-ordinates, and how to solve the puzzle for puzzle caches. There are currently only about ten caches on GeoCheat. Is this legal? What do you guys think? Would any of you use a site like this? I know there are many times I've been stuck and wished that someone would point me in the right direction. geocheat.wikia.com
  4. Yep,. I don't like this very much, I'm canadian ):
  5. I don't plan on making any LEs. Sorry. I might play around with other metals on another coin. Want to see how this one goes before complicating the process. What's an LE ?
  6. This thread just got to 100,000 posts
  7. I still look at people with maps and say " Wow, they really need a GPS "
  8. I set up a notification but then my eMail broke, oh well ...
  9. trying to find out how to do the cry thing
  10. Testing how to write in big ... Congrats To Every Milestoner !
  11. Here is a description of the event: 1. This event will happen whether gc.com approves or not. What I don't understand is that this will benefit gc.com by giving it exposure to a new large group of people. 2. Is this a new guideline? I've seen several event caches, including mine, that were approved with less than two weeks until the event. If this was known, we would have tried to submit before the timeline. 3. We just had a meeting with the officials running the Crawlathon on Saturday (which was two weeks exactly from the day of the event) to get the run-down of what we could do that weekend. Once we had the info and some of us sat down to talk about it, we submitted the cache for approval. 4. I ask for someone to help out here and get this cache approved. I don't see a downside to not approving this cache. Just submit the cache, and say that the event wil be in 3 weeks ?
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